So, you are running out of coffin rhinestone nail designs but that’s the only look that inspires you. Don’t fret; we’ve covered an extensive collection in this post.

Coffin nails are your best style when you are heading to a party. They do well with formal gatherings and they are equally exquisite and in-trend when you are hanging out with your girlfriends on a music night.

Style them with rhinestone – the most sought-after nail jewelry. And without much effort on your part, boost elegant nail art.

Coffin rhinestone nail designs are surely the best combination you would want for your nails – on any night out.

But if you are lacking inspiration for what could be your next nail design, don’t go randomly searching Pinterest. Check out our extensive collection to sort out your upcoming event smoothly.

57 Coffin Rhinestone Nail Designs

Here are our favorite picks:

1. Simple Crème Polish

Simple Crème Polish

Rhinestones are often used to gloss over glittery and jelly finishes. But that’s not a given.
If you want to keep it low-key, use a crème finish.

And use these gems as accent figures on your ring fingernail.

2. Complete Your French Tip Nails

Complete Your French Tip Nails

You want to leave your nails plain but you don’t want to look as if you haven’t worked on them. Use the minimalist style of French tips. Use sheer polish or nude shades.

Then, accessorize the ring finger with stones – lots of them.

3. Match with Your Outfit

Match with Your Outfit

Use the same concept of French tips with sheer nails. Then, complete it with rhinestones that match the color of your outfit on your ring fingernail.

4. Go Wild

Go Wild

But we are talking about a party and nothing is thrilling in matching and fitting in. Here is the deal.

Mix up different colors as accent colors for your ring fingernail between sheer nails with French tips.

5. Combine Silver with Gray

Silver with Gray

Forget about matching or deviating from the norm with a wild combo. Try this style instead. It’s especially useful in professional settings.

Use matte finish – yes, matte finish – gray polish and top it off with silver stones.

6. Beautify Blue

Beautify Blue

Silver rhinestones of different sizes will look awesome against navy blue jelly polish. You can decorate the base of the nails only or you can cover the whole nail with these gems.

Don’t forget that if you hide your nails completely beneath rhinestones, you should choose only one nail for this or you may overdo the design.

7. Black and Rhinestones

Black and Rhinestones

These nails are coated in pure matte black polish and then you hide the pinky fingernail using silver rhinestones getting the classic combo of black and silver.

8. Go with Burgundy Polish

With Burgundy Polish

Use golden or silver rhinestones to accessorize your burgundy-polished nails for cooler weather.

9. Or A Silver Moon

Silver Moon

You could go vertical on these nails with gray polish and silver stones. And you can also choose to place them in a pattern that resembles a crescent at the base of your nails.

It will look breathtaking against gray polish. But feel free to play with colors or shades

10. Pink and Ornamental

Pink and Ornamental

Beautify your nails with shocking pink crème polish using rhinestones on the ring fingernail. Use different cuts and shapes to make a crown-like figure there.

11. Use Clear Rhinestones

Clear Rhinestones

Do you love sheer nail polish? If yes, you will love this style that uses clear rhinestones.

Marquise-shaped rhinestones are the most opted ones when you try elongated styles.

Complete the style with smaller round stones at the base of your accent nail.

12. Clear Rhinestones on Pink Polish

Clear Rhinestones on Pink Polish

Get these rhinestones big and ornate your nails with one big stone surrounded by a few smaller ones.

13. Or Use Faintest Pink

Use Faintest Pink

Recreate toned-down sparkle with the lightest shade of pink and tiniest rhinestones at its base. It’s a cool school-girl style if you are wearing it on small nails.

14. Wear a Crown

Wear a Crown

Or if you don’t want to wear one, let your nail wear it for you!

On the baby pink paint of your nails, use a combination of round and marquise stones to give an impression of a crown.

15. Elegant Beige

Elegant Beige

Beige is warm and energetic. Bring feminine energy to it with a sparkling theme of rhinestones. I would start with a crème polish of this color – the shade I prefer the most of course!

Then, create accent nails using golden and silver rhinestones on the ring fingernail and golden glitter on the pinky finger.

16. Embrace A Theme

Embrace A Theme

One of the most popular nail design concepts trending these days is using themes to show your mood. So, use it here as well.

These nails use cream color polish and decorate this polish with a string of pearls. I might be wrong – go with rhinestones!

17. Long Coffin Nails and Gray Polish

Long Coffin Nails and Gray Polish

Gray goes well with silver. But you can invite more glamor into this style with longer nails. Build a triangular tip using these stones in the middle.

