26 Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles Ideas 2023

A wedding day marks one of the most memorable days of your life. Of course, it’s your big day, and you want everything to be done with perfection. How about choosing stunning hairstyles for your bridesmaids? The styles for your “maids of honor” can complement each other depending on their hair type or can simply resonate with the occasion’s theme.

Here’s the thing – a bridesmaid hairstyle shouldn’t be overshadowing the bride’s “main character” look. Its purpose is to have your girl squad stand out with their EXTRA special appearance! After all, they are not some ordinary wedding attendants.

Whether you are a bride who’s looking for sparkling hair-do ideas for your girls or a bridesmaid herself, here you will find the ideal look. We have scoured several social media platforms to narrow down our list of best bridesmaid hairstyles for any wedding. Regardless of the hair length, at least one of the following hair-do ideas will sit right with your bridesmaids.

Let’s first look up some noteworthy details before checking out the bridesmaid hairstyles for all that inspiration you need!

How Should a Bridesmaid do Her Hair?

Well, it’s all about personal preferences and what your go-to party hairstyle is. Sometimes, it’s the bride who decides a certain hairstyle theme for her girls. While few couples leave the task of choosing a hairstyle on the bridesmaids themselves. Either way, the chosen bridesmaid hairstyles should look exclusively gorgeous!

Additionally, we have seen various bridesmaids feeling more confident and comfortable wearing an up-do and down-do hairstyle.

Is It Necessary for the Bridesmaids to Match Their Hairstyles?

Again, it’s up to what the guest of honor wants and the collective preference of bridesmaids. You need to check with them first before opting for any style. While no bridesmaid should strictly match their hair-do with her fellow bridesmaids, it creates a kind-of theme. You and your girl squad need to sit down and get your thoughts across before finalizing one hairstyle.

Should Brides Pay for the Bridesmaid Hairstyles?

No, there is no such hard and fast rule for the bride to bear the expenses of her bridesmaid hair stylists. However, if the couple is willing, they can pay up for the stylist’s cost as a “Thank you!” note for the bridesmaids.

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Hairstyles:

Get in for a blast of gorgeous yet simple bridesmaid hairstyles!

A loose wavy down-do hairstyle or a high bun up-do? Sleek, straight, finely textured, and more. Choose whatever hairstyle resonates with your vibe and dress.

1- Loose Bun Popular Bridesmaid Hairstyles:

Loose-Bun-Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Let’s begin with one of the most versatile bridesmaid hairstyles. A look like this can work for just about any occasion, no matter the theme or location of the wedding. Put your hair in a low bun to show off your bridesmaid outfit, and then make it your own from there. Leaving a few strands out will give you a great romantic look, while pulling them back will show off your makeup day look.

2- Loose Waves Hair-Do:

Loose-Waves-Hair-Do-Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Here are some loose waves you can use as bridesmaid hair ideas. Simply gorgeous, these earrings go with any bridesmaid outfit you’ll be sporting on the big day. This look is popular for creating a thematic appearance of bridesmaids, so you can never go wrong with this one!

3- Half-Up, Half-Down Bridesmaids Hairstyle:

half-up-half-down-hairstyle-Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Have you got simple yet elegant curls? Elevate them by wearing a half-up and half-down hairstyle. The style draws attention to your hair and allows you to display your personality. This classic wedding hairstyle can be enhanced with twists, braids, flowers, or other hair pieces. In short, any hair accessories can help you glam up with a beautiful hairstyle!

4- Braided Up-Do Hair:

Braided-Up-Do-Hair-Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Braids add different flair and incredible to your hair. And this gorgeous up-do keeps your hair out of your face. Your stylist can French braid your hair along the sides and pin it in the back for an effortless look that complements your bridesmaid outfit perfectly.

5- Chignon Hairstyle with a Twist!

Chignon Hairstyle with a Twist-Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Want to go a little unique with a twist? Another popular hairstyle for bridesmaids is a chignon. There are several elegant, fuss-free up-dos for bridesmaids that look amazing while still being completely manageable. A hairstyle like this is trendy and comfortable. The wispy strands in front create soft romantic vibes.

6- Side-swept Bridesmaid Hair-do:

Side-swept hair do

Side-swept waves are also an option for those with long or medium-length hair. The look that this hair-do gives is stunning, elegant, and stylish. Additionally, it suits all face shapes and is universally flattering.

It’s no wonder that this style has remained in vogue all these years. A braid is used to ensure that the hair stays in place in this particular hairstyle. Baby’s breath adds the perfect touch of glamor to this particular hairstyle.

7- Flower Crown Hairstyle:


What can do it better than a pretty flower? It’s one of the prettiest bridesmaid hairstyles accessories! Make a statement at your friend’s wedding by wearing a flower crown over your perfectly blown-out locks. Be sure it’s well-secured and will stay put through the ceremony with the assistance of your stylist. Remember to ask your beauty specialist how you can remove it properly so that you can dance the night away too!

8- Black-Haired Wedding Hair-Dos for Bridesmaids:

Black-Haired Wedding Hair-Dos

Here is one that will suit natural-haired bridesmaids. You can choose from many bridesmaid hairstyles if your hair is naturally curly. Put a hairband on them, braid them, or make them into a bun – anything will do the job. It’s up to you. This hairstyle is simply stunning, beginning with a braid in the front and ending with a bun at the crown. The front of this hairstyle is adorned with styled baby hair.

9- Headpiece Hair-Do:


Even the light, elegant pieces can glam you up! Let the headpiece shine by keeping the rest of your style simple. It’s totally up to you whether you want an up-do or waves. Can’t decide? Speak to your beauty professional and come down to your final look.

