The 1960s were a time of significant cultural change and iconic fashion. 1960s hairstyles were no exception. From bouffant beehives to hippie locks, 1960s hairstyles remain some of history’s most memorable beauty trends.

    This blog post explores the most popular 1960s hairstyles for both men and women. Learn how to rock these retro hairstyles and get inspiration for trying a vintage look.

    1960s Hairstyles For Men’s

    Men’s hair in the 1960s became longer, fuller, and free-flowing. Crew cuts were traded for moptops and long locks. Here are 10 of the most fabulous 1960s hairstyles for men.

    1. The Moptop

    The Moptop

    This signature Beatles cut featured a straight, thick fringe with longer layers on top. 1960s hairstyles often used tons of Brylcreem to keep hair shiny and in place.

    2. The Pompadour

    The Pompadour-1960 Hairstyles

    This retro greaser style features hair swept up and backward away from the forehead. A pompadour was often paired with sideburns.

    3. The Buzzcut

    Buzzcut -1960 Hairstyles

    Close-cropped cuts were still prevalent in the early 60s before longer hair emerged. Chestnut brown buzz cuts were a classic look.

    4. The Side Part

    Side Part -1960 Hairstyles

    Slicked and parted hairstyles lent a clean-cut look in the Mad Men era. Use some pomade to part hair neatly to the side.

    5. The Bowl Cut

    1960 Bowl Cut

    Bowl cuts with short bangs were a boyish style worn by young lads in the 1960s. Mimic this rounded shape by cutting hair in an even, blunt fringe.

    6. The Shag

    Shag 1960s

    Shaggy, surfer-inspired hair with layers and texture became trendy with beach bums and rock stars. Allow hair to dry naturally for an undone look.

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    7. The Mullet

    1960s Mullet

    Mullet hairstyles were all the rage, with short hair in front and longer locks in the back. They’re enjoying a modern revival now.

    8. The Afro

    1960s Afro men

    The afro grew in popularity as a symbol of Black pride and the civil rights movement. Let your natural curls grow into a voluminous, rounded afro style.

    9. The Long Hippie Locks

    Long Hippie Locks

    Long, straight hair became popular with counterculture hippie guys. Use a center part and let hair flow freely past the shoulders.

    10. The Surfer Bob

    The Surfer Bob

    With beachy, sun-bleached tips, the surfer bob was an excellent, casual cut. Ask your barber for stacked, textured layers in the back.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions about 1960s hairstyles? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

    Q: What Hairstyles were Popular for Women in the 1960s?

    Ans: Bouffant, beehive updos, pixie cuts, and flipped bobs, were hot hairstyles for 60s gals. Fake hairpieces helped create height.

    Q: How Long was Hair in the 1960s?

    Ans: By the mid-late 60s, hair length grew drastically. Men wore hair past the ears and beyond the collar. Women grew hair very long and free.

    Q: How do you do 1960s Hairstyles?

    Ans: Creating voluminous height on top, leaving hair longer in the back, using hairspray, and evenly cutting blunt bangs are techniques for achieving 1960s hairstyles.

    Q: What did Hippies wear in the 1960s?

    Ans: flowy fabrics, headbands, fringe vests, bell bottoms, and sandals. Men grew long beards and hair. Clothes took on a more vibrant, psychedelic style.

    Q: How did People Curl their Hair in the 1960s?

    Ans: Large curlers and teasing roots gave height. Pin curl perms and wet sets held curls better than blow drying. Hair was rolled and heat-set for solid curls.


    The 1960s produced some of the most Extreme and experimental hairstyles we’ve seen. From towering beehives to mid-length moptops and hippie locks, 1960s hairstyles broke tradition and reflected more significant cultural shifts. Though vintage, these memorable retro hair trends inspire modern cuts today. With the proper techniques and products, you can recreate these iconic 60s hairstyles.

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