2 Ways to Apply Self-Tanning Foam

There is a logical explanation for why the self-tanning market has exploded over the last few years. With the help of self-tanning foam, you may get the desired sun-kissed glow without worrying about UV damage to your body. It is quick, inexpensive, and, most significantly, finishes the job.

Today’s self-tanning solutions are accessible and are becoming popular among those who want to avoid damaging UV radiation and tanning beds.

The current tanning foams have more realistic colors and can produce extremely pleasing effects, despite their previous image for creating blotches and an eerie artificial glow. So, this article will teach you the various ways to apply self-tanning foam effectively.

Method 1

You should not apply the self-tanning foam immediately to achieve the best results. However, there is a method to apply self-tanning foam without following many steps. Here is how it’s done.

1. Cleanse Your Skin

Cleanse Your Skin
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Before putting on a self-tanner, cleanse the skin with a towel. Additionally, using an exfoliating lotion might aid in removing toxins. Where your skin is roughest, exfoliate a little longer on the knees, elbows, and ankles.

Self-tanning foams dye the surface level of the skin’s dead cells like food dye. An even look to the color is achieved by exfoliating before applying the self-tanner. Use an exfoliant that cleanses skin with chemical and physical exfoliants, such as activated charcoal.

2. Put Self-tanning Foam

Apply the self-tanning solution to your exfoliated skin. Be sure to rub equally on different body parts to achieve an even tan.

The most common mistake in self-tanning lotion is applying excessive amounts to various body parts. You should note that applying more self tanning foam to the skin will result in a deeper and darker tan.

3. Let the Foam Seep in

Let the Foam Seep in
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Be patient for at least ten minutes before dressing. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for the following hours, and try not to sweat.

If you want to maintain your tan, refrain from shaving after each bath because shaving removes dead skin. Otherwise, you will waste both your tan and shaving foam.

Method #2

Some people like being thorough and want to cover their bodies with self-tanning solutions properly. However, extra steps are needed to apply self-tanning foam without missing any spots. Here is an overview of the procedure.

1. Prepare Your Skin

Prepare Your Skin
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Before using any self-tanner, prepare everything you need, just like the first method. Self-tanners can be removed using any unwanted procedures.

Dry skin absorbs self-tanner, creating dark, unnatural-looking areas behind. Use a scrubber to eliminate flaking, especially in rough areas.

You can also use a cleanser containing certain acids to eliminate dry, flaky skin. Above everything, ensure that you pick an oil-free product.

Oils left on the skin might act as a barrier and cause a self-tan to form unevenly. Utilize an exfoliant that leaves no trace behind. Fresh, product-free skin is what we’re after.

2. Apply to the Face First

Apply to the Face First
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The face should be tanned before the rest since it is the simplest region to put self-tanner, cleaning them right away to avoid stains.

You should tan everything, including the areas behind the ears that are visible once long hair is pulled back from the face, underneath the eyes, across eyelids, on the points of the ears, and the neck.

Starting with the bottom half of your body, working your way upwards, and finishing by applying to your hands is always simpler. Then, using any extra foam from the preliminary treatment, spread them evenly to the feet.

3. Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches
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Just as a moisturizer is important for priming the skin for self-tanner, it can help perfect the results after you’re done applying it. Applying moisturizer will guarantee a flawless, seamless, professional result every time.

Like in the first method, it is important to let the tanning foam sit for a few minutes. You should also avoid sweating and showering for a few hours.

Keeping some wipes nearby to erase any excess solution in any part of your body is important. And lastly, put some talc-free powder to avoid the solution from sticking to your clothes.

Keeping Everything in Mind

Self-tanning foam is a quick way for individuals to achieve the glow and skin color they want. There are various ways to apply self-tanners. Others like to just put them evenly on the skin, while others would want to apply them in various sections first.

Either way, in applying self-tanners, you should remember not to leave any spot behind to achieve that flawless and natural tan.

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