10- Barrel Curls And Center Part Hair-Do:

 What’s more elite than having polished yet elegant bridesmaid hairstyles! Super elegant but not stuffy, this bridesmaid hairstyle is classic without being airless. The process is also fairly quick, making it a great option for large wedding parties that require all the bridesmaids’ hair to be done at once.

11- Bun With Well-Defined Volume:


Do you want to go all out for your friend’s wedding? After all, there is nothing wrong with going a little extra as it is your friend’s big day! Make your hair look chic and sophisticated by adding extra volume. Additionally, a high up-do will complement your bridesmaid outfit.

12- Straight And Sleek Bridesmaid Hairstyles:

Straight And Sleek Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Straight and sleek hair is not only for casual days, but you can effortlessly wear them at weddings. Have your stylist blow out your hair and use a flat iron to smooth it. Be prepared to fight pesky fly-away by keeping frizz-fighting products handy.

13- Tight Waves:


Want to go a little off the track with your hair? Consider tighter waves as an alternative to blown-out waves. This simply stunning day-of ‘do feature a subtle curl for a touch of glamour.

14- Side Ponytail Hair-Dos:

Side Ponytail Hair-Dos

Feeling bored of only buns and waves? Let’s try something elegant and different! How about a simple yet stunning ponytail action, huh? A low-side ponytail is a timeless look that perfectly fits any wedding style (formal, casual, boho, classic). You can customize this classic bridesmaid hairstyle by adding braids, twists, flowers, or jewelry.

15- Floral Accents Bridesmaids Hairstyles:

Floral Accents Bridesmaids Hairstyles

Keep it all simple and sophisticated with this elegant hairstyle. In this hairdo, the hair is parted in the middle and slightly twisted on either side. This simple bridesmaid hairstyle is given definition and glamour with the addition of a floral hairband.

16- Bold And Bright Blooms:

bold bridesmaid hairstyle

Want to go “all over” at your friend’s wedding as a maid of honor? You may want to consider this as a bold bridesmaid hairstyle option. Use vibrant flowers to create a headpiece that will stand out in the wedding pictures.

17- Blown-Out Simple Hair-Do:

If smooth and sleek isn’t quite your style, a blowout may be right up your alley. With a perfect balance of done and undone, this piece is perfect for bridesmaids with little time to spare.

18- Classic Chic Braided Half Up Half Down Hair-Do:

Classic Chic Braided Half Up Half Down Hair-Do

This wedding season calls for something new and refreshing! So, ask your hairstylist to give you this particular hairstyle if you want to stand out at your friend’s wedding. The hairstyle here has a rosy twist and is half up, half down. Definitely one of the prettiest bridesmaid styles. A beautiful rose is formed when fishtail braids from both sides meet at the center.

19- Colored Tips Hair-Do:


Going a little off the rails is completely alright if you want something exceptionally unique on your big day, right? Flaunt your bold style by coloring the tips of your hair. It’s a simple yet elegant tactic to add a pop of your unique personality into your bridesmaid hairstyle!

20- Citrus Hairstyle For Bridesmaids:


Want to stay in trend with your wedding? Here comes one of the HOTTEST bridesmaid hairstyles for you!

A massive hairstyle trend for 2020 is citrus-colored hair, making it an ideal bridesmaid hairstyle for “Fashionistas.” A pastel-colored dress is especially stunning when done in this hue.

21- Dutch Braids Hairstyle for Bridesmaids:

Dutch Braids Hairstyle

Just so you know, braids or buns are the most chosen bridesmaid hairstyles, and here you have a style that comes with both. That big, bold, and beautiful braid ends with a bun towards the nape. Such a beautiful style! It is also ideal for anyone who wishes to keep their hair away from their face as much as possible to enjoy their girl’s big day in peace!

22- Crown Braids with Leaves Hair-Do:

Crown Braids with Leaves Hair-Do

Have you had enough of flowers in bridesmaid hairstyles for long hair? You’ll love this one. Make your braided hair-do stand out by adding some leaves. Take a cue from the Greek weddings.

23- Beachy Waves Hairstyle:

It’s totally fine if you want to pull off a simple yet super-catchy hairstyle this wedding season! Undone beachy waves are a great choice for a super-casual look. Leave your hair straight at the ends to create that I-woke-up-like-this look.

24- Tucked Behind Ears Hair-Do:


Want to enjoy your day by dancing away without your hair interfering? Just tuck them behind the ear and transform them into a hairstyle! Clever, right? To prevent your hair from falling in your face during the day, have your beauty pro tuck the front strands behind your ears after curling your hair.

25- Vintage Curls Bridesmaid Hairstyles:

Vintage Curls Hairstyles

There is nothing more flattering than a group of beautiful bridesmaids wearing vintage curls. Women with any face shape and structure can benefit from loose curls, brushed for shine and silkiness. Longer hair works best, though. With winged eyeliner and bold red lipstick, you can’t go wrong with the vintage look.

26- Asymmetrical Cut Hairstyle:


Want to go subtly dramatic with your bridesmaid hair-do? Achieve a filmy look by making one side of your hair a little shorter than the other.

Wrapping It Up!

Because we know how every bride wants her maids of honors to look perfectly groomed, we have rounded up a highly selective list of bridesmaid hairstyles. Whether you have short or long tresses, there is always a certain hair-do you can pull off effortlessly. We hope that you find your ideal hair look here!

Make sure to finalize the bridesmaid hairstyles before the day of your wedding so the stylist can already have an idea of what to do!
Good luck!

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