We know that braided hairdos are always trendy and quite fashionable. The cornrow ponytail is a braided hairstyle that gives you a unique and elegant appearance.

    We try out many things to add glamour to our personality. These include makeup, fine dressing, and a good hairdo by using different accessories.

    Hairdos are one of the most important things that can add glamour to our personality.

    Sometimes hairdo becomes very time-consuming, like cornrow ponytails, but at the same time it has its importance there.

    Cornrow ponytail is a type of braided hairdo. We all know that braided hairdos are always trendy and quite fashionable too.

    Unlike other braided hairdos, cornrow ponytails are not common that much. But it does not matter at all.

    Cornrow ponytails can give you a very unique and elegant look. Whether you’ve tried braided hairdos or not, these ponytails are something you should consider for this summer of 2022.

    Here in this article, I have mentioned some really exciting cornrow ponytails hairstyles that can add up to your list of hairdos.

    How To Make Braids for Cornrow Ponytails?

    Many of you believe that making braids for the cornrow hairdo is the most difficult part of this hairdo. But believe me; it is not that difficult; it’s just a bit time-consuming.

    There is a simple method or a technique that you need to learn before making braids for cornrow ponytails.

    Here I am going to tell you a simple method for making braids.

    At first, wash your hair with a shampoo of your choice and leave them until they are dried.

    Now comes the most basic part and that is selecting the size of your braids for a cornrow ponytail. After this, make small partitions of your hair for making the braids.

    Secure these partitions from the bottom. Take one partition and divide it into three parts.

    Take the left part and move it through the bottom of the middle part towards the right side. Repeat it with the right part, too, and continue doing so.

    The technique here is you must keep on adding hair once you reach the back side of your head.

    Make sure you have enough hair to add to the ponytail at the end of the hairdo; otherwise, you can use extensions.

    The cornrow ponytails only differ with the direction and styling of the hair. These cornrow ponytail hairdos are mentioned here:

    Best Cornrow Ponytails

    Best cornrow ponytail designs that you must try out are mentioned below:

    1. Beaded Cornrow Ponytail


    Beaded cornrow is an elegant way to make a braided hairdo. As the name shows, this hairdo makes your hair look like some little beads piled on each other in many vertical rows. This hairdo makes your entire look eye-catching.

    2. High Cornrow Ponytail

    High Cornrow Ponytail

    A high Cornrow ponytail is one of the most common cornrow ponytail. Traditionally braided cornrows are twisted diagonally to make this hairstyle.

    You also have the option to add any bright and electrifying color to your braids. This will make your hairdo more exciting.

    3. Low Cornrow Ponytail

    Low Cornrow Ponytail

    Low Cornrow ponytail is also another very prevalent and elegant way of styling your hair.

    Unlike the high cornrow ponytail, the ponytail is kept as low as possible.

    To make this hairdo more exciting, you can make alternating patterns of thick and thin cornrows. At last, gather these into a low ponytail to complete the look that shows off curls.

    It is also possible to convert your ponytail into a low bun at a later stage if you have had your ponytail for quite some time.

    4. Simple and Long Cornrows

    Simple And Long Cornrows

    It is always exciting not to tie your hair into a bun or ponytail so that you can show off your long and beautiful hair. Furthermore, if you make cornrows from your long hair and keep them untied, they give an overly charming appearance.

    5. Front Bangs with Cornrow Ponytail

    Front Bangs With Cornrow Ponytail

    Front bangs are always in fashion no matter what the hairdo is at the back of your head. But if you try out cornrow front bangs with the high cornrow ponytail, it will make you stand out from the crowd.

    Moreover, you can use different accessories to decorate your cornrows, like colorful beads and bands.

    6. Side Cornrows

    Side Cornrows

    Side cornrows hairdo is one of those hairstyles that you can try out at any event no matter if it is day or night.

    You can make alternate patterns of small and large cornrows, zigzag cornrows, or simple straight-side cornrows. Side cornrows are one of the must-try hairdo for this summer 2022.

