Baby blue nails look pretty and simple. And you can wear them on any day irrespective of the weather. Get the latest inspirations for these nails.

    It’s not just about the baby shower you will plan during pregnancy. Baby blue nails are more than a gender reveal tactic. It’s fun and sporty. And it allows you to be you!

    The best thing about this color is that you can wear it any day on any occasion with the right outfit.

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    Ideas for Baby Blue Nails

    It’s just as suitable for winter months as it is for summers. And choose hundreds of other palette shades to pair with this beauty.

    1. Oval Baby Blue Nails

    Oval Baby Blue Nails

    Get a smooth jelly finish of baby blue nail polish on your oval nails. Note that oval and small nails are the most common trims that are painted in baby blue colors.

    2. Oval with Crème Baby Blue

    Oval with Crème Baby Blue

    Baby blue is an innocent and naïve color. If you are heading to a party, you would like a jelly finish. For casual gatherings, a crème finish seems most suitable.

    3. Baby Blue on Coffin Nails

    Baby Blue On Coffin Nails

    This is a crème finish of the plain baby blue polish. The coffin nails are smaller than usual.

    4. Ballerina Baby Blue Nails

    Ballerina Baby Blue Nails

    No one stops you from painting baby blue nail polish on other trims than just oval and small nails.

    The occasional appearance of this polish on long ballerina nails also looks attractive and elegant.

    5. Small Baby Blue Nails

    Small Baby Blue Nails

    Small nails look gorgeous with baby blue polish even when they aren’t trimmed in an oval shape. Use a crème finish for a more innocent appearance.

    Or you can choose a jelly finish if you are in the mood to show off.

    6. Baby Blue, Beige and Pink

    Include Beige And Pink

    Why not include other pastel colors as well when you are at it! You may think that beige is not the most common pastel color. But it looks pretty alongside pink and blue, isn’t it?

    In this nail design, the middle nails are painted in pink and blue colors while the index and pinky fingers get splashes of pink, beige, and blue colors.

    7. Baby Blue Can Be Glittery

    Baby Blue Can Be Glittery

    Show off your girly side with glittery blue polish. You can paint your nails with pure blue glitter polish.

    8. Baby Blue Glitter

    Baby Blue Glitter

    Or you can go with glitter on the ring finger with other fingers showing off plain blue jelly polish.

    9. Baby Blue Glitter and Sheer

    Glitter and Sheer

    One of the most common – yet stylish – combos appears when we mix glitter polish with sheer polish.

    You can do this by painting glitter tips on sheer nails. Or you can paint glitter French tips on a sheer coat.

    Feel free to mix up these two styles on different nails on your hands.

    10. Mixing the Baby Blue Styles

    Mixing The Styles

    This nail design mixes all designs of glitter and sheer polishes with the baby blue shade.

    First, it uses triangular tips of plain blue polish on the sheer polish of pinky and ring fingers.

    Then, it coats the middle finger with glitter. The index finger then gets a French tip of blue glitter against sheer polish.

    11. Glitter and Accessories

    Glitter And Accessories

    For those of you who prefer glossy styles, glitter is the way to go. If you still feel the need for more gloss, accessorize the glittery finish with diamonds and other nail art accessories.

    This acrylic nail design, for example, uses a mix of rhinestones and diamonds to enhance the beauty of the ring fingernail’s bottom.

    12. Snowflakes and Glitter

    Snowflakes And Glitter

    Oftentimes, the Christmas season is associated with blue colors. You would argue that blue for Christmas is either Catalina Blue or USAF Air Force Blue.

    You aren’t wrong nor are those people who want to include baby blue in the Christmas palette.

    This acrylic nail design acknowledges the beauty of baby blue during the Christmas season with snowflakes painted on the sheer polish of the index finger.

    Other fingers get a glitter finish or an ombre between blue and pink.

    13. Glitter with Stars

    Glitter With Stars

    Celebrate the night with this design that paints the fingernails in either blue glitter or in plain blue jelly paint that is decorated with stars.

    14. Mixing the Nails

    Mixing The Nails

    In the middle of the plain blue index and pinky nails, paint glitter blue nails.

    15. Blue Curves on Sheer Polish

    Blue Curves On Sheer Polish

    This design uses nail stamp plates to paint blue curves on sheer paint. You can also get acrylic nails in this pattern to save time.

    16. Blue Curves on Nude Polish

    Blue Curves On Nude Polish

    Instead of using sheer polish, you can apply nude polish to get the base coat.

    17. Blue with Pink

    Blue With Pink

    This is a simple design that adds lots of colors to your nails. And it doesn’t require you to get stamp plates or nail accessories to create this style. Only alternate pink and blue polish on your nails and they are done!

    You can get crème or jelly finish polishes for these nails.

    18. Baby Blue with Pink Glitter

    Blue With Pink Glitter

    This style is similar to the previous design. The only difference is that the pink color in this design has a glitter finish.

