Auburn Hair Color: 30 Vibrant Ideas for a Fiery Makeover

Auburn hair is one of the most dynamic and eye-catching hair colors. Characterized by rich red and brown tones, auburn hair provides depth and vibrancy, unlike any other shade.

From bright copper to deep burgundy, auburn hair color can be customized to complement your complexion beautifully. Read on to discover dazzling auburn hair inspiration and tips for achieving this sensational hair color.

What Shades Constitute Auburn Hair Color?

What Shades Constitute Auburn Hair Color?

Auburn hair can encompass various red-brown shades and combinations. True auburn features a balanced blend of red and brown, resulting in a soft reddish-brown. Auburn can also use more red or brown tones to create different effects. Copper auburn has fiery orange and red hues, while dark auburn features deeper red-browns nearing burgundy. Caramel and cinnamon auburn have warm golden undertones. There are so many shades to explore within the Auburn family.

The Best Skin Tones to Complement Auburn Hair

The versatility of auburn hair color means it can suit a range of complexions. The radiance of auburn enhances warm skin tones with peach, olive, or yellow undertones. It brings out golden flecks in the skin beautifully. Fair and medium skin tones allow the vibrancy of auburn hair to shine. While cool skin tones can also wear auburn, ashier shades better complement their pink undertones.

Auburn Ambiance: Stylish Ideas for Hair Color

From bright copper to rich burgundy, there are many shades to explore within the auburn color spectrum. Here are 30 stunning auburn hair color ideas to inspire your makeover.

1. Fiery Copper Auburn

Fiery Copper Auburn

This bold, daring copper-red hue resembles a natural redhead’s vibrant tresses. The punchy orange tones make a fiery, attention-grabbing statement, especially against fair, porcelain skin. Truly electrically bright and brilliant.

2. Chocolate Cherry Auburn

Chocolate Cherry Auburn

Imagine the most indulgently rich chocolate brown hair becoming even more exciting and dimensional with the addition of deep cherry red babylights woven throughout. A luxe, striking blend of hues.

3. Cinnamon Spice Auburn

Cinnamon Spice Auburn

Warm cinnamon brown sugar hair gets an energizing boost of spice from lightly dispersed orange and red pieces that provide an invigorating pop of color on cool-toned complexions.

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4. Illuminating Caramel Auburn

Illuminating Caramel Auburn

Darker bases of classic auburn hair are unexpectedly brightened with eye-catching ribbons and streaks of light, buttery caramel blonde scattered throughout. It spotlights the sumptuous richness of the base color.

5. Autumn Maple Auburn

Autumn Maple Auburn

Directly inspired by the breathtaking foliage of autumn, this gorgeous blend fuses burnt oranges, vibrant reds, and earthy light browns. It’s reminiscent of the dazzling colors of falling maple leaves in October.

6. Rosy Auburn

Rosy Auburn hair

A delicate, ethereal twist on traditional auburn that incorporates soft pink, romantic rose gold, and creamy beige-blonde shades throughout the reddish brown base. The lighter hints keep the auburn gentle and feminine.

7. Auburn Ombre

Auburn Ombre

From roots to ends, this modern ombre hair color elegantly transitions from dimensional, dark auburn melted into peachy copper orange hues. It is much more dynamic and exciting than a traditional single-tone ombre.

8. Reverse Ombre Auburn

Reverse Ombre Auburn

Unlike the usual ombre, this reverse ombre starts with light coppery ends that gradually evolve into richer, darker auburn tones near the roots for an unexpected inverted effect. It is boldly unique and head-turning.

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9. Auburn Balayage

Auburn Balayage

Silky chestnut brown hair is hand-painted using warm auburn and copper shades to mimic how the sun naturally lightens hair. The result is touchably soft layers of light and dark for a radiant balayage.

10. Burgundy Wine Auburn

Burgundy Wine Auburn

Infusing deep burgundy red with violet undertones into warm auburn hair adds an intoxicating touch of vampy drama. Think rich, decadent red wine meeting autumn’s vibrant foliage.

11. Red Violet Auburn

Red Violet Auburn

Vibrant violet and plum pigments boost auburn hair to eye-catching new heights for an unexpected, artistic pop of color. Makes a boldly creative statement.

12. Auburn with Blonde

Auburn with Blonde

Warm auburn hair is lightened up with ribbons of sunny beige-blonde scattered throughout for a dimensional, beachy look. The brighter pieces enhance the base color’s vibrancy.

13. Strawberry Auburn

Strawberry Auburn
Source: Glamour

Thoroughly mixing vivid red with brown evokes images of ripe, juicy strawberries fresh off the vine. It’s a flirty, lively take on traditional auburn for summer.

14. Natural Auburn

Natural Auburn-auburn hair colors

A seamless, harmonious blend of red and brown that lets natural beauty shine through. It is universally flattering for all complexions. The true definition of classic auburn.

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15. Dark Auburn

Dark Auburn

A mesmerizing deeper dimension comes from nearly burgundy-toned reddish browns. Makes a sophisticated yet exotic statement. An air of mystery.

16. Light Auburn

Light Auburn-auburn hair colors

Barely there, the warmth from soft peachy beiges provides a delicate kiss of color on fair complexions without overwhelming them. A subtle, golden auburn glow.

17. Auburn Lowlights

Auburn Lowlights-auburn hair colors

Concentrating rich auburn hues around the front framing the face creates a natural yet head-turning pop of color. It’s like an instant frame enhancement.

