Baby Shower Checklist: Things New Moms Forget When Planning a Party 2023

When a couple is expecting a new arrival or recently welcomed one into the world, it’s common to celebrate by throwing a baby shower (otherwise known as a stork party).

Traditionally, this is organized by the new parent’s close friends or family members to celebrate their child coming into the world and is a time for gifts, support, and love to be shared.

However, there are many details to remember for parents who opt to organize their baby shower themselves, which can be challenging to recall while caring for a newborn.

Between deciding on a budget, enlisting catering services, picking a theme for the shower, and booking a venue, things can easily get overlooked in the planning process.

So, regardless of whether you’re hosting the baby shower as the friend of a mom-to-be, intending to be a guest, or the parent who is being showered, we’ve created this quick baby shower checklist to ensure that no aspect is forgotten and get you all set to host an unforgettable stork party.

Choose a Party Theme And Decoration

Choosing a baby shower theme can be tricky – there are so many fun options! Think about what the future parents are passionate about and let that shine through in the topic.

For example, if they like to travel, the shower could be inspired by their favorite place and traveling theme.

Personalize your baby shower to reflect the parents-to-be and their favorite things with customizable decorations like inflatables and banners that will serve as a backdrop as well.

Customizable inflatables for any event can be designed in the shape of an airplane that brings the baby or in the shape of a building that symbolizes their favorite destination.

Consider having table decorations and interactive decorations for photo shoots, like a DIY photo booth with handmade props as well. Whatever the theme and decorations, do it with love and you will have the blast you want.

Send Out Invitations

You are invited to baby shower, we love to see you there

Commonly, when planning an event, it is customary for the hosts to create a guest list; however, it’s rare nowadays that invitations are remembered to be sent.

Although invitations might be considered outdated or traditional in our modern world, sending them can make guests feel special and enable you to get a more accurate attendance figure due to the RSVP section.

Nowadays, there is a range of invitations available for any situation, from virtual baby shower invitations to physical ones; you’re bound to find something suited to your taste level. Alternatively, you could consider some of the following options:

  • Providing that all your potential attendees use social media, you could create an event or group via Facebook, a straightforward way to track numbers or post daily updates.
  • Suppose you have everyone’s mobile number or email address. In that case, you could send out a group text/ email or utilize free messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to create a group chat.
  • Create or contact a website builder to design a mini-website dedicated to your baby shower, which you can send attendees a link to via email or social media. A mini website is great for keeping information about the event together from the venue to the registry.

On the other hand, if you’d prefer a more straightforward and less time-consuming option.

You could consider sending virtual baby shower invitations using companies Greenvelope, which design various digital invitations for multiple occasions.

For more insight, visit their website or contact them directly to discover how their virtual baby shower invitations could help you plan your stork party today.

Decide On Which Games/Activities To Play

No party is complete without games or fun activities to play and create memories with. As well as being great fun, baby shower games or activities are beneficial for breaking the ice at the beginning of the shower but can often be forgotten.

Stork parties bring together a variety of people that know the new parents in many ways, from co-workers to distant relatives, which can make the initial conversation awkward.

Eliminate this awkwardness by planning a couple of games or activities to be played at the start of the shower, which will get attendees working together and talking. There are a variety of games or activities suitable for a baby shower – here’s a list of some commonly played ones to inspire you:

  • Quizzes about the parent-to-be will have attendees vying to demonstrate who knows the most about them.
  • Select some childhood photos of the parents-to-be and have guests guess how old they were in each image.
  • Ask guests to bring a photo of themselves as a child, arrange them on a corkboard, and get others to guess who’s-who.
  • Write a list of facts about your attendees and put a copy on each guest’s chair; the winner will be the first to identify which point corresponds to each guest.

Remember To Take Photos

Remember to take photos

Another aspect that often gets overlooked amongst the hecticness of baby showers is photography. Taking pictures is essential for creating memories, and we’re sure that the parent-to-be will be appreciative if one person was nominated to ensure that lots of photos and videos are taken.

Often, all attendees make a collaborative effort to document the shower on their devices.

However, this results in different devices holding different photos, which means that the parent-to-be or other guests often doesn’t get the chance to view them.

To avoid this, you could resolve to upload favorite images to cloud servers such as Dropbox so that everyone can access and view them.

Once this is done, the parent-to-be can create photo albums or an album on social media to reminisce about the shower.

Depending on the budget for the shower, you could consider hiring a professional to take pictures or videos on your behalf so that the stress is taken off a particular individual so that they can enjoy the party also.

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