Finding the right clothing to wear can become tiring, especially if you have a bored with your wardrobe kitted out with your favorite fashion items like your women’s Ted Baker boots or some fancy pairs of trousers. Many people also struggle with what to keep and what to toss, and this presents a whole range of other challenges.

    Another problem we face is how easily we can get bored with the clothing we have in our closets. It is arguably one of the biggest challenges as domesticated humans – okay, maybe not, but it’s still quite challenging. And since all of us find ourselves in this boat at one time or another, we’ve looked at five tips when you are bored with the clothes in your wardrobe.

    1. ReLook = ReWork

    ReLook = ReWork

    The easiest way to revitalize as well as change up your clothes is to toss out the old ones and get new ones. This isn’t always the most affordable option, and you risk losing your favorite clothes. We also understand that you might have a pair of jeans you’ve owned for two years, and you look breathtaking in them.

    Challenge yourself by reinventing the pair of jeans – there are new trends for 2022 to look out for as well. If you are used to wearing your jeans with a pair of flats, a blouse, and a jumper, try mixing it up. Show off your curves and try a cute crop top with a gorgeous pair of wedges, a nice pair of sunglasses, and voila, a whole new look.

    Here you are using what you already have and giving it a completely new look. Now look at each of the items in your closet and see where you can rework new looks before giving away anything you no longer want. There are many outfit ideas too, that will help you to spruce up your wardrobe.

    2. Accessorize It

    Accessorize It

    As they say, the right accessory can turn a tired and boring wardrobe into something completely different. The trick here is that if you are an accessory person, this will work, but what to do when your accessories don’t appeal to you? Funnily enough, there are many accessories people don’t see as additional items to elevate your look.

    Take earrings, for example. Some people see them as day-to-day must-wear items, while others use them to make their outfits pop. Now, before you take your entire wardrobe to GoodWill, here are some tricks to make it go from meh to yay. Depending on your style, buy some bags and jewelry and match them up to clothes you already have. Keep all the garb your new accessories match with.

    3. Check your Socials

    Check your Socials

    All of us sometime or another fall into the trap of wearing the same type of outfit repeatedly. But that’s about to change. Social media is littered with style influencers who are planning their next OOTD (outfit of the day) post, and these are the posts to look out for.

    Chances are you will see one featuring your favorite denim jacket or sun dress. And over and above this, you will see how to match your items with others; this way you will be wearing a new look every time.

    4. Look at Your Style

    Look at Your Style

    Becoming bored with your outfits does happen, but sometimes you need to understand why this is the case. Ask yourself why the sudden change. Did you get up one day and hate everything in your closet? It pretty much happens to everyone.

    And was this brought on by a new trend in a new season? This is completely normal, and you just realize that you need to try something new. And here is where it gets fun.

    You now have the chance to reinvent a brand-new style for yourself; what’s not to like about that? If you don’t already have a new style in mind, scan your socials for inspiration and change it up. Remember to check your closet first before you go out to get your new clothes.

    5. Make a List

    Make a List

    Jot down a list of all your clothes in your closet. Now you need to look at a few things. You might find the reason why you are bored with your garb is that you have 10 white t-shirts and 5 little black dresses.

    With this list, you can take stock of where you can make changes. You might need a splash of color or some more party outfits. But one thing is for sure you can eliminate the boredom by making an inventory list and deciding from there what should go and what can be kept.

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