The blowout haircuts, also known as the temple fade, gained popularity in the 2000s. It is still the go-to hairstyle for many men today and can be defined by clipped sides, a temple fade, and a significantly long top. Simply defined; the long strands on top taper towards the nape of the neck.

    Blowout haircuts require proper maintenance but are easy to style and work with all hair textures and face shapes. All you need is some gel and a blow dryer to achieve an electrified look that makes it seem like you have just walked through a storm!

    Have a look at the following inspirations before you pay a visit to your barber.

    Blowout Haircuts

    Blowout Haircuts

    Keep your blowout haircut soft or go extra sharp depending on your liking. The baseline will remain the same though!

    1. Classic Temple Fade

    Classic Temple Fade

    Keeping it basic, a temple fade blowout haircut depicts a seamless disappearance of hair into the skin. The effect is achieved by keeping the top more than two inches while the sides are less than one centimeter. Sweep the top strands up and backward to achieve a masculine wind-swept look.

    2. Long Blowout Haircut

    Long Blowout Haircut

    Blowout haircuts vary greatly in length and precision. You can stay on the longer side by skipping a high fade and clipping the sides uniformly instead. This results in an even smoother transition.

    Adding layers on top will help achieve a textured effect that will get more noticeable once you blow out your mane.

    3. Curly Mess

    Curly Mess

    Let your natural curls stand out from a distance by chopping them all off except for the top. A temple fade hairstyle is ideal to tame your coiled tresses. Couple them with a sharp line up, and a shaved side design, and use curl-enhancing products to keep your locks bouncing!

    4. Sculpted Waves

    Sculpted Waves

    Waves standing midway between curls and straight hair are a true blessing for guys who wish for a flowy blowout haircut. Achieve this look following the basic guidelines of the hairstyle.

    Set the strands in place by racking through them with gel on your fingers. Ocean waves will appear on your head in no time!

    5. Sharp Spikes

    Sharp Spikes

    As mentioned earlier, blowout fade haircuts go with all hair types. Men with straight tresses can get the sharpest spikes with just a little effort. Brush up your top and pinch the ends to achieve pointy tips that will not be ignored for sure. The seamless skin fade along the sides is just everything!

    6. Finger-Brushed Texture

    Finger-Brushed Texture

    What is a blowout haircut without some messy texture? Boring of course! This one can only be achieved using your fingers to create a specific pattern. The tight temple fades along the sides exposing the skin can make even the roundest faces appear much slimmer. Finger-brush your mane every now and then and that is pretty much it.

    7. Tapered Faux Hawk

    Tapered Faux Hawk

    Add a personal touch to your blowout haircut by opting for faded sides and a long top that gets shorter toward the back. Extend the long strands all the way to the neck or stop at the crown. Spike up the hair to end up with a faux hawk silhouette that is classic yet funky all at the same time!

    8. Afro Blowout Haircut

    Afro Blowout Haircut

    Kinky afro curls make the best blowout haircuts for African-American men. Get your temples and neckline faded with a sharp line up at the front and a long top. Instead of finger brushing the strands, keeping in mind the unruly hair texture, brush up the top using a wide-toothed afro comb. You will love the fluff!

    9. Blowout Dreadlock Style

    Blowout Dreadlock Style

    Brooklyn fade haircuts are super versatile from being super short and sharp to very long and low-key. Have a look at this one which features the usual buzzed sides with a lengthy top. The curly dreadlocks on top are what make this blowout haircut different from others. Worth a shot, isn’t it?

    10. High Fade with Bangs

    High Fade with Bangs

    Bangs look super cute on boys and are a lifesaver for those with big foreheads or a receding hairline. Keep the top long and shaggy with the front strands falling forward towards the eyebrows. Opt for a disconnected fade or undercut if you prefer a manly look rather than an adorable one. Layers are a must.

    11. Sexy Quiff


    Blowout cuts feature a top that is brushed up or back for an electrified look. Guys can also maintain a gentleman’s appeal by styling the long strands into a high-class yet sexy quiff.

