Unlock The Magic f Butterfly Locs: 52 Styles You Must Try

Explore the world of butterfly locs, a trendy and stylish protective hairstyle that has taken the beauty scene by storm. Butterfly locs are more than just a hairstyle; they are an intricate art form that combines the elegance of faux locs with a unique and eye-catching textured pattern reminiscent of butterfly wings.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about butterfly locs, from their installation process, maintenance tips, and a plethora of inspiring ways to style them.

Everything You Need To Know About Butterfly Locs

Everything You Need To Know About Butterfly Locs
Source: canva

Butterfly locs are a trendy and stylish protective hairstyle that has gained popularity in recent years. These locs are a variation of traditional faux locs, but they have a unique and eye-catching appearance. Here’s what you need to know about butterfly locs:

1. Appearance

Butterfly locs are characterized by their soft and textured look. They have a wavy or curly pattern that resembles the wings of a butterfly, hence the name. This texture gives them a more natural and bohemian appearance compared to regular faux locs.

2. Installation Process

To create butterfly locs, you’ll typically start with a cornrow base or braided foundation. Then, synthetic hair extensions are wrapped around the braids using a crocheting method. The hair is often pre-looped for easier installation. This process creates the distinctive wavy texture.

3. Hair Length

Butterfly locs can be customized to various lengths, from short to long, depending on your preference. Many people opt for medium-length butterfly locs that fall somewhere between shoulder and mid-back length.

4. Hair Color

One of the appealing aspects of butterfly locs is the opportunity to experiment with different hair colors. You can choose from a wide range of colors, from natural shades like brown and black to vibrant hues like blonde, red, or even pastels.

5. Maintenance

Like other protective styles, butterfly locs require regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh. You should moisturize your scalp and locs regularly to prevent dryness and itching. It’s also essential to be gentle when washing and styling to avoid unraveling or damaging the locs.

6. Duration

Butterfly locs can last for several weeks to a few months, depending on how well you care for them and your hair’s natural growth rate.

7. Versatility

These locs are versatile in terms of styling. You can wear them up in a bun, half-up, half-down, or let them hang loose. Accessories like beads, cuffs, and hair jewelry can also be added for extra flair.

8. Protective Benefits

Butterfly locs, like other protective styles, can help protect your natural hair from environmental factors, manipulation, and breakage. They’re an excellent choice for those looking to give their hair a break from daily styling routines.

52 Best Ways To Style Butterfly Locs This Year

Whether you’re new to butterfly locs or looking for fresh ideas to elevate your look, read on to learn the top trending hairstyles featuring butterfly locs:

1- Butterfly Locs With Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Locs With Butterfly Clips
Source: Black hair tribe

Butterfly clips are decorative hair accessories that can be used to adorn the butterfly locs. They add a stylish and playful touch to the look. Especially this year, the butterfly clips are gaining popularity. So the pair of butterfly locs and clips will be trend setting.

2- Butterfly Locs With Weaved In Beads

Butterfly Locs With Weaved In Beads
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Butterfly locs involve creating textured faux dreadlocks. Sometimes, while weaving the locs, decorative beads are incorporated into the locs during the styling process. This enhances the hairstyle’s aesthetics by adding unique adornments to the individual locs.

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3- Butterfly Locs Into Pigtails

Butterfly Locs Into Pigtails
Source: Instagram

This hairstyle involves crafting faux dreadlocks with textured ends and then styling them into two separate ponytails or braided sections, creating a youthful and playful look with the characteristic butterfly locs’ textured appearance.

4- Butterfly Locs Into A High Ponytail

Butterfly Locs Into A High Ponytail
Source: Pinterest

This involves gathering butterfly locs into a sleek, elevated ponytail positioned high on the head. This style showcases the distinctive texture of butterfly locs while achieving an elegant and eye-catching look with the ponytail’s raised placement.

5- Butterfly Locs With Tamed Baby Hair

Butterfly Locs With Tamed Baby Hair
Source: Pure Hair Gaze

Taming baby hair refers to the careful styling of fine hair around the hairline. Combining it with swept back butterfly locs creats a stylish look by pairing the distinctive texture of butterfly locs with neatly groomed baby hairs, adding finesse and framing the face.

6- Butterfly Locs With A Bandana Or Scarf

Butterfly Locs With A Bandana Or Scarf
Source: TikTok

This style involves wrapping a bandana or scarf around the head to secure the locs or create various styles. This combination offers a versatile, trendy appearance, as the distinctive butterfly locs contrast with the fabric. It allows for personalized and fashionable looks.

7- Butterfly Locs Secured Up With Scrunchie

Secured Up With Scrunchie
Source: Pinterest.com

Butterfly locs are gathered and secured into an updo using a scrunchie. It creates a stylish and effortless look. The scrunchie holds the locs together, forming a chic bun or ponytail while showcasing the unique texture of the locs. This style blends ease and beauty.