    19. Candy Nails

    Candy Nails

    This is yet another acrylic nail design that combines blue with pink color. The index fingers get a white and blue pattern followed by the middle finger which is painted in 3D candy-like design.

    Then, we get the ring finger that is painted in sheer polish and is completed with flowers of different colors and the last finger is painted with glitter.

    The order of these designs is changed for the other hand that gets a pink-dominant theme.

    20. Another 3D Nail Design

    Another 3D Nail Design

    This one mixes blue with white color. All other acrylic fingernails are painted in blue color except the ring finger which uses 3D flowers to complete the look on sheer polish.

    21. Baby Blue with Carolina Blue

    Baby Blue With Carolina Blue

    Mix up the light and dark shades of blue on alternate fingers to get a contrasting blend.

    22. Add Some Hearts

    Add Some Hearts

    Make the mix of two blues even more exciting with this combo. Get your index and pinky fingers painted in baby blue.

    They paint the middle finger with sheer polish and top it off with a baby blue tip. Use Carolina blue polish to complete this finger with a heart. Paint the ring finger with Carolina blue polish and top it off with a baby blue heart.

    23. Ballerina Nails with Floral Pattern

    Ballerina Nails With Floral Pattern

    So the occasion needs you to dress up. Complete your extravagant outfit with a signature nail design in baby blue. But don’t spend hours doing your nails.

    Instead, get acrylic ballerina nails that have a smooth baby blue finish on the pinky and middle finger and a floral pattern on sheer paint on other nails.

    24. Get A Rainbow

    Get A Rainbow

    Technically, it’s not a rainbow but you got the point. Collect all the shades of the pastel palette and paint them on your fingers.

    No mixing up is required here so you don’t need many tools to apply this design.

    Play around with the order of colors on your nails. You can change the order from one hand to another.

    25. Baby Blue with Gray

    Baby Blue With Gray

    Just alternate between the colors or paint a pattern – these colors look great together in both cases.

    26. Add White to Baby Blue

    Add White

    Use ring finger to feature white color. This shade has a frosty look and will look best in winter.

    27. Or Make White the Primary Color

    White Color on Baby Blue nails

    Reverse the pattern we have presented above. Paint your ring finger with blue paint and surround it with white nails.

    28. Use White On The Index Finger

    White On The Index Finger

    Most nail designs use ring fingers to feature themes and highlight second colors. But this design is different. It highlights the choice of the second color on its index finger.

    29. Baby Blue Marble Pattern

    Marble Pattern

    If white is your best color, you would always want to include a hint of white in every color and pattern. A marble pattern is a great way to include your favorite hue in any design.

    Use your middle fingers to feature the pattern. On top of white polish, you will use a similar stamp plate to stamp the marble pattern in blue.

    Paint index and pinky fingernails in blue. Or just skip this ordeal and get acrylic nails of this design to wear to the occasion.

    30. Blue French Tips

    Blue French Tips

    This simple and elegant design will confirm the base color – baby blue – without hiding the beauty of your nails.

    31. Baby Blue and Nude

    Baby Blue And Nude

    Get a pinkish shade of nude. And paint all the nails – except the middle finger with nude paint and blue triangle tips. The middle finger will feature plain blue polish.

    32. Make Baby Blue Light with Daisies

    Make It Light With Daisies

    Yellow and white flowers are the most used pattern for nails. And you will agree with me – they look fantastic. Their beauty further intensifies when they are painted on polishes with a crème finish.

    33. White Flowers on Nude Polish

    White Flowers On Nude Polish

    White flowers match well with the blue paint. Use these flowers to feature your ring finger. The acrylic nail design uses a jelly finish. The design isn’t too jeweled yet it’s attractive and glamorous.

    34. Baby Blue Tips

    Baby Blue Tips

    This is another nail design that mixes nude polish and baby blue color. In this basic, but attractive style, you paint the nails nude before painting their tips blue.

    35. Nude and Baby Blue, again!

    Nude and Blue, Again

    Nude paint looks good with every nail polish color. But it’s exceptionally beautiful in this unique design.

    Here, only the index finger is painted in a nude shade. Its tip is then painted blue. All other nails have blue polish.

    36. Ombre Pink and Blue

    Ombre Pink and Blue

    Ombre is the style of the year. Every fashion item from hair to nails is using this technique to add color. Use it to blend baby blue shade with pink.

    37. Another Ombre

    Another Ombre

    If you are using ombre to style your nails, add some more gloss to make it more appealing. Use a jelly finish for a shiny look. And wear long nails to give an overall look of beauty and elegance.

    38. A Hint of Gold

    A Hint of Gold

    Baby blue doesn’t blend well with many colors. But golden shade is not one of those colors.

    Use crème finish for the baby blue base coat and then paint its tips with golden glitter. You can finish the whole style by coating glitter on top of the nail.

