Explore nostalgia and fashion with these iconic 90s hairstyles that have made a comeback in today’s fashion scene.

    These styles are a playful nod to the pop culture of that era. Whether you’re into zig-zag parted hair, butterfly clips, space buns, or flipped hair, there’s a ’90s-inspired look for every occasion.

    Discover the timeless appeal of 90s hairstyles trend revival. Embrace the charm with these 40 looks that have made a comeback and have promised to stay for a while.

    90s Hairstyles That Have Made A Comeback In 2023

    Discover the resurgence of iconic ‘90s hairstyles in 2023, as nostalgia meets modern fashion, bringing playful, chic, and bold looks back.

    1. Zig-Zag Parted Hair

    Zig-Zag Parted Hair-90s Hairstyles
    Source: POPSUGAR UK

    The ’90s zig-zag part is a bold hair trend characterized by a jagged, non-linear parting of the hair, reminiscent of icons like Christina Aguilera, Lizzie McGuire, or Scary Spice. It adds a playful, nostalgic flair to one’s hairstyle, invoking the spirit of that era’s pop culture.

    2. 90’s Butterfly Clips

    90's Butterfly Clips-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Etsy

    Butterfly clips, iconic in the ’90s, are colorful, whimsical hair accessories that are back in fashion. Popularized by Lizzie McGuire, they offer a playful and cute way to adorn hair, making them a staple for fun and carefree hairstyles, especially during festivals.

    3. Space Buns

    Space Buns-90s Hairstyles
    Source: StyleCraze

    Space buns, beside their adorable appeal, hold the key to effortless glamor for low-maintenance individuals. Greasy roots or damp hair surprisingly aid in achieving this style. Once the buns are secured, it’s the perfect opportunity to accessorize with butterfly clips and snap clips.

    4. Flipped Hair

    Flipped Hair-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    Everyone embraced the stylish flipped hair in the ’90s. It added personality and versatility by allowing hair to be both open and tied. For a cinematic flair, the flip was the go-to choice. Modern youth has even enhanced it with ponytails, transforming the entire look with this iconic hairstyle.

    5. Bubble Ponytail

    Bubble Ponytail-90s Hairstyles

    Ideal for achieving volume, this charming ’90s-inspired hairstyle is bound to grab attention. Craft a ponytail, high or low, and fasten it with multiple hairbands root to the tips to create a bubble like effect. Remember to puff up the sections in between for volume.

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    6. Bob With Loose Curls

    Bob With Loose Curls-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Cungcaphangchinhhang.com

    The traditional bob gets a captivating twist with the gentle curls infused into it. Illustrated beautifully by many celebrities, this reinterpretation of the bob is undoubtedly catching attention once again in the fashion industry today. It adds volume and texture to the boring bobs.

    7. Crimped Hair

     Crimped Hair-90s Hairstyles
    Source: InStyle

    Modern versions of crimping irons are making the 90’s crimped hair look a common sight once again these days. Crimp your hair and leave them loose or tie them into pigtails or updos. Crimp never fails to give volume to your hair while reflecting the 90’s vibes.

    8. Pixie

    Pixie-90s Hairstyles
    Source: The Right Hairstyles

    In the 90s, the pixie haircut allowed girls to sport a stylish boyish appearance, popularized by numerous actresses. Today, it remains a symbol of boldness and can create a rebellious look, especially when paired with smokey makeup for energetic events.

    9. Micro Braids For Long Hair

    Micro Braids For Long Hair-90s Hairstyles
    Source: The Right Hairstyles

    The extraordinarily lengthy micro braids, whether gathered in a simple ponytail or cascading below the shoulders, exude beauty. From half-up to elegantly wrapped at the crown of head, there are endless captivating ways to wear your long micro braids.

    10. Mall Bangs

    Mall Bangs-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    During a certain era, it felt like nearly every TV character embraced the trend of big, feathered bangs. And all rocked these bangs, symbolizing a chic and stylish persona. Good thing is this trend never got old. If you are looking for something more than the normal bangs, opt for mall bangs

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    11. Flowers In Hair

    Flowers In Hair-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Reddit

    The ’90s adored the daisy, and it became a go-to floral accessory for celebrities. Drew Barrymore, in particular, championed this trend, adorning her blonde bob with daisies on both sides. Even today, festival attendees keep this floral style alive and well.

    12. Blowout

    Blowout-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    The ’90s supermodels’ voluminous blowouts infuse medium to long hair with an effortless and carefree bounce. This style is easily achievable today with a blowdryer, round brush, or large rollers. To keep the bouncy effect, flip your hair side to side as desired.