    7. Side Cornrows with Wavy Hair

    Side Cornrows With Wavy Hair

    If you have wavy hair, this is a must-do hairdo for you. First, make a side partition of your hair, keeping more hair on one side. Now, make a couple of small side cornrows to that side of the head containing less hair.

    Fix the cornrows at the bottom of your head, and you are ready to go out with your enticing hairdo.

    8. Large Cornrows

    Large Cornrows

    Large cornrows mostly fit those having a large volume of hair. Moreover, these large cornrows also save your precious time.

    Unlike small cornrows that are a bit time-consuming, this hairdo makes up fastly.

    9. Ombre Braided Cornrow Ponytail

    Ombre Braided Cornrow Ponytail

    Ombre styling is an exciting way of styling your hair. An ombre braided ponytail in some feminine colors is the perfect combination for styling your hair.

    You can use two or three colors of dark to light shades to make an ombre braided cornrow ponytail.

    10. Blonde Cornrow Ponytail

    Blonde Cornrow Ponytail

    Blonde hair never goes out of fashion. Making a cornrow ponytail of your blonde hair makes your hairdo even more exciting.

    For making this hairdo, make a cornrow braid of a few inches of the front hair of your head and make a simple braid of the rest of the hair.

    At last tie all of your hair into a ponytail with an elastic band. The one thing to remember here is that a higher ponytail will make you appear more striking.

    11. Sleek Smooth Cornrow Ponytail

    Sleek Smooth Cornrow Ponytail

    This hairdo is made for you if you have sleek and smooth hair. Always keep in mind that it is not important to cornrow the whole hair in order to get a ponytail.

    You can make several braids on the front side of your head and then secure the remaining hair into a sleek and straight ponytail.

    12. Cornrow Ponytail and Curly Ends

    Cornrow Ponytail and Curly Ends

    Cornrow ponytail with curly ends is one of the famous black braided hairstyles. It is not very common but can give a distinct look.

    For this hairdo, make small cornrows braids of your entire hair, leaving a few inches of your hair from the bottom.

    Tie all these small cornrows into a ponytail. Curl the bottom leftover part of your hair into little curls to complete the look.

    13. Front Tendrils with Cornrow Ponytail

    Front Tendrils with Cornrow Ponytail

    Front Tendrils with cornrow ponytail is a trendy way to style your hair. You can easily achieve this hairdo by following some steps. First, make a middle partition of your hair. Now, separate a small portion of hair on both sides to make tendrils.

    At last, make a cornrows ponytail of the remaining hair, and you are done with your hairdo.

    14. Large Cornrows Ponytail

    Large Cornrows Ponytail

    Some people find cornrows very time-consuming. I have a perfect idea for you if you are one of them.

    Try to make big cornrows instead of small cornrows to save time and acquire a stylish hairdo at the same time.

    15. Cornrow with two Ponytails

    Cornrow with two Ponytails

    What if I tell you that you can make simple two-side ponytails stylish? If you are addicted to two-side ponytails, you can make your hairdo more stylish by making cornrows. This hairdo is more suitable for young girls.

    16. Fish Bone Cornrow Ponytail

    Fish Bone Cornrow Ponytail

    As the name shows, this hairdo is similar to fish bone in appearance. Fish Bone cornrow ponytail is an amazing hairstyle that is inspired by nature.

    This hairdo gives your hair a more floral-like appearance and makes your whole look appealing. The Fishbone cornrow hairstyle is also very popular as a boy’s braided hairstyle.

    17. Jumbo Braided Cornrow Ponytail

    Jumbo Braided Cornrow Ponytail

    This hairdo is made for you if you have a huge volume of hair. It is not important for the cornrow braids to be all in the same size in your hairdo. You can easily achieve this hairdo by making an alternating pattern of small and large cornrows and braids.

    18. Twisted Cornrow Ponytail

    Twisted Cornrow Ponytail

    This hairdo will make you fall in love with the cornrow ponytails. As much as this hairdo looks stylish, the making of this hairdo is not at all difficult. For making this hairdo, you just have to make cornrows and tie them into the ponytail.

