15 Most Iconic 70s Hairstyles We Must Try In 2024

70s hairstyles are always in style. We can never let go of their charming additions to our looks and facial beauty. Try them out to look flamboyant!

Who says that only today’s hairstyles are cool and stylish to look extravagant? Let me tell you that it shouldn’t be denied that the most iconic and chic hairstyles were the 70’s hairstyles.

The stylish look they give you goes great with every outfit. Additionally, we all should admit that almost all hairstyles we see today are variations of the hairstyles we wore decades ago.

From the long, wavy hairstyles to the wedge cut and every style we wear in between, they’re all derivatives of the 70s hairstyles.

Every style is experiencing a fashion revival, but the 70s hairstyles women an absolute favourite.

We can create every look from them, even on the red carpet or at our parties. Let’s take a look at these hairstyles to learn more about them, and tell us which are your favourites.

1- Classy Shag Hairstyle

Classy Shag Hairstyle

This hairstyle is achieved by making a significant volume of hair on the top and leaving your lower hair in the front.

The hair length should be long thus to show layers above one another. You can go for choppy layers and long layers around your face if you want a classy shag style to look chic.

2- Feathered Hairstyle

Feathered Hairstyle

In the 70’s hairstyles, the most significant hairstyle in both men and women was the feathered hairstyle. Teenage girls are still obsessed with it today.

In this hairstyle, there is a center part or a side part with layered hair. Just brush back your hair from both sides, which will form layers and give you the appearance of a bird’s feather.

A number of celebrities, such as Farrah Fawcett, Princess Diana, John Travolta, and Rob Lowe, wore this hairstyle back in the ’70s or ‘80s, from where it became trendy.

3- Fringe Bangs Hairstyles

Fringe Bangs Hairstyles

There is no way that bangs will ever go out of style, whether long or short. The 70’s English actress and singer Jane Birkin helped establish the iconic look of brow-length bangs paired with long hair.

The trend of thick, deep, blunt-cut hippie wispy bangs was also massively revived in 2007. Additionally, in 2020, the social media apps revived fringes back to the style.

You can make some long bangs to give a classy look, while you can also go for short bangs to make a chic look. Having long bangs and straight hair or short bangs and curly is always a blast. However, you can also go the opposite as choice is always yours.

4- Long Straight Hair with Center Sleek

Long Straight Hair with Center Sleek

During the ’70s, long, straight hair became very popular due to the hippie movement. With a sleek in the center, straight hair creates an effortless and natural look that becomes a fashion statement of the 70s and got popularity when celebrities adopted this.

Of course, long straight hair looks super gorgeous, but why not try shaggy hair with center sleek?

Shaggy hair with center apart enhances your facial beauty and adds a natural charm to your personality.

Just avoid tying the front hair too tightly. Go with the straight natural look with your center sleek.

5- Full Afro Textured Hair

Full Afro Textured Hair

There is a story behind this 70s hairstyle that how this African hairstyle became a signature style all around.

According to the phrase, “Black is beautiful”, Afro hairstyles arise from Black African heritage.

The 70s movements of Civil Rights and Black Pride inspired many African-Americans to adopt this hairstyle as a symbol to express their love for African communities. Later a political activist Angela Davis wore it to express her views.

From then to now, there is a charm in this hairstyle, and it’s now the most famous and adopted 70s hairstyle. You will always look great wearing the textured hair on every occasion.

6- Page Boy

Page Boy

Page boy hairstyle is not that famous, but I’m sure you must have heard about this hairstyle.

The name sounds different but let me tell you that this hairstyle is named after the medieval pageboy. Later, fashionable women adopted this hairstyle to create a mode look.

The page boy hairstyle has shoulder-length hair and ends that are rolled up. This hairstyle was first adopted in the 1950s.

After this, it became again in the 70s when the celebrity Joanna Lumley adopted it in a more attractive trimmed look.

A pageboy hairstyle resembles a long bob haircut. It is suitable for people of all face shapes. In this hairstyle, when the flips’ bottoms are reversed, the curls will point outward.

7- Wedge Hairstyle

Wedge Hairstyle

We all admit that wedge cut is our all-time favourite hairstyle to carry anywhere at any time.

In the time of 70s, Olympian figure skater Dorothy Hamill was famous for her wedge haircut.

Many young American girls cut their hair short in imitation of Dorothy Hamill’s famous haircut. It quickly became a fad that everyone wanted to have.

Women with fine and straight hair will enjoy this voluptuous bob style in a retro style. The most fantastic thing about this short hairstyle is that it needs very little maintenance at all.

Just give a minute for brushing to it, and here you are, good to go with your chic wedge cut to rock the party.

Many athletes also seem to have this wedge hairstyle as their style statement.

8- Brow Skimming Bangs

Brow Skimming Bangs

Any hair length with brow skimming bangs is sure to win everyone over. Some people thought that Jane Birkin’s bangs were the inspiration for the brow-skimming bangs of the 1970s.