    13. 90’s Bob

    90's Bob-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Short Hair Styles

    The bob, a timeless and low-maintenance hairstyle, gained popularity in the ’90s for its ease. Opt for a bob when torn between open or tied hair. Perfect for rushed mornings, it elevates your daily style. It’s a timeless look to enhance your ’90s-inspired personality.

    14. Claw Shaped Bangs

    Claw Shaped Bangs-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    Claw bangs represent a unique style at the opposite extreme of bang hairstyles. These fringe bangs are characterized by shorter sections that gently frame the face. They add a touch of intrigue to one’s overall look, offering an eye-catching appearance.

    15. Messy Curls

    Mariah Carey-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Stílus és Szépség

    Before beachy waves became the norm, perms were celebrated for creating Mariah Carey-like curls with a chic, effortless appearance. If you possess natural curls or waves, set aside heat styling tools and embrace your inherent texture for a laid-back, appealing look.

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    16. Bold Highlights

    Bold Highlights-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Refinery29

    Prior to the era of seamlessly blended, natural hair colors, chunky highlights were the trendsetter. Whether it was bold bleach blonde streaks, vibrant pinks, or blues, these distinct highlights, positioned strategically or scattered, guaranteed attention-grabbing style.

    17. Micro Braids

    Micro Braids-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    Emulate a pop star with this versatile hairstyle. These small braids mimic hair strands and remain a crowd favorite, setting you apart. Whether in a ponytail or a side style, braids exude timeless charm, reminiscent of confident ’90s heroines, perfect for any spirited party.

    18. Bandanas And Scarfs

    Bandanas And Scarfs-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Momooze.com

    This trend brings the impact of ’90s hip-hop on fashion and culture. Jennifer Lopez’s bedazzled bandana left a vivid testament to this influence extending into the subsequent decade. You can swipe the Bandanas with colorful scarfs or headbands, as you like.

    19. High Pigtails

    High Pigtails-90s Hairstyles
    Source: POPSUGAR

    As much as we yearn for a year-long Spice Girls reunion tour, the revival of Baby Spice’s iconic high pigtails would be equally cherished. We’re already on the path to reliving that trend with the tiktok and instagram influencers and kpop idols frequently wearing it.

    20. Textured Hair

    Textured Hair-90s Hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    While ’90s blowouts are adored, some of the most stunning styles embraced texture. To achieve a chic bed head-inspired appearance,  varying curling wand sizes and hairspray. To boost volume and texture, flip your hair and tousle the roots with yutilizeour fingers.

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    21. Messy Bun

    Messy Bun
    Source: K4 Fashion

    Ever seen a bun fashioned from chaos? It’s a stylish twist. Gather your hair and tie them into a casual, 90s-inspired bun, perfect for beating the summer heat. It is effortlessly chic with minimal effort. Just secure it with bobby pins or a scrunchie. Let some strands frame your face.

    22. Snap Clips

    Snap Clips
    Source: Pinterest

    Drew Barrymore’s ’90s short hair, characterized by a charming and playful aura, inspired numerous imitators who adorned it with vibrant snap clips. As they are back in fashion, you can get snap clips of all sizes, colors and styles from market and wear them however you like.

    23. Tendrils Hairstyle

    Tendrils Hairstyle
    Source: Zenoti

    Feeling low-maintenance? Embrace a ’90s-inspired tendril hairstyle that’s again in fashion now. Tendrils complement diverse face shapes, acting like a perennial flower. Whether your hair is straight or curly, tendrils enhance your look, perfect for formal occasions.

    24. Friends’ Rachel Hairstyle

    Friends' Rachel Hairstyle
    Source: Glamour UK

    This hairstyle, made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, in the TV show “Friends,” is a layered, shoulder-length cut with face-framing strands. It is an iconic ’90s trend, known for its effortless chic and widespread popularity. It will never be old.

    25. High Ponytail With Flipped Ends

    High Ponytail With Flipped Ends
    Source; Pinterest

    Take the classic high ponytail to new heights, elevating it with a sleek finish. The addition of a flipped curl and gracefully swooping bang infuses a touch of ’90s charm. It showcases unique style, making it a standout look. This style is perfect for short, straight hair.

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    26. Voluminous Updo

    Voluminous Updo
    Source: The Right Hairstyles

    ’90s prom nights were synonymous with voluminous updos, often adorned with strategically placed shorter strands and tendrils framing the face. Remarkably, this iconic style is now being sought after as inspiration for modern wedding day hairdos, reflecting its allure.

