Welcome to the epitome of men’s hairstyling – the blowout haircut. Characterized by its voluminous top and shorter sides, the blowout has transcended generations, evolving into diverse styles that cater to every man’s taste.

    In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through an extensive list of 30 blowout haircuts for men, exploring the nuances of each style to help you find the perfect match for your personality and preferences.

    1. Classic Blowout

    Classic Blowout men
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Let’s start with the time-tested classic blowout. This style is characterized by longer hair on top, carefully styled to create volume and texture while maintaining shorter sides for a clean and polished look.

    2. Textured Quiff Blowout

    Textured Quiff Blowout
    Source: haircutinspiration.com

    For those seeking a modern twist, the textured quiff blowout seamlessly blends the classic quiff with the voluminous charm of a blowout. The result? A stylish and contemporary hairstyle that exudes confidence.

    3. Pompadour Blowout

    Pompadour Blowout
    Source: Macho Hairstyles

    Channel your inner rockstar with the pompadour blowout. This audacious style boasts a high-volume top, gradually fading into shorter sides, making a bold statement perfect for those who crave attention.

    4. Undercut Blowout

    Undercut Blowout
    Source: Macho Hairstyles

    Take your style up a notch with the undercut blowout. This edgy choice combines a shaved undercut with a voluminous top, creating a striking contrast that will turn heads wherever you go.

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    5. Messy Blowout

    Messy Blowout
    Source: Macho Hairstyles

    Embrace a carefree and laid-back vibe with the messy blowout. Achieved by tousling the hair on top, this style radiates an effortlessly calm, relaxed appearance that’s perfect for casual settings.

    6. Slicked-Back Blowout

    Slicked-Back Blowout
    Source: pinterest.com

    For formal occasions or a polished everyday look, consider the slicked-back blowout. This style combines the sleekness of a slicked-back hairstyle with the volume of a blowout, offering a refined and sophisticated appearance.

    7. Mid Fade Blowout

    Mid Fade Blowout
    Source: menshaircuts.com

    Find balance with the mid-fade blowout. This style features a seamless transition from short sides to a voluminous top, providing a clean and modern, trendy and timeless aesthetic.

    8. Crew Cut Blowout

    Crew Cut Blowout
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Effortlessly blend structure and flair with the crew cut blowout. Ideal for those who prefer a shorter length, this style maintains a clean and classic look with a touch of voluminous charm.

    9. Curly Blowout

    Curly Blowout
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Celebrate your natural curls with the curly blowout. This style maximizes volume and showcases the unique texture of curly hair, offering a bold and distinctive appearance that stands out from the crowd.

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    10. Disconnected Blowout

    Disconnected Blowout
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Make a bold statement with the disconnected blowout. This style features a clear contrast between the longer top and shaved sides, creating a sharp, attention-grabbing look perfect for the confident man.

    11. High-Top Fade Blowout

    High-Top Fade Blowout
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Step into the urban scene with the high-top fade blowout. This style combines the iconic high-top fade with the volume of a blowout, creating a bold, statement-making, retro, and contemporary look.

    12. Tapered Blowout

    Tapered Blowout
    Source: Pinterest.com

    For a gradual transition that exudes sophistication, consider the tapered blowout. This style features a smooth fade from the longer top to the shorter sides, offering a polished and well-groomed appearance.

    13. Side-Swept Blowout

    Side-Swept Blowout
    Source: Hairstyle Camp

    Add a touch of elegance to your blowout with the side-swept variation. Sweep the longer hair to the side, creating a sleek, refined look perfect for formal occasions or a sophisticated everyday style.

    14. Mohawk Blowout

    Mohawk Blowout
    Source: The Right Hairstyles

    Embrace the rebellious spirit with the Mohawk blowout. This daring style features a strip of longer hair down the center, creating a distinctive, edgy appearance that commands attention.

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    15. Angular Fringe Blowout

    Angular Fringe Blowout
    Source: pinterest.com

    Introduce angular elements to your blowout with the angular fringe variation. This style adds a modern twist by incorporating angular layers, creating a dynamic and visually exciting look.

