Non-Toxic Nail Art By Ria Nailz

Manicure maven Ria Lopez, a.k.a. Ria Nailz, is back with some badass yet totally doable nail art. Of course we’re using 5 free polish thanks to Zoya and their stunning Matte Velvet collection. Here’s how to get the look! Xoxo Alexis

What you’ll need:

  • Zoya polish in Harlow
  • Nail art brush
  • Black striper
  • Zoya top coat


1. Using a nail art brush or thin paint brush, create the outline using Zoya’s Harlow.


2. Fill in the outline.


3. Use a black nail striper  to carefully draw the following designs. Take your time and make sure the striper doesn’t get too thick with polish.




4. Leave your masterpiece matte or add Zoya topcoat for a shinier look.




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