32 Head-Turning 27 Piece Hairstyles for a Flawless New Do

Are you ready to dive into the world of hair transformations and head-turning style? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got a treat for you. We all know that a new hairstyle can work wonders, boosting your confidence and making you feel like a superstar.

27 Piece Hairstyles offer a unique blend of convenience, creativity, and confidence. They are the go-to choice for those who want to stand out with a chic and daring look while enjoying the benefits of a low-maintenance style that can adapt to various occasions and moods.

Whether you’re a seasoned fashionista or someone looking to switch things up, this new look will be perfect for you. In this blog, we’re about to unveil 32 absolutely stunning 27 piece hairstyles that will leave you awestruck and eager to rock a flawless new ‘do.

1. Foxy and Feathered:

Foxy and Feathered
Source: vocal.media

Foxy and feathered 27 piece hairstyles are known for their dynamic, layered look. They incorporate soft, feathered edges that frame the face beautifully, creating a chic and sophisticated appearance.

Pro Tip: Achieving the foxy and feathered look at home requires precision. Use a sharp pair of haircutting scissors to carefully feather the edges of each piece for that soft, textured finish.

2. Whimsical Pixie 27-Piece Haircut:

Whimsical Pixie 27-Piece Haircut
Source: Pinterest.com

The whimsical pixie 27-piece haircut is a playful and daring style. It features short, textured layers that exude a carefree and youthful vibe.

Pro Tip: Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair before attaching the pieces to add extra body and hold to your pixie cut.

3. Blonde:

blonde 27 piece
Source: Pinteret.com

The blonde 27 piece hairstyle is all about embracing the beauty of blonde hair. It can vary from golden to platinum, offering a wide spectrum of blonde shades to choose from.

Pro Tip: For a natural blonde look, select pieces that match your skin tone. Use purple shampoo to maintain the vibrancy of your blonde hair and prevent brassiness.

4. Side-swept Bob:

side-swept bob 27 piece hairstyle
Source: hoodmwr.com

The side-swept bob 27 piece hairstyle is a classic with a twist. It features a bob cut that elegantly sweeps to one side, creating a timeless and sophisticated appearance.

Pro Tip: To achieve the perfect side-swept effect, use a flat iron or a curling wand to gently curl the ends of your bob in the desired direction.

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5. Wavy Pixie:

Wavy Pixie
Source: Pinterest.com

The wavy pixie hairstyle combines the short and sassy pixie cut with loose, playful waves. It’s a blend of edginess and femininity.

Pro Tip: After attaching the pieces, use a small-barreled curling iron to create soft waves throughout your wavy pixie for added texture and movement.

6. Diva Cut:

diva cut hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

The diva cut hairstyle is bold and dramatic. It features a high-volume crown and shorter sides, exuding confidence and glamour.

Pro Tip: Apply a volumizing hair spray or mousse and tease the crown area before attaching the pieces to achieve that diva-worthy height.

7. Shaved Side:

shaved side 27 piece hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

The shaved side 27 piece hairstyle is ultra-modern and daring. It involves shaving one side of the head while leaving the other side with the attached pieces.

Pro Tip: Keep the shaved side well-maintained by shaving it regularly or visiting a barber for touch-ups to maintain the edgy look.

8. Red:

red hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

The red hairstyle is all about fiery and bold hair color. It can range from vibrant reds to deep burgundies, making a striking statement.

Pro Tip: When choosing a red shade, consider your skin undertone. Cooler undertones pair well with crimson reds, while warmer undertones complement fiery orange-red hues.

9. Bowl Cut:

Bowl Cut
Source: Pinterst.com

The bowl cut hairstyle is a modern take on a classic look. It features a short, even length all around, creating a clean and minimalist appearance.

Pro Tip: Achieve a precise bowl cut by using a guide comb with the desired length setting when cutting the pieces. Regular trims are essential to maintain this style.

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10. Bangs:

bangs 27 piece hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

The bangs 27 piece hairstyle can add an element of intrigue to various other styles. Whether it’s short and straight or long and textured, bangs can transform your look.

Pro Tip: To style bangs effectively at home, use a round brush and a blow dryer to create volume and shape. Remember to trim them regularly to keep them at the desired length.

11. Wispy Edge:

27 peice Wispy Edge hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

The Wispy Edge hairstyle is all about softness and delicacy. It features gently tapered layers along the edges, creating a wispy and ethereal look that’s perfect for those who want a touch of romance.

Pro Tip: Achieve the Wispy Edge by using thinning shears on the edges of the hairpieces to create a feathered effect. This adds movement and softness to your style.

12. Silky Mini Bowl Cut:

Silky Mini Bowl Cut
Source: hairstylesfeed.com

The Silky Mini Bowl Cut 27 piece hairstyle is a modern twist on a classic look. It features a sleek and shiny finish with a well-defined bowl shape that exudes sophistication.

