Black men’s hairstyles are versatile thanks to the range of hair textures, from loose curls to tight coils. This diversity allows for creativity in cuts and styles – from fades to crops to dreadlocks.

    In this post, we’ll explore 30 on-trend hairstyles for black men to try in 2023, whether you have short, medium, or longer hair. There are endless styling options, so read on for inspiration for your next fresh cut or style.

    1. Buzz Cut

    Buzz Cut
    Source: Men’s Health

    The buzz cut is a simple yet statement-making black men hairstyles where the hair is clipped extremely short all around the head with clippers. This ultra-short style is fresh, low-maintenance, and looks great with a fade or taper on the sides.

    2. Faux Hawk

    Faux Hawk

    For a unique twist, try a faux hawk. Hair is cut short on the sides with longer hair styled upwards in a mohawk-like strip down the middle. This edgy style can be worn messy or sculpted with a product.

    3. Textured Crop

    Textured Crop
    Source: Men Hairstyles World

    Ask your barber for a textured crop, leaving length on top for a curly or coil-out style. Finish the look by defining curls and coils with products like curl cream or gel.

    4. Temple Fade

    Temple Fade
    Source: Pinterest

    A temple fade has hair faded very short up the temples and sides, leaving full length on top. This taper fade focuses all the attention upward.

    5. Shape Up + Waves

    Shape Up + Waves
    Source: Pinterest

    A fresh shape-up hairline paired with defined waves is a triple threat. Use a wave brush and pomade to achieve this ripple effect.

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    6. Dreadlocks

    Source: Pinterest

    From short to long, thick or thin, dreadlocks make a statement. Regular maintenance keeps locs neat. Go for a loose, free-flowing look.

    7. Braids

    Source: Cool Men’s Hair

    Get braided hairstyles like cornrows, box braids, or plaits. Braided styles allow you to rock long lengths while protecting hair underneath.

    8. High Top Fade

    High Top Fade

    Style natural hair into a rounded high top for height and volume. Then, ask your barber for a surgical fade down the sides and back.

    9. Curly Afro

    Curly Afro
    Source: Haircut Inspiration

    Embrace tight curls and coils by growing out the afro. The key is keeping hair well-moisturized to enhance those ringlets.

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    10. Caesar Cut

    Caesar Cut
    Source: Pinterest

    The Caesar haircut features a precise, short crop of hair with a square fringe in the front. The sides and back are kept close but with added depth from the fade.

    11. Mohawk Fade

    Mohawk Fade
    Source: Pinterest

    For an edgy mohawk, get the sides faded close with clippers, leaving a wider strip of long hair down the middle. Spike it up or tease for height.

    12. Man Bun + Tapered Sides

    Man Bun + Tapered Sides
    Source: Pinterest

    Sweep your hair back into a neat man bun if it is long enough. A taper fade on the sides balances and finishes off the tied-up style.

    13. Side Part

    Side Part

    Part hair deeply to one side, then comb it over for a classy, clean-cut look. Use pomade to keep the side part sharp all day.

    14. Buzz Cut with Design

    Buzz Cut with Design
    Source: The Trend Scout

    Customize a buzz cut with a design like a line, swoop, or zig-zag shaved into one side of the head. This takes the short style to the next level.

    15. Short Twists

    Short Twists 
    Source: Next Luxury

    Twist hair into uniform, short twists. This protective style only requires a little length to achieve. Keep twists neat with regular twisting and moisturizing.

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    16. Shape Up + Edge Design

    Shape Up + Edge Design

    Ask your barber for a detailed shape-up to define your hairline, plus customized edge designs like waves, angles, or geometric shapes.

    17. Burst Fade

    Burst Fade
    Source: Hairmanz

    A burst fade makes the temples and sideburns ultra-short, leaving length through the top of the head. It creates a rounded shape up top when hair is styled.

    18. Bald Fade + Beard

    Bald Fade + Beard
    Source: Pinterest

    Buzz hair is short on the sides and back with a bald fade. Then, grow your beard and shape it for the ultimate polished finish.

    19. Curly Fringe + Low Fade

    Curly Fringe + Low Fade

    Keep curly hair longer on top to show off your spirals and coils. Then, taper the sides for a clean edge.

    20. Short Dreads

    Short Dreads

    If you have naturally tight, oily hair, try locking it into short dreadlocks. Keep them neat by separating and twisting locks regularly.

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    21. Textured Quiff

    Textured Quiff-black men hairstyles

    For natural hair, ask your barber for a short cut with length left on top to style into a textured quiff or faux hawk.

    22. Shag

    Shag-black men hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    Grow out your tight curls or coils on top for a curly shag style. Then, get the sides tapered short to balance out the look.

    23. Flat Top

    Flat Top-black men hairstyles
    Source: Hairmanz

    Wear flat-top hair with straight, vertical height brushed up on top. Keep the sides and back faded for emphasis. Use pomade for hold.

    24. Shape Up + Twists

    Shape Up + Twists-black men hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    Get your hairline cleaned with a fresh shape, then install twists on top. This pairs a precise edge with neat, uniform twist locs.

    25. Side Swept + Mid Fade

    Side Swept + Mid Fade-black men hairstyles
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Rock longer dreads, braids, or curls swept to one side. A mid fade on the sides shapes the silhouettes of the hairstyle.

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    26. Short Afro + Temple Fade

    Short Afro + Temple Fade-black men hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    Let your natural curls prosper on top and shape into a rounded afro. Shave the sides down for a temple fade to enhance definition as hair grows out.

    27. Cornrows + Fade

    Cornrows + Fade-black men hairstyles
    Source: Pinterest

    Straight-back cornrows keep the hair tight to the scalp while maintaining length. Pair with a fade to accent the lines of the braided style.

    28. Textured Slicked Back Style

    Textured Slicked Back Style-black men hairstyles
    Source: Hairstyle Camp

    Slick back coils, curls, or waves with gel or pomade. Fade the sides to keep them short, showing off the texture on top.

    29. Modern Hi-Top Fade

    Modern Hi-Top Fade-black men hairstyles
    Source: Men’s Hairstyle Trends

    Get a hi-top fade shape up along with a temp fade. This pairs short sides with a flat, rounded hi-top shape.

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    30. Short Caesar with Fade

    Short Caesar with Fade-black men hairstyles
    Source: Byrdie

    Ask your barber for a short Caesar cut with a fade for natural hair. The texture on top contrasts creatively with the faded sides.


    As you can see, black men have endless haircuts and styling options. Whether you’re looking for short, simple styles, defined waves, and curls, or a completely shaved head, there are many on-trend looks to consider. Talk to your barber about selecting cuts, fades, and line ups that suit you best.

    What do you think of these 30 black men hairstyles? Which ones inspire you the most? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to show off your fresh new cut on social media.

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