18. Chocolate Auburn

Chocolate Auburn-auburn hair colors

Imagine dipping the most lusciously glossy chocolate brown hair into cherry-tinted cocoa. The auburn undertones are indulgent, like a sweet treat for the eyes.

19. Auburn Babylights

Auburn Babylights-auburn hair colors

Ultra-fine strands of auburn are strategically woven through brown hair, emulating the most subtle, natural growth. Just a delicate kiss of color.

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20. Copper Auburn Balayage

Copper Auburn Balayage

Dark brown tresses are hand-painted with warm orange-red copper pieces in a soft balayage pattern, resulting in a natural yet lively pop of color.

21. Auburn with Highlights

Auburn with Highlights-auburn hair colors

Sun-kissed honey and champagne blonde highlights threaded throughout pump up the vibrancy and dimension of the reddish-brown base color.

22. Auburn with Lowlights

Auburn with Lowlights

Espresso brown and chocolate lowlights woven into auburn hair provide major depth, dimension, and visual interest.

23. Ribbon Auburn Highlights

Ribbon Auburn Highlights-auburn hair colors

Ultra-fine ribbons of light auburn woven through dark brown hair resemble natural sun-kissed streaks. Understated yet warm.

24. Amber Auburn

Amber Auburn-auburn hair colors

Infusing light amber and gold alongside reddish-brown creates an earthy, sunkissed auburn. Great for olive and tan complexions.

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25. Purple Auburn

Purple Auburn

Blending burgundy and violet shades into auburn adds an exciting pop of color for a unique look. Playful yet edgy.

26. Rose Gold Auburn

Rose Gold Auburn

Mixing soft rose gold with reddish-brown warms up the auburn while keeping it subtle and feminine. Romantic and delicate.

27. Auburn Braids

Auburn Braids-auburn hair colors

Show off the incredible depth and dimension of auburn color by weaving it into creative braided hairstyles. From chunky fishtails to intricate lace braids, the texture is on display.

28. Spicy Cinnamon Auburn

Spicy Cinnamon Auburn-auburn hair colors

Warm cinnamon-spiked with fiery orange and bold red makes for an energizing auburn full of flavor. Invigorating and bold.

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29. Natural Redhead Auburn

Natural Redhead Auburn-auburn hair colors

A rich orange, red, and brown balance enhances natural redhead hair color. Enhances natural vibrancy.

30. Auburn Afro

Auburn Afro-auburn hair colors

Allowing tight, coiled curls to pop with auburn enhances texture beautifully. Emphasizes volume and definition.

How to Successfully Dye Your Hair Auburn

Now that you’re feeling inspired to try auburn hair color let’s discuss techniques for dyeing your strands. Consulting a color specialist is best to achieve even coverage and your desired shade of auburn.

Here are some tips:

  • Do a strand test to determine how your hair will take to lightener and toner. This will prevent unwanted brassy tones.
  • Lighten hair to a pale yellow base before applying red-brown auburn dye for a brighter color payoff.
  • Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to keep your new auburn color vibrant for longer.
  • Refresh color with an auburn gloss treatment every 4-6 weeks for maximum shine and saturation.
  • Consider getting balayage or highlights if you want a low-maintenance auburn hair color. Regrowth will blend in naturally.

Essential Steps for Auburn Hair Color Maintenance

Auburn hair color requires some upkeep to stay looking fresh and vibrant.

Here are some critical steps:

  • Rinse hair with cool water to lock in color and shine. Avoid hot water, which can cause fading.
  • Shampoo less frequently, just 2-3 times per week. Use sulfate-free shampoo made for color-treated hair.
  • Use a weekly conditioning hair mask to boost hydration and softness.
  • Protect hair from sun exposure, which can cause fading. Wear a hat or use a protective spray.
  • Get a trim every 6-8 weeks to snip away dry, damaged ends and promote healthy hair.
  • Use an at-home glossing treatment between salon visits to refresh the reddish pigment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Auburn Considered a Natural Hair Shade?

Ans: Yes, Auburn is indeed considered a natural hair shade. It is a warm and reddish-brown color that occurs naturally in some individuals due to varying levels of pigmentation.

Q: Does Auburn Hair Differ from Red Hair?

Ans: Absolutely, Auburn hair is distinct from red hair. While both fall under the red spectrum, Auburn typically has a mix of brown and red tones, giving it a richer and more earthy appearance than the brighter, fiery red hair.

Q: How Long Will My Auburn Hair Color Last?

Ans: The longevity of your Auburn hair color depends on various factors, such as the type of dye used, your hair care routine, and how often you wash your hair. Generally, permanent dyes last longer than semi-permanent ones, but regular maintenance is essential to keep the color vibrant.

Q: Is Auburn hair a natural genetic trait?

Ans: Yes, Auburn hair can be a natural genetic trait influenced by variations in pigmentation and genetic factors.

Q: How can I maintain the vibrancy of my Auburn hair color?

Ans: To maintain the vibrancy of your Auburn hair color, use color-safe shampoos and conditioners, avoid excessive sun exposure, and consider touch-up treatments as needed. Additionally, minimize heat styling and protect your hair from chlorine and harsh chemicals to preserve its rich hue.


Auburn hair color provides a gorgeous dimension that flatters so many complexions. You can keep your auburn hair looking fabulously vibrant with the proper maintenance regimen. Dare to boldly make a statement with luscious copper, spicy cinnamon, or deep burgundy auburn locks. Your mane will never be dull with this color.

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