Pro Tip: Use a quality smoothing serum to add shine and maintain a silky texture. Regular trims will keep the bowl shape sharp and neat.

13. Lavender Undercut:

Lavender Undercut
Source: hairstylesfeed.com

The Lavender Undercut 27 piece hairstyle combines the edgy undercut with a trendy lavender hair color. It’s a bold and expressive style that showcases individuality.

Pro Tip: To achieve the lavender hue, pre-lighten your hairpieces to a pale blonde before applying the lavender dye. Keep the undercut area neatly shaved for a striking contrast.

14. Green:

Green 27 piece hairstyle
Source: Pinteresst.com

The Green 27 piece hairstyle is a statement in itself. It can range from vibrant emerald to subtle mint green, making it an eye-catching choice for those who love to stand out.

Pro Tip: When going for green, ensure your hairpieces are pre-bleached to a pale blonde to allow the green color to pop. Use color-protecting products to maintain vibrancy.

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15. Mohawk:

Mohawk 27 piece hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

The Mohawk 27 piece hairstyle is iconic for its edgy and rebellious look. It features a strip of longer hair in the center, with shaved sides, creating a bold and fearless style.

Pro Tip: Style the central strip upward using a strong-hold gel or pomade to achieve the signature Mohawk shape. Regularly trim the sides to maintain a clean appearance.

16. Detailed:

Detailed 27 piece hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

The Detailed 27 piece hairstyle is all about intricacy. It involves meticulously cut and styled hairpieces that create a multidimensional and visually captivating look.

Pro Tip: Achieving detailed styles requires patience and precision. Use sharp scissors and consider seeking professional guidance for intricate detailing.

17. Shoulder-Length Curly Pixie Cut:

Shoulder-Length Curly Pixie Cut
Source: Pinterest.com

The Shoulder-Length Curly Pixie Cut hairstyle blends the elegance of shoulder-length curls with the sassiness of a pixie cut. It’s a versatile and trendy option.

Pro Tip: Apply a curl-enhancing product to the hairpieces before attaching them. Use a curling wand to define curls and create the desired shoulder-length effect.

18. Highlights:

27 Piece Highlights hairstyle
Source: Pinterest.com

The Highlights hairstyle is all about adding pops of color. Whether through blonde streaks or vibrant hues, highlights can instantly transform your look.

Pro Tip: Carefully select the areas where you want to add highlights, focusing on face-framing sections for a flattering effect. Consult with a colorist for expert guidance.

19. Concave Bob:

Concave Bob
Source: Pinterest.com

The Concave Bob hairstyle features a distinct concave shape that’s shorter in the back and longer in the front. It’s a chic and timeless choice.

Pro Tip: Achieving the perfect concave shape requires careful cutting. Start with longer hairpieces in the front and gradually decrease the length towards the back.

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20. Sew-in Weave for Short Hair:

Sew-in Weave for Short Hair
Source: hairstyleonpoint.com

The Sew-in Weave for Short Hair 27 piece hairstyle is ideal for those who want to experiment with longer hair temporarily. It involves attaching longer hairpieces to short hair for added length and volume.

Pro Tip: Ensure a secure attachment by sewing the wefts of hairpieces onto a wig cap or braided base. Blend the natural hair with the weave for a seamless look.

21. Copper:

Copper hair
Source: Pinterest.com

Copper hair is a warm and striking choice. It adds vibrancy to your look with its rich reddish-brown tones. Copper can suit various skin tones and complements both casual and formal styles.

Pro Tip: To achieve a stunning copper hue at home, start with a lighter base if your hair is dark. Use a high-quality copper hair dye and follow the instructions closely for best results.

22. Asymmetrical Pixie:

Asymmetrical Pixie
Source: hairstylery.com

The asymmetrical pixie is a bold and edgy style. It features longer hair on one side and shorter on the other, creating a dramatic contrast that’s perfect for those who want to make a statement.

Pro Tip: Precision is key when cutting an asymmetrical pixie. Consider seeking professional help for the initial cut and maintain the style by trimming the longer side regularly.

23. Windblown Pixie:

Windblown Pixie
Source: Pinterest.com

The windblown pixie exudes a carefree and tousled charm. It’s a low-maintenance style that appears effortlessly chic, making it suitable for those with a busy lifestyle.

Pro Tip: Achieve the windblown effect by using texturizing products like sea salt spray. Scrunch and tousle your hair to create natural-looking waves and volume.

24. Straight and Neat:

Straight and Neat
Source: tuko.co.ke

A straight and neat hairstyle is sleek and polished. It offers a timeless and professional look that’s suitable for various occasions, from work to special events.

Pro Tip: Use a quality flat iron to straighten your hairpieces smoothly. Apply a heat protectant to prevent damage. Regularly trim the ends to maintain a neat appearance.