18. Long Nails with Pink Shade

Long Nails with Pink Shade

A string of rhinestones running from the base of a nail to the tip should suffice. Or you may want to decorate it more with navette and oval stones.

19. Bold and Beautiful

Bold and Beautiful

For most people hiding your nails beneath rhinestones is a big no-no. But is it so for you?

You know when you are feeling bold, it shows off. And doing your nails boldly is just one way to present your badass attitude, isn’t it?

And you don’t have to follow a pattern, color, or size for this style either. Grab every stone that’s accessible and wear your beauty.

20. Burgundy is Bold

Burgundy is Bold

You don’t shy away from being bold. But concealing your nails below rhinestones may not appeal to you.

If that’s the case, add the element of boldness with a bold color choice. Use burgundy polish and complete it with a string of stones on the accent nail.

21. White Could Be Your Color

White Could Be Your Color

Yes, it could be if you want to use rhinestones. All you will have to do is to add a pinch of blush color on the accent nail. Guess where the tiny sparkles go? You’re right! Keep them on the accent nail.

22. Simply White

Simply White

Complete an otherwise pure and simple nail design with rhinestones marking the base of the nail. It doesn’t forgo its naivety but you will feel the subtlest hint of glamor emanating from the design.

23. Or Go with Black and Red

Black and Red

Between black nails with the jelly finish, paint an accent nail red. Accessorize it will a tip of rhinestones.

24. Black and Nude

Black and Nude

Mix up the most amazing colors and accessorize with rhinestones. This one goes between fingers with nude paint, pure black, black, and white stripes, and again nude. Note that these shades are finished in matte.

Create a crown-like shape with large rhinestones at the base of black polish.

25. Black and Nude, Again

Black and Nude

Instead of outlining the border between the two colors, this style will decorate an arrow pointed upward with rhinestones.

26. Ombre Coffin Nails

Ombre Coffin Nails

Don’t forget the coloring technique of the decade – ombre nails. Use it between white and pink. Then, accent the ring finger nail with different styles of rhinestones. I would use silver stones to cover the nail completely.

27. Ombre of Yellow and Black

Ombre of Yellow and Black

The accent nail is pure black with a triangular rhinestone collection at its base.

28. Yellow and Nude

Yellow and Nude

Who knew nude shade could make a great choice for ombre technique. On the ring finger, decorate it with black rhinestones and wear the glamor in your style.

29. The Pastel Combo

Pastel Combo

This is an ombre between pastel pink and pastel blue. Complete the style by painting the index and pinky fingers white and accessorizing the index finger with rhinestones.

30. The Boldness of Red

Boldness of Red

If we think about boldness in colors, two colors come to mind: yellow and red. But you may not want to let the boldness of red overwhelm the color scheme you are adopting. You can do so by toning it down with rhinestones. Use a tiny size of them randomly giving a starry appearance.

31. Be Bold with Red

Be Bold with Red

Don’t minimize it – exaggerate it! On top of red matte nail polish, use red rhinestones to add boldness. Build it into a theme with only the ring and middle fingernail getting the stones.

32. Burgundy with Beads

Burgundy with Beads

Use white, pearly rhinestones to decorate the burgundy nails. Don’t be afraid of overdoing it.

33. The Snake Shape

Snake Shape

Or call it an ‘S’ shape to decorate your accent nail. The rhinestones making this shape will be white and you can use any color for the nail polish.

34. A Bowtie

A Bowtie

Have you ever seen a nail wearing a bowtie? Why not try this design? It will look especially magnificent for the gender reveal party of your little one.

Of course, only one nail will wear the bowtie with a smaller stone in the middle and larger ones on the side. All others will present different shades of blue – or a mix of different shades of blue.

35. Glitter and Rhinestones

Glitter and Rhinestones

When you are happy and celebratory, you can never overdo your nails. So, combine the two most glamorous pieces of style on your nails: glitter and gems.

Choose between hiding your nail beneath these stones or only decorating the base with them.

36. Black and Rhinestones

Black and Rhinestones

Top off your black matte polish with different patterns of rhinestone decoration. Some of these will get a single piece at the base of the nail.

Others will get a nail full of these stones. And you can leave a nail with only black matte polish and no accessory.

37. Black and Nude

Black and Nude

These bejeweled black-themed nails switch between glitter and stones across nails. Start with painting your accent nails in black and nude ombre. Then, line them up with a string of baguette-shaped rhinestones.

Accessorize other – pure black – nail patterns of your choice. You can also include an ombre of golden and black glitter on the pinky finger.