    27. Feathered Pixie

    Feathered Pixie
    Source: The Right Hairstyles

    The 90’s feathered pixie cut remains a timeless choice. Its piecey bangs and tousled texture create an effortless charm, making it an ideal option for those desiring a low-maintenance yet stylish short hairstyle, transitioning seamlessly from casual to chic.

    28. Middle-Parted Look

    Middle-Parted Look
    Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

    The 90’s middle parted hair remain versatile, suited to both short and long hair. Create a chic, shoulder-length appearance with curls. If you deal with excess volume, embrace this ’90s-inspired, sophisticated style for a manageable and stylish solution.

    29. Antennae

    Source: Pinterest

    In the 1990s, girls embraced an effortlessly chic aesthetic, exemplified by a unique trend. This involved deliberately leaving two sleek, straight strands of hair loose at the front. This style showcases love for a stylish, polished look. It makes your face look slimmer.

    30. Headbands

    Source: Refinery29

    Before the era of Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf, Britney Spears reigned as the headband queen. In the ’90s, this classic accessory received a unique twist: ultra-thin or zigzagged bands adorned permed or blow-dried hair. This style is a distinctive and fashionable choice.

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    31. Straighten The Hair

    Straighten The Hair
    Source: tooldes.com

    Achieve a timeless, flawless look from the ’90s, suitable for long or shoulder-length hair. Don’t underestimate the elegance of straight hair. For a party-ready haircut, opt for straightened, parted open hair—a beloved classic making a comeback today.

    32. Two Braids

    Two Braids
    Source: Who What Wear

    Amidst the ’90s’ grunge fashion, the ‘two braids’ hairstyle emerged with a distinctive, almost childlike charm. It notably featured clipped bangs, providing a unique contrast to the prevailing edgier trends of the time and making a memorable style statement.

    33. Jeweled Hair

    Jeweled Hair
    Source: Pinterest

    In the ’90s, gemstones adorned more than just jean pockets; they served as the perfect embellishment for hairstyles in need of a touch of glamor. Now, they’re making a comeback, embraced by TikTokers and instagramers, and their dedicated audience.

    34. Half-Up Flipped Hair

    Half-Up Flipped Hair
    Source: Refinery29

    Shoulder-length bobs aren’t just a trendy length; they endure due to their adaptability. By flipping out the ends and creating a half-up ponytail, you achieve a flirty, playful look. Use a flat or curling iron for the flip and add spray at the base for hold and volume.

    35. Scrunchies

    Source: Etsy

    Got curly or unruly hair? Embrace the ’90s scrunchie trend. Ideal for summer, scrunchies elevate both high and low ponytails. Pair loose curls with intricately braided scrunchies for a touch of luxury, even in the summer heat. Defy the sun with colorful scrunchies.

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    36. Choppy Bob

    Choppy Bob
    Source: Pinterest

    Layered bob hairstyles are remarkably adaptable and chic. This style, notable for removing hair weight and introducing fluidity, suits individuals with medium to thick hair beautifully. This cut looks gorgeous as it is, without any need for styling or tieing.

    37. Super Short Pixie

    Super Short Pixie
    Source: Pinterest

    Halle Berry deserves acclaim for her enduring reign as the queen of the super short pixie cut. This low-maintenance style is a time-saver, versatile, and suits various face shapes and hair colors. A slightly disheveled appearance adds to its cool charm.

    38. Waves

    Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

    Experiencing beachy waves? Don’t fret; it’s a ’90s summer trend. Whether you’re hitting the actual beach or not, wavy hair captures that coastal vibe. Natural or relaxed waves evoke the beachy aesthetic, making it an ideal summer choice. Enjoy your carefree, wavy hair

    39. Messy Updo

    Messy Updo
    Source: TikTok

    The ’90s made the messy updo famous, and it remains an enduring, effortlessly chic hairstyle. While previously adorned with numerous hair accessories, it now confidently stands alone as a stylish choice for any era. Wear and enjoy it on a no wash day.

    40. The Claw Clip

    The Claw Clip
    Source: Amazon.ae

    For a trendy, fashion-forward hairdo, consider the center part, low bun, and wavy face-framing strands combo. Fasten it with a claw clip for that ’90s-inspired flair. This chic style is perfect when you want a fashionable yet relaxed look, showcasing the enduring charm of ’90s trends.


    In conclusion, the ‘90s hairstyles have resurfaced with a vibrant and timeless allure. These versatile and fun hairdos allow us to revisit an era of bold creativity and self-expression. ‘90s hairstyles continue to make a stylish statement in the modern world.

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