When people didn’t have high-powered hair stylers, they used to be natural with their hair. So these brow-skimming wispy bangs on the forehead give you an effortless look.

The bang’s length reaches right above your eyes, covering your forehead. In the current time, those with straight, silky hair should try this 70’s hairstyle to recreate a natural yet beautiful look. You can also have bangs in layers to create a more diverse look.

9- Open hair with Bandana Scarf

Open hair with Bandana Scarf

Using a bandana scarf as a hairband was a very cool trend of the 70s. Even though many of today’s cultures also have bandana scarf hairstyles.

The female pop singers of the 70s adopted this style and thus set the trend of having a bandana scarf with your open or tied hair.

There is no limitation to wearing this scarf as it goes well with every hairstyle between tight buns or loose braids. Besides playing a decorational purpose, bandana scarf was also used to tie the front hair.

When you create the look of this bandana scarf hairstyle, keep the scarf behind by tying through a knot or putting it on your shoulders.

You can choose the scarf’s colors as your outfit color to make a contrasting look.

Additionally, you can also add a beautiful bow on it, on the top of your head.

10- Long Wavy 70s hairstyles

Long Wavy 70s hairstyles

The people of today loved to have long, wavy hair of the 70s. From blonde to black, every hair color in between compliments this wavy hairstyle. The women with volumed hair adopted this hairstyle.

By giving large curls to your hair with a natural flow, you can recreate this look. Many screen actresses used this hairstyle yet to look beautiful and charming.

If you are a wavy lover, this hairstyle is undoubtedly the right one for you. While the long hair or short hair with good volume is a compatible hair type for this style.

In order to maintain the beautiful volume and shine of your hair, you must use the right products for your hair care.

11- High Volumed Fluffy Hair

High Volumed Fluffy Hair

Back in the 70s time, women loved to wear fluffy hair. Whether the hair length is high or too short, this was one of the signature 1970s hairstyles.

Many fluffy hairstyles add some loose curls from the bottom to add more charm to the style.

However, many of them preferred to leave the hair volumed and natural. Many actresses from the 70s make this style more elaborated by adding the full curls to their fluffy hair more naturally.

12- Dreadlocks


During the 1970s, Jamaican and Rastafarian cultures introduced this exotic hairstyle. Later it got famous and was adopted all around.

Many pop singers adopted this hairstyle to create a unique and cool look. Later it became the signature style of pop singers and stage artists.

While dreadlocks have a similar aesthetic to braids, this style requires a more extended maturation period.

Dreadlocks can be prepared and maintained in various ways, including salon treatments, but simply not brushing or conditioning the hair will usually do. The fantastic thing about this hairstyle is that people of all hair types can wear it.

13- Disco Curls

Disco Curls

The fashion world is all about experimenting with new styles and adopting experimental style statements.

I am pretty sure that you must have heard about these 70s disco curls. This hairstyle was not only the 70s prominent hairstyle but also considered the signature style of the 70s.

These disco curls always give a bold and fantastic look. Back in the time, Jerry Hall’s inspired the women of the 70s to adopt this hairstyle.

The 20s are great for recreating 70s disco curls by adding something new to them or giving them a modern touch. This hairstyle is being worn by many divas, and they are carrying it magnificently.

14- Small Braided Hairstyle

Small Braided Hairstyle

Braids are always the compulsory thing when you think about any traditional hairstyle. This small braided hairstyle which is also a popular one, has its inspiration from the hippies.

The most prominent characteristics of long hippie hairstyles were twisted and messy braids and sometimes the tiny small braids.

This small braided hairstyle is no longer the hippie’s hairstyle. Instead, it is the traditional look of most red carpet divas and little girls going to their school.

To date, you can wear this hairstyle blending with many styles from long open hair to ponytail and every style in between.

When giving small braids to your hair, keep in mind to have uniformity in them. If you are making loose braids go with all the length loose, or if tightly braided style, make the overall length tighten.

But try to avoid having too tight braided styles as it can give you a headache. Just make a statement with this small braided 70s hairstyle to create a fantastic look!

15- Bone Straight Tresses

Bone Straight Tresses

Bone straight tresses have a straight inspiration from Cher. Her long sleek hair made this hairstyle the iconic style for everyone.

In contrast to 70s curly hairstyles, bone straight hair does not require styling.

Straight hair has the name bone straight because of its graceful straight nature. This dead straight hair is not only the 70s hairstyle but also the all-time favourite and easy to go hairstyle.

Those with curly hair can create Cher’s look by straightening their hair from roots to tips. You don’t need to have a single pin to tie your hair as it goes straight open without tying.


When choosing a hairstyle, there should always be some fun involved. Many people follow trends, while others do what suits them best.

Always consider your body and face type before choosing a hairstyle for yourself. Do not rush into every hairstyle you see.

Just check everything and do clear experiments before adding it to your styling list. This way, you will not only look more beautiful, but your face and body will compliment your style.

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