38. Blacker and Nude

More Black and Nude

This design paints the nails in nude color with tips in black. Then, the border of the two colors is decorated with gems.

39. Switch between Shades of Black

Switch between Shades of Black

I should have said finishes of black. Switch between jelly and matte finishes and change patterns of rhinestone decoration as you go.

40. Mix up Simple and Heavy Rhinestone Use

Mix up Simple and Heavy Rhinestone Use

On the index finger, for example, you can use a crown pattern with varying sizes of rhinestones.

And the pinky finger will get a single gem. Between the two of them, the middle and ring fingernails will be painted only in the accent color.

Switch the order of accent color and rhinestone decoration for the other hand.

41. Lined Up

Lined Up

Just line the border of your middle and ring fingernails with rhinestones. You can recreate this design on any color of nail polish.

42. Tip of Beige

Tip of Beige

This long coffin nail design accessorizes the beige polish with tiny sparkling rhinestones on the tip of the nails.

43. The Heart Shape

The Heart Shape

Use tiny rhinestones to decorate a heart shape on the middle two fingers. Of course, you will style half of the heart on each of these nails to combine to give a heart-like appearance. Create this design in any color from pink to blue to purple.

44. Black Heart

Black Heart

This one paints a silver heart in the middle of the ring fingernail and hides it beneath silver rhinestones.

The ring finger of the other heart will also get a heart but this one will be polished in sheer color and wouldn’t hide behind the stones.

Instead, you will decorate the base of this nail with these gems.

45. Another Heart

Another Heart

This one is unique, I promise. You will decorate half hearts on your ring fingernails. Yes, they will go on the ring fingernails only and you wouldn’t complete them without joining your hands – not fingers. Curious, isn’t it?

46. 3D Flowers

3D Flowers

Rhinestones are the secondary accessory of these nails and are used to only decorate the middle of these 3D flowers.

47. In Place of Polka Dots

Place of Polka Dots

These nails build a theme of white and silver as accent colors between red and white crème finish nails.

These index and pinky fingernails feature white polka dots on top of red polish. Then, you mimic this pattern on the white-colored ring fingernail using rhinestones in place of polka dots.

48. Diamond Shaped Pattern

Diamond Shaped Pattern

This is a cool trick to mix two shades of your favorite color on one nail without using nail art tools and years of nail-painting expertise.

On the nail where you want to present both shades, color the lighter one in a diamond shape in the middle and outline it with rhinestones.

49. Stripes of Pink and Silver

Stripes Of Pink And Silver

Just like in the previous design, this one uses these stones to line the border of pink and silver paints within a nail.

You can use this stripe of pink between silver on a single nail or you can recreate the design on all nails.

50. The Marble Pattern

Marble Pattern

This pattern is created on white polish, of course. And the best colors for this pattern include red, blue, gray, and brown. And it will be presented on the accent nails.

You will use the rhinestones to accessorize other nails that use either blue, red, gray, or brown colors.

51. White and Blue

White And Blue

And mix some red to get a beautiful combination. Start with a white matte or crème paint. Use tiny red rhinestones to line some of the nails.

For accent nails, you will design a pattern with a line of red rhinestones running from base to tip. In the middle of this line, use a big blue, oval rhinestone.

52. Green Emerald Stones on Sheer Polish

Green Emerald Stones On Sheer Polish

These long and diamond-shaped stones will embellish the sheer polish to a whole new level.

The design calls for a 3D leaf on the index finger in a pastel pink color but the design is exquisite even without that leaf.

53. Pink and Blue

Pink And Blue

This one paints a floral theme with pink nails for the index and pinky fingers and blue for the ring finger.

The middle finger uses sheer polish with flowers and nail accessories. Use marquise-shaped pink rhinestones to present two leaves of the flower on the ring finger and get the best nails for your all-girl event.

54. Blue with Golden

Blue With Golden

It’s not a very common color combo you will notice around you. But it’s lively and attractive. Get your favorite blue shade and top it off with golden rhinestones.

55. Golden Accent Finger

Golden Accent Finger

Or don’t top it off. Instead, dedicate your accent finger to golden rhinestones only.

56. Dragons Green with Glitter

Dragons Green with Glitter

57. White French Tip

White French Tip

Take Away

Here are the extravagant, unique, and glamorous coffin rhinestone nail designs that you can use for inspiration for your next manicure.

When you are doing your nails with these beautiful stones, know that there is no possibility of overdoing. They are meant to be just as bold and attractive as you are.

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