    The trick lies in brushing the mane sideward without a prominent parting. Opt for a subtle fade to complement your classy top.

    12. Hard Part with Highlights

    Hard Part with Highlights-Blowout Haircuts

    Add a subtle touch of a French crop haircut to your temple fade hairdo by opting for a usual skin fade while the strands on top are chopped up into individual strands and lay forward instead of away from the face.
    Get a shaved hard part on one or both sides of the head and throw in some highlights for a snazzy appeal.

    13. Wet Slick-Back

    Wet Slick-Back-Blowout Haircuts

    Nothing looks manlier than a sleek brushed-back hairdo. Wet hairstyles have been trending for a while and can be tried with blowout haircuts too for a change. Apply plenty of hair gel and use a comb to slick back all the strands away from the face. A few curled tendrils resting on the forehead will make all the ladies swoon over you!

    14. Buzzed Blowout

    Buzzed Blowout-Blowout Haircuts

    Blowout haircuts can be super short making them ideal for men who wish for low-maintenance hairdos. Play around with a buzz cut but rather than going for a uniform snip keep the top a tad bit longer than the sides with faded temples and back.

    You won’t even need to brush your hair for weeks. Why not try a vibrant hair color too?

    15. Shaved Design with Brooklyn Fade

    Brooklyn Fade-Blowout Haircuts

    The blowout haircut is also called the temple fade or Brooklyn fade. Shaved side designs are ideal to turn your skin fade into a piece of art. You can either carve out the pattern in a short strip alongside the long top that ends in a V shape at the back or go for a minimal design on one side only. The choice is all yours!

    16. Pompadour Style

    Pompadour Style

    Pompadours are a classic that never gets old. They feature a puffy front with neatly clipped sides. This look is suitable to make thin hair appear thicker by brushing it back using a comb. Allow your faded sides to merge into a rugged beard and mustaches for some extra panache.

    17. Disconnected Undercut

    Disconnected Undercut-Blowout Haircuts

    Blowout haircuts are all about a seamless transition from a long top to faded sides. But men can also go for a sharp look by coupling their textured top with a simple uniform yet disconnected undercut along the sides and back. The result is a sharp contrast in hair length that will be praised for sure.

    18. Cowlick Blowout

    Cowlick Blowout

    A messy top is the key feature of blowout haircuts and is perfect to hide your cowlicks. Whether that unruly tuft of hair is at the back or front, blend it in with the remaining hair using layers. Finish off with a good blow dry making that sculpted top stand out against those clipped sides and back.

    19. Modern Blowout Haircut

    Modern Blowout Haircut

    Maintain a modern appeal by asking the barber for a medium-length top with plenty of swooped spikes. Get a high temple fade along the sides exposing the skin. This style creates a place for a scalp tattoo on one or both sides. A faded beard is perfect to set your modern blowout haircut on fire.

    20. 80s Rock n Roll Blowout

    80s Rock n Roll Blowout

    Sport a retro hairdo from the 80s with confidence. The key is to skip the temple fade for once and taper the long top towards the sides using only scissors.

    Men can also keep their back long for a mullet-like appeal allowing the strands to fall all over the place. A wavy hair texture will look the best.

    21. Platinum Brush Up

    Platinum Brush Up-Blowout Haircuts

    Here’s a look that many guys may have rocked during their teenage years. The layered long top is brushed forward except for the front strands that are brushed up into subtle spikes. The platinum blonde hair shade is trending this year and you might not regret trying it.

    22. Flared Top with Skin Fade

    Flared Top with Skin Fade-Blowout Haircuts

    A blowout haircut with a long top that is either brushed up, back, or down is quite common. Turn yours into a one of a kind by keeping it very long and brushing the strands up to flare out towards the sides. Use plenty of hairspray to prevent the chunks from lying down.

    Regular blow-drying becomes inevitable once you get a blowout haircut. It is best to use heat protectants to minimize hair damage. Use your fingers or a round brush to free-style your top while letting your faded temples shine in all their glory. So, find your favorite look and give it a shot!


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