Weighing the pros of butch haircut? The butch cut is far from dull, exuding a bold, masculine, and adventurous vibe. Obtaining this style is effortless, and upkeep is even simpler. Need guidance for achieving it hassle-free? Our comprehensive guide has got you covered.

    An Insight Into Butch Haircut

    A butch cut is a short hairstyle for men characterized by uniformly short hair all over the head, resulting in an exceptionally brief length. Popular variations within the butch category include the burr cut, brush cut, crew cut, and buzz cut.

    Typically, the length ranges from 1/4 to 3/4 inches, with variations like the burr cut being even shorter and longer versions known as brush haircuts. Fades and undercuts frequently complement the butch style.

    Classy And Masculine Butch Cut Hairdos

    Here are 16 top trending butch cut hairstyles for men of every age to try out this year.

    1. Faded Butch Cut

    Faded Butch Cut
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    This is a popular method to enhance the style. This addition brings a modern and fashionable element, elevating the haircut with noticeable contrast. You have the flexibility to customize the intensity of the fade, ranging from a subtle low shadow fade to a bold high bald fade.

    2. Designed Fade With Butch Cut

    Designed Fade With Butch Cut
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Introducing designs to your butch cut brings an exciting edge to your appearance. The fusion of a designed fade with the butch cut is a remarkably stylish choice. Enhance the flair by an eyebrow slit for an elevated effect that adds extra personality to your overall look.

    3. Butch Cut With Hard Part

    Butch Cut With Hard Part
    Source: FashionBeans

    The hard part is often associated with a crew cut, but it can also enhance short butch cuts. Having a longer top isn’t necessary. With a butch cut, ask your stylist for a defined hard part to create contrast between the sides and top.

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    4. Front Fringe Butch Cut

    Front Fringe Butch Cut
    Source: Hottest Haircuts

    Fringe cuts aren’t exclusive to women; they hold equal charm for men. Unlike traditional fringes, the butch cut features longer hair only at the top, draping over the forehead in mini-fringe style. Ideal for longer face shapes, this haircut balances facial proportions effectively.

    5. Butch Haircut For Bearded Men

    Butch Haircut For Bearded Men
    Source: Trend Spotter

    Thanks to its minimalistic nature, the butch cut complements various facial hair styles without the fear of appearing untidy. It harmonizes well with different beards, ranging from subtle stubble to full, lengthy beards. This style ensures a polished look.

    6. Shaved-In Line In Butch Cut

    Shaved-In Line In Butch Cut
    Source: Pinterest

    Seeking a subtle method to infuse modern flair into your butch haircut? Consider incorporating a shaved-in line. This uncomplicated yet striking addition elevates your hairstyle. This hairstyle offers you a more intricate option to enhance your look with a little touch of creativity.

    7. Butch Cut With Two Shaved-In Lines

    Butch Cut With Two Shaved-In Lines
    Source: Pinterest

    The butch cut with two shaved-in lines is a contemporary variation of the classic butch haircut. It involves incorporating two shaved lines on the sides for a bold and modern touch. The lines add a unique and edgy element to the otherwise uniform hairstyle.

    8. Burr Haircut

    Burr Haircut
    Source: MensHaircutStyle

    A Burr Cut is an even shorter version of butch cut. Trim your hair meticulously to achieve a short, even length for a sharp appearance. This versatile look suits both casual and formal settings. To attain it, use a clipper guard of size 1 or 2 for trimming.

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    9. Brush Haircut

    Brush Haircut
    Source: Legends

    The brush cut is a flexible men’s hairstyle defined by uniformly short hair across the head. It is a longer version of butch cut. This choice presents a tidy and effortless appearance, requiring minimal upkeep while projecting self-assurance and a refined look.

    10. Crew Cut With Side Swept Look

    Crew Cut With Side Swept Look
    Source: Mens Haircuts

    Opt for a crew cut, which is another version of Butch cut, to achieve a refined and well-groomed look. The inherent neatness of this style elevates your appearance. To attain this look, apply hair gel or wax to elegantly sweep your hair to the side, crafting a sophisticated look.

    11. Crew Cut With Tapered Sides

    Crew Cut With Tapered Sides
    Source: Pinterest

    The timeless tapered crew cut remains a classic choice. It exudes a classy, trendy aura. Use hairstyling products such as hair gel, mousse, or wax on the upper hair section. Regular hair trims are essential to sustain this haircut’s impeccable appeal.

    12. Butch Cut For Natural Hair

    For Natural Hair
    Source: Hair Everyday

    Butch cuts represent a highly fashionable hairstyle for individuals with natural African American hair. It’s essential to have a seamless taper fade on both sides that complements the side waves for a cohesive appearance.

    13. Butch Cut With Temple High Fade

     With Temple High Fade
    Source: Pinterest

    The temple fade butch cut exposes significant portions of your scalp on both sides of the head. This style features a distinct contrast on the upper sides, gradually transitioning to almost bald as it descends. This cut only needs regular trims, without any additional upkeep.

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    14. Colored Butch Cut

    Colored Butch Cut
    Source: Cool Men’s Hair

    To differentiate from the typical butch cut, consider making a unique statement by dying it blonde or any light hue. Elevate the style by incorporating an ombre effect or introducing a vibrant shade to the fade. This technique injects more individuality into your look.

    15. Butch Cut + French Crop

    French Crop
    Source: Haircut Inspiration

    This haircut offers a unique twist on the style by incorporating a subtle asymmetry. While the hair is uniformly short around the head, a gentle fade is noticeable on the sides. The crown boasts slightly longer hair, making this variation suitable for individuals with round face shapes.

    16. Butch Cut With Flat Top

     With Flat Top
    Source: FashionBeans

    Your hairdo should harmonize with your facial features and enhance your face’s natural contours. The flat-top hairstyle is most appropriate for individuals with elongated faces as it contributes to balancing and proportioning the facial length.

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    Tips To Maintain A Butch Haircut

    Maintaining a sharp and stylish butch cut requires minimal effort. Here are some tips to keep your butch haircut looking its best:

    • Regular Trims: Schedule regular visits to your barber for touch-ups to maintain the even length and clean edges of your butch cut.
    • Shampoo and Conditioner: Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp and hair clean. Avoid overwashing, as shorter hair requires less frequent washing.
    • Proper Drying: After washing your hair, pat it dry with a towel to avoid unnecessary friction and minimize frizz.
    • Styling Products: If desired, use a light styling product like hair wax or gel to add texture and control. Apply sparingly for a natural look.
    • Protect from Sun: Shield your scalp from sun exposure by wearing a hat or using a leave-in conditioner with UV protection.
    • Minimal Heat: Since the butch cut is short, avoid excessive heat styling to prevent damage and maintain the texture.
    • Regular Scalp Care: Keep your scalp healthy by exfoliating occasionally and using a moisturizing scalp treatment if needed.
    • Sleep Care: Use a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent friction and preserve the neatness of your butch cut overnight.
    • Minimal Maintenance: Embrace the low-maintenance nature of the butch cut by avoiding complex styling routines.
    • Choose Professional Barbers: Select experienced barbers who understand the nuances of a butch cut for consistent and well-executed results.


    The butch haircut transcends simplicity to exude boldness, style, and versatility. With various variations to suit every face shape and hair type, this low-maintenance yet confident hairstyle offers endless possibilities.

    Follow our maintenance tips to effortlessly maintain your butch cut’s sharp and polished appearance, making a statement wherever you go.

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