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25. Electric Blue:

Electric blue hair
Source: cutewallpaper.org

Electric blue hair is vibrant and daring. It’s a bold choice that commands attention and showcases a fearless sense of style.

Pro Tip: Achieving electric blue requires pre-lightening if your hair is not already blonde. Use a vivid blue hair dye and follow proper aftercare to maintain the color’s intensity.

26. Funky Partial Sew-In:

Funky Partial Sew-In
Source: Pinterest.com

A funky partial sew-in combines the convenience of a sew-in weave with a touch of individuality. You can experiment with various colors, textures, and lengths for a unique look.

Pro Tip: Ensure the braided base for the sew-in is secure. Blend your natural hair with the weave for a seamless appearance. Regularly wash and condition the weave to keep it fresh.

27. Blunt Bob Hairstyle with Bun:

Blunt Bob Hairstyle with Bun
Source: Pinterest.com

The blunt bob with a bun is a versatile choice. It features a sleek bob cut with the option to create a chic bun, adding a touch of elegance to your style.

Pro Tip: To achieve the bun, use a hair donut or sock bun accessory. Secure the bun neatly for a polished look. Keep the bob’s edges sharp with regular trims.

28. Burgundy:

Burgundy hair
Source: Pinterest.com

Burgundy hair offers a sophisticated blend of red and purple tones. It’s a deep and rich color choice that adds depth and allure to your appearance.

Pro Tip: Pre-lightening may be necessary for darker hair colors. Use a high-quality burgundy hair dye and follow proper maintenance to preserve the color’s richness.

29. Stacked Bob Weave:

Stacked Bob Weave
Source: Pinterest.com

The stacked bob weave combines a stacked bob haircut with the versatility of a weave. It creates a layered and voluminous look that’s both trendy and chic.

Pro Tip: Ensure the weave is well-blended with your natural hair and expertly layered to achieve the stacked effect. Regularly fluff and maintain the weave’s volume.

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30. Ginger:

Ginger hair
Source: TikTok

Ginger hair is a warm and inviting choice. It features shades of red and orange, creating a natural yet striking look that’s perfect for those who want a unique hair color.

Pro Tip: To achieve a beautiful ginger hue, start with lighter hair if necessary. Use a high-quality ginger hair dye and follow proper care to maintain the warmth of the color.

31. Short Weave with Braids in Front:

Short Weave with Braids in Front
Source: Pinterest.com

A short weave with braids in front combines the elegance of braids with the convenience of a weave. It offers a stylish and textured appearance.

Pro Tip: Ensure the braids in front are neatly done and securely attached. Blend your natural hair with the weave for a seamless look. Regularly moisturize and maintain the braids.

32. Milky Way Human Hair:

Milky Way Human Hair
Source: joesbeauty.com

Milky Way human hair is known for its premium quality. It offers a natural look and feel, allowing you to experiment with various styles, from straight to curly.

Pro Tip: Invest in high-quality Milky Way human hair extensions for the best results. Follow proper care instructions, including washing and conditioning, to maintain the hair’s integrity.

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The Versatility of 27 Piece Hairstyles:

27 Piece Hairstyles emerged as a distinctive category of short haircuts due to their efficiency, adaptability, ease of maintenance, and limitless style possibilities. These attributes, along with their capacity to deliver stunning results with minimal effort, underscore their popularity among individuals seeking to make a striking impression with their hairstyle.

27 Piece Hairstyles are a unique and versatile category of short haircuts that stand out from other styles for several reasons:

1. Quick and Easy:

One of the defining features of 27 Piece Hairstyles is their quick and easy application. These hairstyles involve attaching pre-cut hair tracks (or “pieces”) to your natural hair. This process is much faster than traditional sew-in weaves or braiding styles, making it perfect for those who want a stylish look without spending hours at the salon.

2. Customizable:

27 Piece Hairstyles offer endless customization options. You can choose from a variety of hair textures, lengths, and colors, allowing you to achieve your desired look effortlessly. Whether you prefer a chic pixie cut, a sassy bob, or an edgy mohawk, 27 Piece Hairstyles can be tailored to your taste.

3. Low Maintenance:

Unlike some other hairstyles that require frequent touch-ups and maintenance, 27 Piece Hairstyles are relatively low maintenance. They retain their shape and style for an extended period, reducing the need for constant adjustments.

4. Versatility:

These hairstyles are incredibly versatile. You can switch up your look regularly by changing the pieces or styling them differently. This adaptability means you can go from a casual day look to a glamorous evening style with ease.

5. Diverse Styles:

Whether you want a classic, elegant look or a bold and daring one, 27 Piece Hairstyles can accommodate various style preferences. From sleek and polished to textured and voluminous, there’s a 27 Piece Hairstyle for every occasion.

Wrap Up:

These 27 piece hairstyles offer a diverse range of styles, allowing you to express your unique personality and preferences. With the right techniques and care, you can achieve these flawless looks at home.

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