Celebrities are always at the forefront of the latest fashion and beauty trends. The classic short bob is one hairstyle that always seems to stay in style.

    This chic and sophisticated cut frames the face beautifully and can quickly adapt to suit different face shapes. Many stylish celebrities have rocked gorgeous short bob hairstyles over the years.

    Celebrities Who Pull Off the Short Bob Flawlessly

    The short bob is a hairstyle that transcends time and trends. Sleek and straight, messy and undone, or cropped into a modern blunt cut – celebrities style the classic short bob haircut in so many gorgeous ways.

    Here are 25 celebrities who rock the short bob:

    1. Christina Hendricks

    Christina Hendricks
    Source: thehairstyler.com

    Christina Hendricks looks radiant with her bright, coppery red asymmetric bob. With a slightly longer and layered front, this bob flatters her heart-shaped face. The bold color and messy waves create striking dimensions.

    2. Charlize Theron

    Charlize Theron
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Charlize Theron stunned at the Oscars with a blunt platinum bob curled gently under. This slicked-back wet-look bob makes a bold statement on the red carpet. The lighter color brightens up Charlize’s face beautifully.

    3. Zendaya

    Zendaya's inky black layered bob
    Source: stealherstyle.net

    Zendaya’s inky black layered bob with thick bangs is the epitome of modern chic. With a sharp center part, this angular bob complements her oblong face shape. The sleek style showed off Zendaya’s gorgeous bone structure.

    4. Anne Hathaway

    Anne Hathaway
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Anne Hathaway looked effortlessly put together with her voluminous chestnut brown bob. The textured waves and eye-grazing bangs softened her angular face for a flattering casual look. This bob was chic and minimalist.

    5. Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Jennifer Lawrence’s textured platinum blonde bob looked beachy and relaxed. The breezy waves and grown-out fringe framed her round face shape beautifully. This playful, undone bob was perfect for Jennifer’s bubbly personality.

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    6. Halle Berry

    Halle Berry's honey blonde bob
    Source: sophisticatedallure.com

    Halle Berry’s honey blonde bob featured textured layers that beautifully framed her face. The warm caramel highlights and tousled waves gave this short crop playful movement and dimension.

    7. Kerry Washington

    Kerry Washington's sleek inverted bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Kerry Washington’s sleek inverted bob featured darker roots that faded into warm chestnut brown ends. This smooth bob was parted deeply to one side, creating a dramatic asymmetrical shape accentuating her bone structure.

    8. Lucy Liu

    Lucy Liu's inky black one-length bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Lucy Liu’s inky black one-length bob was styled with a deep side part and curved under at the ends for a retro-glam look. This polished ebony bob complemented Lucy’s oval face shape beautifully.

    9. Ruth Negga

    Ruth Negga
    Source: superfestfilm.com

    Ruth Negga rocked  bob in a rich chocolate brown shade. This graphic bob was parted slightly off-center, allowing the mod cut to frame her striking features.

    10. Taraji P. Henson

    Taraji P. Henson looked chic with a sleek, angular bob
    Source: Glamour

    Taraji P. Henson looked chic with a sleek, angular bob in an inky jet-black hue. This blunt bob featured slightly longer pieces in the front to soften her cheekbones.

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    11. Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato
    Source: Pinteret.com

    Demi Lovato showed off an eye-grazing platinum bob-styled stick straight. This one-length bob’s graphic, blunt edge created a futuristic vibe that complemented Demi’s edgy style.

    12. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose's  angled bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Ruby Rose’s  angled bob helped showcase her bold undercut and intricate tattoos. The piecey texture and asymmetric shape gave this punk rock bob plenty of attitude.

    13. Jessica Alba

    Jessica Alba's caramel-highlighted bob
    Source: thehairstyler.com

    Jessica Alba’s caramel-highlighted bob featured loose waves and a deep side part. The beachy texture helped soften the sleek lines of the chin-length cut.

    14. Emilia Clarke

    Emilia Clarke
    Source: cornabis.com

    Emilia Clarke’s retro finger wave bob made a glamorous statement in a rich chocolate brown hue. This wavy bob was parted deeply and swept across her forehead for vintage pin-up appeal.

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    15. Lupita Nyong’o

    Lupita Nyong'o
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Lupita Nyong’o looked sophisticated with a glossy black bob featuring eyebrow-grazing bangs. This blunt cut created a striking frame for her stunning features.

    16. Maisie Williams

    Maisie Williams-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: refinery29.com

    Maisie Williams put a punk rock spin on the bob with an asymmetrical platinum crop . The futuristic vibe complemented her youthful style and edgy fashion sense.

    17. Beyoncé

    Beyoncé-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Beyoncé rocked a honey blonde blunt bob that grazed her shoulders. This sleek, straight style formed a chic inverted shape, complementing her flawless bone structure.

    18. Viola Davis

    Viola Davis-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Viola Davis’ rich chestnut brown bob was styled with pretty curls for added elegance and femininity. The soft waves beautifully framed her smile and bright eyes.

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    19. Elizabeth Olsen

    Elizabeth Olsen-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: popsugar.co.uk

    Elizabeth Olsen’s eye-skimming platinum bob featured a deep side part and piecey texture. The bright blonde hue lit up her complexion while the tousled waves added volume.

    20. Michelle Williams

    Michelle Williams-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: vogue.co.uk

    Michelle Williams looked angelic with her straight platinum chin-length bob. The one-length cut with eyebrow-grazing bangs created a striking frame for her porcelain skin and delicate features.

    21. Scarlett Johansson

    Scarlett Johansson-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: Glamour

    Scarlett Johansson showed off her signature curves with a wavy golden blonde bob that hit right at the collarbone. The tousled texture and warm color beautifully complemented her skin tone.

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    22. Naomi Watts

    Naomi Watts-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Naomi Watts dazzled with a sleek platinum bob featuring eye-grazing bangs. This graphic blunt cut showed off her stunning bone structure and piercing eyes.

    23. Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Jennifer Lopez went for old Hollywood glamour with voluminous curls in a rich chocolate brown bob. This retro pin curl bob accentuated JLo’s flawless complexion.

    24. Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Kristen Stewart put a punky spin on the bob with an asymmetrical platinum crop featuring shaved sides. The edgy cut showed off her bold personal style.

    25. Zoe Kravitz

    Zoe Kravitz-celebrities who rock the short bob
    Source: Pinterest.com

    Zoe Kravitz rocked an inky black blunt bob parted deeply and slicked back behind the ears. This sleek, graphic style lets her stunning features take center stage.


    The short bob is a timeless hairstyle that is a celebrity favorite. With options for styling from sleek to messy and adding bangs or asymmetry, the bob is a cut that suits diverse face shapes and styles. Low-maintenance and chic, it’s easy to see why celebrities who lead busy lives love the short bob. This iconic cut empowers women to make a bold yet classic beauty statement.

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