    16. Faux Hawk Blowout

    Faux Hawk Blowout
    Source: pinterest.com

    Combine the edginess of a faux hawk with the volume of a blowout for a stylish and contemporary appearance. This daring style is perfect for those who want to make a bold statement.

    17. Tousled Waves Blowout

    Tousled Waves Blowout
    Source: Pinterest.com

    For a beachy and relaxed vibe, opt for the tousled waves blowout. This style adds a nonchalant charm by creating loose waves on top, offering a laid-back and effortless look.

    18. Burst Fade Blowout

    Burst Fade Blowout
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Integrate the burst fade with your blowout for a unique and eye-catching style. The burst fade creates a dynamic and intricate pattern on the sides, adding detail to your overall look.

    19. Modern Shag Blowout

    Modern Shag Blowout
    Source: pinterest.com

    Bring back the ’70s with a modern shag blowout. This style features textured layers and a tousled top, creating a carefree, bohemian-inspired look perfect for the free spirit.

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    20. Low Fade Blowout

    Low Fade Blowout
    Source: Cool Men’s Hair

    Achieve a subtle and refined transition with the low fade blowout. This style keeps the sides short while maintaining a voluminous top, striking the perfect balance between classic and contemporary.

    21. Angular Undercut Blowout

    Angular Undercut Blowout
    Source: pinterest.com

    Add an element of angular precision to your blowout with the angular undercut. This style features sharp angles on the shaved sides, creating a bold, modern aesthetic showcasing your attention to detail.

    22. Afro Blowout

    Afro Blowout
    Source: The Global Magazine

    Celebrate natural curls with the afro blowout. This style embraces the fullness and texture of afro-textured hair, creating a voluminous and distinctive look that exudes confidence and individuality.

    23. Wavy Pompadour Blowout

    Wavy Pompadour Blowout
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Combine the timeless pompadour with the carefree charm of waves for a unique twist. The wavy pompadour blowout balances classic and contemporary, offering a stylish and dynamic appearance.

    24. Layered Blowout

    Layered Blowout
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Introduce depth and dimension to your blowout with layered styling. This technique adds texture and movement to the hair, creating a sophisticated, well-crafted look that stands out.

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    25. Bowl Cut Blowout

    Bowl Cut Blowout
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Give the classic bowl cut a modern update with the bowl cut blowout. This style maintains the rounded shape while adding volume to the top, offering a fresh and contemporary take on a timeless favorite.

    26. Top Knot Blowout

    Top Knot Blowout
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Combine the trendy top knot with the volume of a blowout for a fashionable and statement-making look. The top knot blowout adds an element of versatility, allowing you to switch between a casual and polished appearance.

    27. Frosted Tips Blowout

    Frosted Tips Blowout
    Source: Hairstyle Camp

    Embrace a touch of the ’90s with frosted tips on your blowout. This style highlights the tips of the hair, creating a sun-kissed effect that adds a youthful and playful vibe to your look.

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    28. Razor Part Blowout

    Razor Part Blowout
    Source: Man For Himself

    Define your blowout with a razor part. This style features a carefully shaved part line, adding a sharp and stylish detail that enhances the overall structure of your haircut.

    29. Textured Mohawk Blowout

    Textured Mohawk Blowout
    Source: Well Groomed Gentleman

    Infuse the Mohawk with texture for a modern and edgy twist. The textured Mohawk blowout adds layers and movement to the center strip, creating a dynamic and visually exciting appearance.

    30. Layered Side Part Blowout

    Layered Side Part Blowout
    Source: pinterest.com

    Create a refined and polished look with the layered side part blowout. This style combines a classic side part with layered styling, offering a sophisticated and timeless appearance that suits various occasions.


    The blowout haircut is a versatile and expressive choice in men’s hairstyling. With these 30 variations, you have diverse options to explore and make your own. Whether you lean towards classic, edgy, or sophisticated styles, the blowout haircut lets you showcase your personality and make a lasting impression.

    Consult with your barber, experiment with different looks, and discover the blowout that resonates with your individual style.

    Elevate your grooming routine, stand out from the crowd, and confidently rock the perfect blowout haircut tailored just for you.

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