8- Butterfly locs Into A Messy Bun

Into A Messy Bun
Source: Pinterest

It involves gathering the locs loosely at the crown or the back of your head. This style combines the distinctive texture of butterfly locs with an intentionally tousled and relaxed appearance. It creates a trendy and effortless look with a touch of casual elegance.

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9- Butterfly Locs With Cute Cuffs

With Cute Cuffs
Source: WhatNaturalsLove.com

Butterfly locs can also be enhanced with cute cuffs. These accessories add a charming and stylish flair to the hairstyle by encasing or adorning the locs. This look showcases the unique texture while infusing a touch of personal and fashionable detail to yours locs.

10- Butterfly Locs With Bright Highlights

With Bright Highlights
Source: myflowerbg.com

Butterfly locs offer you to weave colored highlights in them. Bright highlights are vibrant, contrasting streaks of color woven into the locs. This combination creates a striking and eye-catching look, adding a pop of color to the natural or synthetic locs.

11- Soft Butterfly Locs

Source: Hair by Ebony and Ivor

Soft Butterfly Locs are a variation of the popular Butterfly Locs hairstyle. They are characterized by a gentler, more natural texture, resembling loose curls or waves. This style provides a softer, more relaxed appearance compared to traditional Butterfly Locs.

12- Burgundy Butterfly Locs

Source: Pinterest

For this look, a deep burgundy or wine-red color is added to the butterfly locs. This pair is lately gaining popularity. The rich burgundy hue adds a bold and sophisticated touch to the classic Butterfly Locs, making it a fashionable and eye-catching choice.

13- Bronze Butterfly Locs

Source: Un-ruly

Bronze Butterfly Locs are a chic and distinctive hairstyle. In this look, locs are adorned with a shimmering bronze or metallic sheen, giving them a unique and glamorous appearance. The bronze hue adds a touch of opulence and intrigue to the overall look.

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14- Symmetrical Butterfly Locs

Source: icpm-cipm.org

Symmetrical Butterfly Locs are characterized by consistent and even-sized locs. These locs are meticulously crafted to have a symmetrical and balanced appearance. The uniformity of the locs provides a neat and polished look, making it an elegant choice.

15- Butterfly Locs Bob

Butterfly Locs Bob
Source: Pinterest

This is a stylish and contemporary hairdo combining Butterfly Locs with a bob haircut. The locs are typically shorter in length, ending around the chin or jawline, creating a chic and edgy bob style. This fusion results in a trendy and versatile look.

16- Medium Butterfly Locs

Medium Butterfly Locs
Source: Pinterest

These locs typically extend to the shoulders or slightly beyond. The medium length provides a balanced and versatile look, offering more styling options while still showcasing the distinctive wavy texture. It gives an elegant and fashionable appearance.

17- Layered Butterfly Locs

Layered Butterfly Locs
Source: Pinterest

Layered Butterfly Locs are a trendy hairstyle featuring locs with varying lengths, creating a layered effect. This style adds dimension to the classic Butterfly Locs, giving it a textured appearance. The layers can be subtle or dramatic, allowing for a customized look.

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18- Side-Parted Butterfly Locs

Side-Parted Butterfly Locs
Source: GoSupps.com

Side parted Butterfly Locs are styled with a distinct side parting. The locs are arranged in a way that the part runs along the side of the head, creating a stylish look. This variation adds elegance and personality to the traditional Butterfly Locs style, emphasizing the wavy texture.

19- Multi Colored Butterfly Locs

Multi Colored Butterfly Locs
Source: Etsy

Multi Colored Butterfly Locs involve creating Butterfly Locs with a blend of different hair colors. This style combines two or more contrasting or complementary shades, weaving them into the faux locs. The result is a vibrant and eye-catching hairstyle.

20- Half-Up Butterfly Locs

Half-Up Butterfly Locs
Source: Pinterest

This is a stylish hairdo where a portion of Butterfly Locs, typically the top half, is gathered and secured into an updo, leaving the rest of the locs cascading down. This style combines the elegance of Butterfly Locs with the convenience of an updo.

21- Neon Colored Butterfly Locs

Neon Colored Butterfly Locs
Source: goldenrulehair

Neon Colored Butterfly Locs are a bold and vibrant hairstyle. Locs are dyed in vivid neon shades like electric blue, fluorescent green, or hot pink. The neon colors create a striking look that’s perfect for those seeking a high-impact and trendy appearance.

22- Butterfly Locs + Loose Curls.

Butterfly Locs + Loose Curls.
Source: Hair Adviser

This is a unique hairstyle blending Butterfly Locs with delicate, loose curls. This variation involves adding subtle curls to the face framing strands. creating a whimsical and romantic appearance. The combination of locs and soft curls offers a graceful contrast.