    39. A Hint of Pink

    Hint of Pink

    On plain blue nail paint, this style uses pink glitter to decorate the base of the nails. You can replace the pink glitter in favor of golden if that’s your favorite color.

    40. Long Coffin Baby Blue Nails

    Long Coffin Nails

    The best thing about long coffin nails is that these nails can be accessorized to your heart’s content.

    This design is an accurate depiction of how many accessories you can add to these nails.

    The acrylic nail design tops off these long nails with diamonds at the bottom and rhinestones in the middle and tips of the nails.

    At the same time, these nails use the ombre technique to move between white and blue shades.

    41. Glitter and Accessories on Baby Blue

    Glitter and Accessories

    These coffin nails are accessorized with diamonds at the base. But that’s not all they’ve got. The ring finger also boasts glitter polish in blue.

    42. Featuring Pink and Blue

    Featuring Pink and Blue

    The match between pink and blue is quite a combination when it comes to nails. Most of the nail designs pair blue color with either pink shade or nude polish.

    This particular design does the same but in a limited space. It only features a mix of colors on the middle fingers.

    The index and pinky fingers present a plain jelly finish of the blue paint only.

    43. A Butterfly Baby Blue

    A Butterfly

    Or should I say half a butterfly! This butterfly beautifies your ring finger. If you don’t own a stamping plate with a butterfly pattern, you can get this ready-made design in acrylic nails.

    44. More Butterflies Baby Blue

    More Butterflies

    This design is especially for those who love butterflies. It only features these tiny beauties in silver on the index finger on top of sheer polish. All other nails are painted in plain blue or in blue with a pattern.

    45. Pink between Baby Blue

    Pink between Blues

    The best thing about using different nail colors for different fingernails is that applying the paint is as easy as pie.

    You don’t need overly difficult patterns. Nor do you use specialized tools to accomplish the task.

    For example, in the design, all you have to do is to alternate between different shades of blue and baby pink.

    46. Lots of Accessories

    Lots Of Accessories

    Decorate your baby blue paint with diamonds or rhinestones collected as flowers or swirls.

    47. Mixing Blue and Sea Green

    Mixing Blue And Sea Green

    Heading to a beach? Get a sea-like manicure by mixing sea green and baby blue. Use the ombre technique to mix the two colors.

    48. Flowers on the Nails

    Flowers On The Nails

    This style stamps beautiful white flowers on blue nails. You can get the stamp plate to create the design yourself. Or you can get the acrylic nails to make the task easy.

    49. Baby Blue with Diamonds

    Baby Blue With Diamonds

    This nail design uses single diamonds to accessorize plain blue stiletto nails. You can add diamonds near the bottom of these nails.

    50. Wave-like Tips

    Wave-like Tips

    Blue is the color of the water. Get a sea-like pattern on your nails by mixing baby blue with dark blue shade. The rest of the nail will be painted in the nude shade of your choice.

    51. Sea-like Ombre

    Sea-like Ombre

    If you are getting the manicure for your beach party, consider using an ombre of white and blue with white tips receding into the blue base. This unique style will align with the colors of the ocean.

    52. Blue Polish with Crème Finish for Stiletto Nails

    Blue Polish With Crème Finish For Stiletto Nails

    Stiletto nails aren’t the most common nail trim for blue paint. So, when they use this color, they stand out. Use crème finish to get the much-liked innocent look.

    53. Stiletto Nails with Glitter

    Stiletto Nails with Glitter

    This is a plain blue glitter polish that goes smoothly on stiletto nails. The longer your stiletto nails are the more glamorous this design will appear.

    54. Some Patterns

    Some Patterns

    Blue looks more elegant when it’s paired with white color. These acrylic nails exploit this combination of the best colors and mix it with different patterns.

    The index finger uses blue glitter. And the thumb and pinky fingernails present plain blue polish.

    55. A Single Diamond Design

    Single Diamond Design

    This design only uses a diamond on the bottom of the ring finger. All other nails are painted in a jelly finish of blue color. Or you can paint the index finger in glitter paint as well.

    56. Metallic Blue Nails

    Metallic Blue Nails

    Electrify your mood and presence with metallic blue nail polish.

    57. Add a Heart

    Add a Heart

    On the plain blue heart, paint a dark blue heart. You can paint it on every nail or you may opt for featuring it only on the ring finger.

    58. A Beige Heart

    Beige Heart

    In the abovementioned design, you can use a beige heart instead of a dark blue one.

    59. Flower Pattern on Alternating Nails

    Flower Pattern on Alternating Nails

    Flowers beautify every artwork. They look especially exquisite on your nails. But you want to add a pinch of uniqueness by switching between plain polish and floral patterns alternatively on your nails.

    Get a pattern plate or get this design in acrylic nails.

    Take Away

    Blue is a soothing color. If you are enjoying a peaceful day, you would wear blue colors. Complete the look by painting your nails in a blue shade.

    This post discusses 59 baby blue nails inspirations for you to choose from.


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