Black braided hairstyles are, no doubt, one of the oldest ways to style your hair. They are the go-to hairstyles for women all over the world at any time of the year. Whether you want to style your hair or braid it properly to protect your hair from external wear and tear, black braided hairstyles come to your help.

    If you’ve ever tried a black braid hairstyle, the chances are that you know how to put your creative soul into these hairstyles. Many women also believe that braided hairstyles at the same time can hide your damaged hair if braided smartly.

    No matter how many styles come and go, black hairstyle braids are something that can never leave fashion. From clips and highlights to texture, shapes, and patterns, there are various techniques you can use to give yourself a unique hairstyle every time.

    If you are still intrigued to dive deep into black braided hairstyles, their types, and the different styles, read on further.

    Types of Braided Hairstyles:

    As said earlier, black hair braids are very versatile and easy to make hairstyles. If we talk about different types of braid styles for black hair, the list is endless. From fishtail braids, blocky braids, and block braided buns to tree braids, micro braids, and french braids, it’s hard to choose one.

    As one of the oldest hairstyles, black braids have been the favorite, from royal queens to fashion enthusiasts and everyone in between. However, not every type of braid suits everyone’s style preferences and looks great.

    For thick hair, long and thick braids are for sure the perfect casual hairstyle to go for, which doesn’t look good with thin and low volume hair.

    Also, a tucked-away headband look and french braid look very enticing on shoulder-length, no matter the volume. In short, it’s so much easier to make decent braids once you have thicker hair.

    Besides, there are countless reasons why black braided hairstyles are considered the most versatile and desirable hairstyles of now.

    As a matter of fact, regardless of how many times you style your hair into black braided hairstyles, you can never run out of styling ideas.

    To save you time, we’ve listed 4 trending braided hairstyles that you probably have seen on celebrities and fashion influencers flaunting their hair. If you’re in search of an interesting braided hairstyle, take a halt to check what we’ve collected for you while sipping a cup of coffee.

    Trendy Braided Hairstyles:

    Braids are very popular among black American-African girls for their two-colored hair that stands out in their looks. Although there are many braids that come and go in trend, we’ve listed ones that have been around us for the longest time.

    Not only do these braids look good in nearly every face shape and size, but they also suit every hair texture and stay in place.

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    1. Twisted Rope Braids


    These dimensional braids are perfect for long thick beautiful hair. They are interesting and simple to make yet definitely worth a try.

    To do twisted rope braids, follow us through the steps.

    1. Untangle all your hair to remove any knots before you start
    2. Make a simple ponytail in the center or the side using a hair tie and make two equal sections of your
    3. ponytail and take them into each of your hands.
    4. Start twisting both sections one by one.
    5. First, take the left section of your ponytail, hover it over the right section, and then hover it over the left section.
    6. Don’t lose grip, or else the braid will get lost and not stay long.
    7. Continue twisting both sections of your ponytail until you reach the end.
    8. Lastly, secure a braided ponytail with another hair tie and stretch the sides of the braid a little.

    2. Very Loose Whimsical Braids:

    Whimsical Braids

    This braid is unhackneyed to look at and an ideal choice if you have long, healthy hair. These braids start from the mid-shaft, look sloppy at the end but are not noticeable at the front.

    To make loose, whimsical braids, follow the steps below.

    1. Take a small section of your hair from either side you want
    2. Divide the same hair section into three equal parts and make a simple braid.
    3. First, cross the lower stand over the middle and then the upper one on the middle strand.
    4. Continue this until you reach the end of the tip of that hair section.
    5. Once done, tie it with an elastic and take a small section of your hair from the other side.
    6. Repeat the same thing you did earlier but make a diagonal braid and start from the top of your head.
    7. Next, combine both the braids and roll them up in the form of a cinnamon flower. Secure the loose hair with hair hairpins depending on your needs.

    3. Low Braided Buns:

    Low Braided

    Braided buns are always an elegant choice that gives you a classy as well as fashionable look. These buns work well for all face types, especially the rounded ones.

    1. Brush your hair from top to bottom and untangle all the hair
    2. Divide your hair into two equal sections.
    3. Keep one section on the backside while taking the other section at the front to make a simple braid.
    4. Once done, secure the braid with a hair elastic and repeat the same process but make them a bit bigger this time
    5. Remove the elastic, cross fold the two braids and pin them opposite to each other.

    4. Wrap-Around Braids:

    Wrap-around Braids

    Wrap-around braids and twists are an incredible choice for black hair. They are loose, messy and give off boho-chic vibes with any look. You can pair your black hair braids with some beautiful hair accessories.

    To make a wrap-around braid, walk us through these steps.

    1. Bruh your hair well and make sure there are no knots in between
    2. Choose the best side of your head and take a small section of hair
    3. Split the same section of hair into three equal parts and start making a simple braid.
    4. Take the braid to the other side of your head and cross the lower strand to the upper one.
    5. Continue adding hair one by one and hold the braid tight while crossing the strands.
    6. After completing the brand to the end of your hair, secure it with a funky hair tie.

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    12 Gorgeous Different Types of Black Braided Hairstyles

    Now, you know what black braided hairstyles are and how you can style them up. Here are some of the gorgeous black braid hairstyles for you to try on!