    The trick here is you have to twist some of the cornrow braids around your ponytail to complete your hairdo.

    The cornrows can also be of a thick or thin pattern. But it totally depends upon your choice and likeness.

    19. High Side Cornrow Ponytail

    High Side Cornrow Ponytail

    High Side Cornrow Ponytail is a unique kind of hairdo that gives you a very different look and enhances your overall vibe.

    Making this hairdo is also quite simple. You just have to make a high cornrow ponytail that should be more on your head’s left or right side.

    Which side to choose totally depends upon your preference. This hairdo is ideal for women who are open to experimenting with different looks.

    20. Ghana Low Cornrow Ponytail

    Ghana Low Cornrow Ponytail

    Ghana Braids find their origin in Africa. In Ghana hairdo, the cornrow braids go straight back.

    The best thing about Ghana braids is that in this hairdo, hair extensions are used for a denser outlook. This hairdo is one of the best protective braid hairdos for women with curly hair.

    You can make cornrows leaving some inches of your hair to show your natural curls. To make this low cornrow ponytail more stylish, try to wrap the ponytail using some strands of hair rather than using an elastic hairband.

    21. Fishtail Cornrow Ponytail

    Fishtail Cornrow Ponytail

    Fishtail Cornrow Ponytail is undoubtedly one of the best ways of making a simple and boring ponytail into an exciting and stylish one.

    As the name shows, this hairdo looks like the tail of a fish. The making of this hairdo is quite simple and is similar to the French braid.

    You can add glamour to your hairdo by adding some accessories like beads. This hairdo is ideal for women with a large volume of hair.

    22. Half Cornrow Ponytail

    Half Cornrow Ponytail

    Half Cornrow ponytail is suitable, especially in winters. The half cornrow ponytail enables you to enjoy both cornrows and show the length of your straight or curly hair at the same time. Making this hairdo is easy as well as time-saving.

    Your hair should be twisted into small cornrows, leaving the bottom part open. Now, make half ponytail tying all of the cornrows. Tie the ponytail using a band, and you are done with your hairdo.

    For girls in their teens and women who want to look fresh and young, this hairdo is recommended.

    23. Braided Cornrow Ponytail

    Braided Cornrow Ponytail

    Braided Cornrow ponytails are the most stylish cornrow ponytail hairdo. To braid your hairdo is always an exciting idea to make the simple hairdo more fashionable and trendy.

    As far as the braids are concerned, there are a lot of options available that you can choose to make your simple cornrow ponytail stylish. The braided hairdos mostly suit women of all ages and are always in fashion.

    24. Half up, half down Cornrow Ponytail

    Half up, half down Cornrow Ponytail

    Half up half down cornrow ponytail is one of the most exciting and trendy cornrow ponytails. For making this hairdo, make different patterns of cornrows as you like. After that, make an up-do of half of your hair.

    This up do can be a ponytail or a bun that totally depends upon your likening. At last, secure your updo using an elastic band or any other accessory, and your hairstyle is done.

    25. Fauxhawk Cornrow Ponytail

    Fauxhawk Cornrow Ponytail

    Fauzhawak Cornrow ponytail is a unique yet very fashionable kind of hairdo. This is not such a hairdo that you see more often. A lot of you girls might resist trying this hairdo.

    But if you are the one who likes to experiment with your hairdo, then you should definitely try this out. Who knows, it might even make your fashion statement.

    Final Words

    Surely a cornrow ponytail can give you a very unique and fashionable look. Some people think this new hairdo might take some time to get common among women. But that’s not true.

    Although cornrow ponytails do not represent a new hairstyle, they are certainly eye-catching.

    In this article, I have mentioned some unique, trendy, and eye-catching cornrow ponytails that you must try.

    If you are bored with the conventional hairdos and want to experiment with your look, then cornrow hairdos are the best way of having a change and the above-mentioned styling options can help you a lot.

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