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23- Laid Back Butterfly Locs

Laid Back Butterfly Locs
Source: Pinterest

Distressed butterfly locs are a trendy hairstyle that combines the elegance of butterfly locs with a distressed look. They are achieved by intentionally creating frayed sections within each loc, giving them a more rugged appearance compared to traditional neat locs.

24- Butterfly Locs + Interesting Parting

Butterfly Locs + Interesting Parting
Source: HairstylesFeed

Combining butterfly locs with interesting parting patterns can create a truly unique and eye-catching hairstyle. Instead of the standard center part, you can experiment with various parting options like zig-zags, diagonals, or geometric shapes to make your locs stand out.

25- Bohemian Butterfly Locs

Bohemian Butterfly Locs
Source: Pinterest

Bohemian butterfly locs are a stylish and free-spirited variation of the traditional butterfly locs hairstyle. These locs are typically characterized by their loose and slightly messy appearance, which gives them a more bohemian or “boho” vibe perfect for laid back look.

26- Butterfly Locs + Shaved Side

Butterfly Locs + Shaved Side
Source: Hairstyle Camp

Butterfly locs paired with a shaved side is a bold and edgy hairstyle combination. This style juxtaposes the intricate look of butterfly locs with a shaved or closely cropped section on one side of the head. Flip your hair on the opposite side to flaunt this unique look.

27- Butterfly Locs In A Bob

Butterfly Locs In A Bob
Source: DHgate

In a bob style, the butterfly locs are typically cut to a shorter length, typically ending around the chin or slightly below. This shorter length adds a touch of sophistication to the locs. Butterfly locs in a bob hairstyle offer a chic and contemporary look.

28- Butterfly Locs With Different Textures

Butterfly Locs With Different Textures,
Source: Escape Authority

Butterfly locs with varying textures create a captivating and dynamic look. Mixing smooth, coiled, and distressed textures within the locs adds depth and uniqueness. It elevates your style’s visual interest and showcases chic individuality.

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29- Long Butterfly Locs

Long Butterfly Locs
Source: Pinterest

Long butterfly locs are an elegant and dramatic hairstyle. These extended, flowing locs offer versatility for styling and can be adorned with accessories for added flair, making them a striking and eye-catching choice for those seeking a bold, statement-making look.

30- Butterfly Locs With Middle Part

Butterfly Locs With Middle Part
Source: Instagram

Butterfly locs with a middle part offer a classic and symmetrical appearance. This central parting style creates balance and frames the face beautifully. This style emphasizes the intricate texture and detail of your locs for a timeless and sophisticated look.

31- Jumbo Butterfly Locs

Jumbo Butterfly Locs
Source: Facebook

Jumbo butterfly locs are a bold and voluminous variation of the butterfly locs hairstyle. These oversized locs make a statement with their thick, textured appearance, giving you a striking and distinctive look that’s perfect for those who want to stand out.

32- Butterfly Locs Into Thick Lob

Butterfly Locs Into Thick Lob
Source: Elighty

Transitioning butterfly locs into a thick lob (long bob) combines the intricacy of locs with a modern, manageable length. This style offers elegance and simplicity, making it a versatile choice for those who want the best of both worlds.

33- Blonde Butterfly Locs

Blonde Butterfly Locs

Blonde butterfly locs infuse the elegance of butterfly locs with a vibrant, sun-kissed hue. This style radiates warmth and is a stylish choice for those seeking a chic and attention-grabbing look with a touch of natural-looking brightness.

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34- Color Popped Butterfly Locs

Color Popped Butterfly Locs
Source: chegos.pl

Color-popped butterfly locs are a vibrant and expressive hairstyle. By adding bold and contrasting colors to the locs, you create a visually striking and attention-grabbing look that allows you to showcase your unique personality and style.

35- Side-Swept Butterfly Locs

Side-Swept Butterfly Locs
Source: tyello.com

Side-swept butterfly locs offer a graceful and asymmetrical twist to the classic style. By draping the locs to one side, you achieve a flattering, face-framing effect that exudes sophistication and adds a touch of romance to the overall look.

36- Space Buns In Butterfly Locs

Space Buns In Butterfly Locs
Source: Tattooed Martha

Butterfly locs turned into space buns offer a playful and creative hairstyle. By gathering sections of locs into two high buns, you achieve a whimsical, yet stylish look that combines the intricate texture of locs. It gives you a fun and youthful vibe.

37- Crochet Butterfly Locs

Crochet Butterfly Locs
Source: Niseyo

Crochet butterfly locs are a time-saving alternative to traditional loc installation. By using the crochet method, locs are added quickly and securely, allowing you to achieve the intricate butterfly locs style with less effort and a shorter installation time.

