The Top 35 Afro Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel Beautiful

Afro hairstyles are making a major comeback in 2024. The natural hair movement has led to more women embracing and showing off their beautiful, coily textures. afro hairstyles are versatile, low maintenance, and make a statement.

In this blog post, we will look at 35 fabulous afro hairstyles for women to try this year.

Classic Afro Styles

Afro hairstyles allow you to highlight your gorgeous curls and coils. There are many ways to style your afro hair to match your personality and look. Here are some of our favorite afro hairstyles for women to try:

1. The Classic Afro

The Classic Afro

Let your natural curls grow out long to achieve a full, rounded silhouette. Lift hair gently from the roots with fingers or a comb to encourage width. Shape the afro outwards using a pick. For extra volume, tease sections lightly at the crown.

2. Short Tapered Cut

Short Tapered Cut Afro

Get a tapered look by cutting curls short on the back and sides, leaving plenty of length on top. Use a moisturizing curl cream and finger style the longer top layers for body and definition.

3. Ringlets Afro

Ringlets Afro

Maximize your natural curl pattern by washing and conditioning hair, then applying a curl cream or gel to soaking wet strands. Diffuse gently with a blow dryer attachment. Let the rest air dry. Carefully separate the defined spirals.

4. Flat Twist Updo

Flat Twist Updo

On freshly washed hair, create neat parts in square sections. Flat twist each subsection close to the scalp. Pin all the twists together into a woven updo bun.

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5. Goddess Locs

Goddess Locs arfo
Source: vigoroushair.en

Achieve this braided style by installing faux locs on your natural hair using a palm rolling or twisting technique. Wear the longer goddess locs straight down or styled up.

6. Twist Out

Twist Out arfo

Section damp hair and do two-strand twists on each part. Allow to dry completely overnight. Gently unravel each twist to create soft waves and definitions.

7. Heat Stretched Style

Heat Stretched Style

Attach a diffuser to your blowdryer. Gently stretch curls section by section, elongating the pattern. Creates a smoother, stretched-out afro.

8. Flipped Up Bangs

Flipped Up Bangs arfo

Use gel to slick the hairline tightly. Create a side part and tease the bangs up high. Sweep bangs into an arched position and pin.

9. Textured Top Knot

Arfo Textured Top Knot

Gather your afro up high on your crown, leaving out face framing pieces. Tie into a ponytail, twist into a bun, then wrap around itself and pin.

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10. Frohawk


Use pomade to slick the sides of your afro into a tapered shape, leaving length through the middle into a faux mohawk crest. Shape the longer top into a textured ridge.

11. Coil Curls

Coil Curls

Define springy ringlets by sectioning damp hair after showering. Take thin strands and coil them around your finger from roots to ends to encourage uniform corkscrew curls. Let air dry.

12. Bantu Knot Out

Bantu Knot Out

Section out dry hair. Twist each section into a tight spiral bantu knot close to your scalp. Tie off with a hair tie. Keep knots in for at least an hour, then carefully unravel.

13. Wash and Go

Wash and Go

Shampoo and condition hair as usual. Skip any combing or brushing. Rake through a nickel-sized amount of leave-in conditioner, then let curls air dry or diffuse gently.

14. Perm Rod Set

Perm Rod Set

Blow dry hair smooth using a paddle brush. Divide hair into sections, then wrap small subsections around flexible perm rods, smoothing hair to the ends. Let set for at least 30 minutes, then unravel.

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15. Braided Top Knot

Braided Top Knot (2)

Cornrow hair away from your face into straight lines leading to a top knot. Braid hair into a high ponytail, twist it into a bun shape, then wrap it around itself and pin it just above your crown.

16. Flat Twists Updo

Flat Twists Updo

Part dry hair into straight rows. Take thin subsections and flat twist each, braiding hair flat to the scalp. Pin all twists together into a high-rolled bun in the back.

