We’re Bringing Back These Wicked 1970s Hairstyles for Men

The 1970s represented a major shift in men’s grooming trends. As rigid societal norms and rules relaxed, men began embracing longer, fuller hairstyles that allowed greater self-expression. Volume, texture, and length were explored in new ways during the decade. Men grew out their locks and experimented with different styling possibilities enabled by new products and tools.

From relaxed natural surfer looks to high-impact edgy rock styles, 1970s hairstyles exuded a sense of casual cool and confidence. The era paved the way for expanded creativity and freedom in modern men’s hairstyling.

Iconic 1970s Hairstyles for Men

1. The Shag

Shag -1970 hairstyles
Source: tnbvietnam.edu.vn

This edgy, rebellious style featured hair cut in choppy, uneven layers with lots of texture. The length varied from chin to shoulder grazing. Layers fell messily around the face for an undone bedroom vibe. Rockstars wore it best!

2. Long Hippie Hair

Long Hippie Hair -1970 hairstyles
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Long, straight hair was a trademark of hippie counterculture. Men grew their locks past shoulder length, often with a center part and relaxed natural texture. The style expressed freedom from societal norms.

3. Feathered Hairstyle

1970 Feathered Hairstyle
Source: byrdie.com

Feathered hair revolutionized men’s styles in the 70s. Layers were cut at different lengths and angled around the face to add shape and movement. A blowout enhanced the soft, face-framing feathered effect.

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4. Mullet

1970 Mullet Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

Short on top and sides but longer in the back, mullets pushed style boundaries. They made a rebellious anti-establishment statement, perfect for rocking out.

5. Perm

1970 perm men Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

Perms enabled men to add volume, waves, and curls. Tight ringlets created an eye-catching halo, while looser perms added bounce and flow. This trend opened up new styling possibilities.

6. Bowl Cut

1970 Bowl Cut
Source: worldwideinterweb.com

Hair was cut the same short length all over the head for this mod look. The result resembled an upturned bowl, with a heavy fringe resting above the brows.

7. Mustache

1970 Mustache
Source: Pinterest.com

Mustaches reached new heights of popularity in the 70s, worn full, thick, and bushy. The horseshoe, handlebar, lampshade, and chevron were hot styles.

8. Sideburns

1970 Sideburns
Source: goodhousekeeping.com

Bold, thick sideburns framed the face in a flattering fashion. They extended past the earlobe and added retro flair. Dark, bushy sideburns made a striking statement.

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9. Afros

1970 Afros
Source: hairstylecamp.com

This voluminous halo of tight natural curls celebrated black heritage. Afros expressed a powerful message of pride and embracing one’s roots.

10. Cornrows

1970 Cornrows men
Source: Pinterest.com

Intricately braided rows of hair close to the scalp gained mainstream fame in the 70s. Cornrows showcased creativity and African culture.

11. Shaggy Bangs

Shaggy Bangs
Source: Pinterest.com

Thick, unkempt bangs were cut bluntly above the brows. They added an undone, carefree vibe and accentuated volume on top.

12. Buzz Cut

Shaggy Bangs-1970s hairstyles

Hair was clipped very short overall, sometimes with slightly longer length left on top. This no-fuss style exuded masculine appeal.

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13. Wavy Surfer Style

Wavy Surfer Style-1970s hairstyles
Source: vagazine.com

Surfers and beach bums let saltwater and sun create messy textures. Air dried hair fell around the shoulders in beachy waves.

14. The Wedge

The Wedge-1970s hairstyles
Source: Pinterest.com

Also known as the tail, hair was trimmed short on top but left long and full in the back. This dramatic inverted style turned tradition on its head.

15. Blowout

Blowout-1970s hairstyles
Source: Pinterest.com

Blow dryers enabled men to style hair straight out from the roots. With ample volume and lift, blowouts showcased bouncy feathered layers.


The 1970s were an age of freedom and self-expression in men’s grooming. From glam rock mullets to blow dried locks, hairstyles showcased individuality. The styles were carefree yet made bold statements.

Channel the 70s vibes with shaggy layers, retro perms, and statement facial hair. Or, keep it simple with an iconic bowl cut or buzz style. Whichever hairstyle you choose, wear it with rockstar confidence. Let these 1970s hairstyles inspire your style journey.

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