38- Platinum Butterfly Locs

Platinum Butterfly Locs
Source: Pinterest

Platinum butterfly locs offer a striking and edgy take on the classic style. The icy platinum color adds a bold contrast to the intricate texture of the locs, resulting in a high-fashion look. This look is both attention-grabbing and unique. Add colorful cuffs for extra chic.

39- Shaggy Butterfly Locs

Shaggy Butterfly Locs
Source: epicrally.co.uk | Daily

Shaggy butterfly locs combine the elegance of butterfly locs with a relaxed, undone texture. This style offers a carefree and bohemian vibe, characterized by tousled locs that exude effortless charm and an effortlessly chic appearance.

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40- Butterfly Locs + Bangs

Butterfly Locs + Bangs
Source: Pinterest

Butterfly locs with bangs is a stylish fusion of intricate texture and face-framing fringe. This combination adds a contemporary twist, emphasizing the eyes and creating a harmonious balance between the detailed locs and the soft, flattering fringe.

41- Butterfly Locs With Blonde Ends

Butterfly Locs With Blonde Ends
Source: Toques-Blanches-Lyonnaises.com

Butterfly locs with blonde ends infuse the classic style with a touch of brightness and contrast. By adding blonde tips to the locs, you achieve a dynamic look that draws attention to the intricate texture. It adds a trendy pop of color to your look.

42- Super-Knotted Butterfly Locs

Super-Knotted Butterfly Locs
Source: Black Beauty Bombshells

Super-knotted butterfly locs take the intricacy of butterfly locs to the next level. These locs feature extra tight and defined knots, creating a highly textured and visually captivating hairstyle that’s perfect for those who want a bold and attention-grabbing look.

43- Small Butterfly Locs

Source: Un-ruly

Small butterfly locs are a refined and intricate hairstyle. These locs are created with smaller sections of hair, resulting in a more delicate and detailed appearance. They offer versatility and can be styled in various ways, making them a timeless and elegant choice for loc enthusiasts.

44- Butterfly Locs Into A Mohawk

Into A Mohawk
Source: StayGlam

It is a unique and bold hairstyle that combines the intricacy of butterfly locs with the edginess of a mohawk. The locs are styled upward along the center of the head, creating a striking and rebellious look. This style is often adorned with creative designs or accessories.

45- Butterfly Locs Into A Braid

Into A Braid
Source: elevate

It combines the intricate texture of locs with the classic elegance of braided hairstyle. Make a thick braid at your nape or a side braid. It results in a unique and eye-catching look that celebrates natural beauty and artistry. It is an easy and elegant style.

46- Butterfly Locs Into A Half Up Top Knot

Into A Half Up Top Knot
Source: Pinterest

Turning butterfly locs into a half-up top knot blends intricate locs with a trendy, practical style. Gather the upper locs into a chic bun atop your head while letting the rest flow, achieving a balance of sophistication and casual flair, perfect for various occasions.

47- Butterfly Locs Into A Massive Top Knot + Face-Framing Strands

A Massive Top Knot + Face-Framing Strands
Source: Natural Girl Wigs

A massive top knot with butterfly locs, accompanied by face-framing strands, combines drama and elegance. The voluminous bun atop the head, along with gracefully styled face-framing locs, results in a look that’s both fashionable and flattering.

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48- Gypsy Butterfly Locs

Source: Pinterest

Gypsy butterfly locs incorporate the free-spirited essence of gypsy style into butterfly locs. These locs often feature bohemian adornments, loose textures, and earthy colors, reflecting a carefree and artistic vibe. It is a perfect unconventional hairstyle.

49- Angled Butterfly Locs

Source: Pinterest

Angled shape introduces a modern twist to the classic style. The locs are cut into angles bob or lob to create a dynamic look. This unique variation adds a contemporary edge to the texture of butterfly locs, resulting in a fashion-forward hairstyle.

50- Thick Butterfly Locs

Thick Butterfly Locs
Source: Facebook

Thick butterfly locs are a bold and voluminous take on the classic style. These locs are created with larger sections of hair, resulting in a fuller, more textured appearance. This variation adds drama and presence to the intricate beauty of butterfly locs.

51- Asymmetrical Butterfly Locs

Source: Pinterest

Asymmetrical butterfly locs offer a captivating twist. These locs are styled unevenly, creating a striking visual contrast. The asymmetry adds a dynamic and artistic element to the intricate texture of butterfly locs, making a bold style statement.

52- Forward Swept Butterfly Locs

Forward Swept
Source: Quora

Forward-swept butterfly locs create a dynamic and dramatic look. The locs are artfully swept forward, cascading over the forehead and down the sides. This styling accentuates the intricate texture of butterfly locs and adds a bold, fashion-forward flair.


Butterfly locs are a creative canvas for self-expression. Their textured charm offers versatility in styling, making them a trendy and protective choice. With numerous variations to explore, butterfly locs empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty and fashion preferences with confidence.

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