17. Finger Coils Ponytail

Finger Coils Ponytail

Define springy ringlets by finger-coiling damp hair into tight coils. Concentrate on creating uniform corkscrews from roots to ends. Let dry then tie into a voluminous high ponytail.

18. Bob Afro

Bob Afro

Go for a shortcut with stacked layers in the back and length on top. Cut into an A-line bob shape with tight curls tapered close to the neck. Add layers throughout for movement.

19. Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down Afro

Evenly divide hair into top and bottom sections. Leave the top loose and flowing, then sweep up the lower layer and secure it into a bun or twist.

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20. Headband Updo

Arfo Headband Updo

Wrap a colorful, patterned headband around the front hairline to pull back the top layers. Show off your afro’s height and shape in the back.

21. Fulani Braids

Arfo Fulani Braids

Braid cornrow-style plaits near the hairline from front to back to form styled bangs. Leave the rest of the hair in a curly afro for a modern contrast.

22. Twist Ponytail

Arfo Twist Ponytail

Part hair into square sections, then two-strand twist each one down to the ends. Gather all the neat twists into a high ponytail holder. Leave the ends loose.

23. Finger Wave Style

Arfo Finger Wave Style

Use a hard hold gel to sculpt deep waves and swoops throughout your afro. Create zig-zags, curves, and geometric lines by molding hair into shapes. Set with hairspray.

24. Pixie Cut

Arfo Pixie Cut

Go super short with an afro pixie cut featuring chopped layers on top, tapered sides, and back. Add loads of texture with finger styling and light pomade.

25. Crown Braid Updo

Arfo Crown Braid Updo

Create a horizontal Dutch braid along the hairline from ear to ear. Gather the rest of the hair into a top knot and pin it just above the braid crown.

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26. Sleek Bun

Arfo Sleek Bun

Comb hair back smoothly into a neat round bun. Secure with bobby pins in an inverted down direction for serious hold. Use the gel for slicked edges.

27. Side Part Afro

Side Part Afro

Create an exaggerated side part so hair falls dramatically over to one side, leaving high volume on the other. For added edge, make the part zig-zag.

28. Scarf Wrap Updo

Scarf Wrap Updo-Afro hairstyles

Tie a vibrant silk scarf tightly around your afro, leaving hair peeking out attractively in front and back for a retro style.

29. Blunt Bob

Arfo Blunt Bob

Go for a sleek, modern look with hair cut bluntly at chin length. Part deeply to show off the precision edges. Tuck behind ears.

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30. Crimped Curls

Crimped Curls

Add striking texture using a crimping iron to wave and crinkle strands from roots to ends. Work in sections for an all-over crimped effect.

31. Cornrow Braided Bangs

Cornrow Braided Bangs-Afro hairstyles

Create geometric bangs by cornrowing hair along the hairline into straight lines or curves. Leave hair loose in the back.

32. Flat Twists with Accessories

Flat Twists with Accessories-Afro hairstyles

Jazz up simple flat twists by adding gold beads, cuffs, or shells onto the ends of braided hair. Secure with clear elastics.

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33. Curled Style

Arfo Curled Style

Soften your afro texture by curling pieces with a curling wand. Create bends and waves for tons of volume, movement, and shine.

34. Asymmetrical Side Part

Asymmetrical Side Part-Afro hairstyles

Separate hair into uneven sections, swooping longer pieces over to one side. Pin the other side back for extra drama.

35. Braid-Wrapped Chignon

Arfo Braid-Wrapped Chignon

Split hair into three sections. Braid each one into a simple plait, then wrap all braids together into a neat low bun shape. Pin the chignon in place.

Final Thoughts

Afro hairstyles showcase the beauty of natural black hair textures. These versatile styles allow you to switch up your look daily, from rounded fros to defined curls or artistic braids.

The natural hair movement has led to more creativity and pride in styling afro hair. Black women can now beautifully embrace their coily crowns. Your imagination is the only limit with the endless styling options of afro hairstyles!

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