    1. Criss-Cross Goddess Braids:

    Criss-Cross Goddess Braids

    Goddess Braids, also known as chunky cornrow braids, are perfect for the days when you have to spruce up your look. The best thing about these block braids is that they don’t take up plenty of your time and are really easy to unbraid your hair.

    2. Dread-Locks:


    Dread-Locks is an incredible looking, the most complicated type of braid for black hair yet.

    What makes women feel most impressed about black braided hairstyles is that they don’t require too much maintenance. If styled correctly, the braids can stay intact for as long as you want. However, the only downside of a dreadlocks hairstyle is that you cannot unbraid it. The only way to change your hairstyle is by chopping off your hair from where the braid is styled.

    3. Oversized Topknot:

    Oversized Topknot

    Big top knot braided hairstyles are sure to trend these days. They make you look pretty cool and are perfect for carrying on humid days.If you don’t know what to do with your hair next time- oversized top knot style should be your go-to option.

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    4. Long and Thick Braids:

    Long and Thick Braids

    Looking for a hairstyle that will not require care for a few days? Trying out stylish long and thick braids is all you need.

    Not only is the hairstyle a super comfortable styling option, but it also makes you look chic everywhere you go. To give this style a more patterned look, you can alternate thin braids or do some colour spray.

    5. Box Braid Hairstyle:

    Box Braid Hairstyle

    In the scorching summer, styling your hair seems like a heck of a hassle, but not with this light box braid hairstyle. It’s as light as a summer breeze and doesn’t ask you for hours of lengthy care and maintenance.

    On top of all that, this type of black hair braid gives you a very sultry and sleek look to wave off the summer heat. However, the only condition to make is hairstyle is thick hair as you need high volume to style up your hair in box braids.

    6. Crochet Black Braided Hairstyle:

    Crochet Black Braided - black braided hairstyles

    Crochet braid is one-of-the-sought braid styling among salons and hairstylists. With a beautiful and long-lasting effect, the braid can make you stand out from the rest.

    Black braided hairstyles are the most suitable choice for women with strong facial features.

    The best part of this hairstyle is that the crochets are attached to your hair which means a great finish every time. Besides this, the crochet braids also create a beautiful bounce which will definitely lift up your spirits.

    7. Short Bob Box Braids:

    Short Bob Box Braids - black braided hairstyles

    Short Bob Box Braids are one of the best braided hairstyles for short hair. They are really easy to maintain and look super gorgeous both indoors and outdoors.

    It is definitely the go-to style for women who love having their hair braided. But I do not want to have them hanging down their shoulder or back. With the perfect combination of elegance and lightness, the hairstyle works great on everyone with any hair type.

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    8. Long Colored Box Braids

    Long Coloured Box Braids - black braided hairstyles

    Nothing can change your look better than these amazing long-colored braids. Here are some amazing different colors that will make you look incredibly beautiful. Some of the most common colors include Auburn, Dark purple, Dirty Blonde, and how can we forget the classic black charcoal color.

    To add more style, you can throw in some brightly colored shade in one or two of your braids.

    9. Nubian Twist Hairstyle Braids:

    Nubian Twist Hairstyle Braids - black braided hairstyles

    Next on our list of beautiful black braided hairstyles is Nubian Twist braids. Whether you want to add a little volume or have a short-length hairstyle, they’re ideal in every case.

    To style this, you intervene two strands of hair into the braid carefully. If the texture of your hair is not even, you also have the option to use an extension for a rich look.

    10. Simple Braids in a Ponytail:

    Simple Braids In A Ponytail - black braided hairstyles

    Braids and a ponytail sound like a perfect duo when it comes to a stylish hairstyle. It can do wonders in taking your style game to the next level without using any chemical spray or hair extension. Although the simple braid pony style is pretty common to see, it looks fantastic on women with sharp jawlines and arched brows.

    To make this design even more glamorous, you can use hair accessories like pretty clips and ribbons. As a good rule of thumb, wrap stranded hair around your ponytail to give it a perfect finish.

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    11. Dutch Braid Hairstyle:

    Dutch Braid Hairstyle - black braided hairstyles

    A cute and fun hairstyle that does justice to your hair texture is the Dutch braid. However, it resembles a lot of french braids but gives a different look when styled.

    Unlike french braids, we use a different hairstyling technique in which the brands are braided inwards.

    With this popular braided hairstyle, women love making Dutch braids and decorating them with colorful ribbons or exquisite bead detailing. Also, adding a headband effect with any strand of the braid to finish the design is not a bad idea.

    12. Fulani Hairstyle Braids:

    Fulani Hairstyle Braids - black braided hairstyles

    These are undoubtedly the most colorful braid styles that you’ve ever seen in hairstyle catalogs.

    The most crucial aspect of this braid is to settle on the beads. Select the braids according to the occasion you have on your list and decorate them with beautiful colors and beads.

    13. Micro braids

    Micro braids

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    These were some of the best black braided hairstyles that are just absolutely perfect to step out with style. Whether you want a fancy hairstyle or a minimalist one, braided hair black can give the necessary style element to your look.

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