Eye Shape and Makeup: How to do it Right with Different Eye Shapes 2023

Each one of us is different and unique. Even biologically related people can have different facial features and eye shapes which is what makes them individually unique and different. Notably, notable facial features like eye shapes, color, or size can differ from one person to another.

Therefore knowing something about the different types of eyes and eye shapes can help you understand any eye shapes you may come across and especially those belonging to your loved ones. If you have ever looked at your mirror and asked yourself, ‘what eye shapes do I have?’ then read on to find out about these eight different eye shapes. One of them might be yours!

Different Eye Shapes

1-) Almond Eyes


If we are to describe Almond eyes, then they are these large, bright, and perfectly-shaped eyes. As the name suggests, the inside of Almond’s eyes is shaped like an almond, while the outer parts of the eye are larger, rounder, and narrower at the inner corners of the eye.

The almond-shaped eyes are not only beautiful, but they are also easy to dress with a wide variety of makeup styles and colors. Almond eyes are typically very proportionate and often are associated with people of Asian descent or heritage as having this eye shape.

However, the shape of an eye doesn’t determine how the eye is positioned on the face, how far apart they are from each other, and their unique color. Almond-shaped eyes are commonly used in animation videos, clips, and films. It’s also the one-eye type that is often regarded as sultry or sensual.

An example of a prominent person with almond-shaped eyes is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) or Mila Kunis. The only downside of almond-shaped eyes is that they tend to wrinkle rapidly at the corner of the eyes, and they also give the impression of sleepy eyes most of the time.

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2-) Round Eyes


Just as the name indicates, round eyes are just that: round. They’re round on the inside and round on the outside. Round eyes also round at the center and the corners. Because they have a unique innocent appearance, round eyes are often regarded as childlike and associated with children. Although they are seen as totally round, the inner corners of round eyes are not entirely round and come out as almost oval-like.

However, round eyes typically appear more prominent and wider than other types of eyes. Round eyes are often seen as symbols of youth, wonder, or innocence, and children are often seen as having round eyes before their facial features are fully mature.

Ideally, round eyes tend to have more girth at their core with narrow inner and outer corners. Round eyes tend to appear more awake and alert, and people with round eyes are often seen as younger.

Due to this ever-young appearance, round eyes can make you hide your age for a few more years. However, they also have their downside and can sag prematurely and grow puffy under them. This can make you look tired and old, a double irony. Two notable celebrities with round eyes are Katy Perry and Cillian Murphy. Despite its demerits, round eyes are cute and can retain the natural features of your face, making it look younger, stunning, and delicate.

3-) Monolid Eyes

Monolid Eye

Another eye shape that is generally associated with people of Asian heritage is the monolid eye. Naturally, all eyes have a double lid look, giving the eyes a creased appearance around the eye sockets. Additionally, the brow bone is somewhat raised, exposing the mobile eyelid. This phenomenon creates the impression of a visible eyelid on which you can apply eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and other makeup. However, monolid eye shapes do not have visible eyelids.

Instead, the eyebrows are lowered to meet the eyelash line leaving little to no visible eyelids. People with monolid types of eye shapes sometimes use eye tape to improve the appearance of the eyelids or create the impression of having double eyelids. Monolid eye shapes tend to give away the person’s age and such that you can quickly tell how old a person is by just looking at their eyes. Given the low-hanging brows on the monolid types of eyes, they are naturally narrow.

Also, the more a monolid-eyed person grows old, the higher the chances of the skin above the eyes sagging and the more puffiness under the eyes. This can significantly reduce the size of the eyes, making them look smaller and narrower than they really are. Korean actor Gong Yoo is one example of a monolid-eyed person.

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4-) Protruding Eyes

Protruding Eyes

The human eye is naturally set inside the eye socket and ultimately deep in the face. This can make them either deep-set or protruding. Protruding eyes are different types of eyes that appear bulging or protruding from the eye sockets.

Protruding eyes are also naturally larger and rounder than other eye types. When you look directly into the protruding eyes of an individual, you’re likely to see more whites around the eyes. Since they appear larger than ordinary eyes, protruding eyes can be surprising at first sight.

They’re also considered round eyes since they are typically round. Celebrities with protruding eyes include Jude Law and Amanda Seyfried. Protruding eyes are a unique type of eyes that are not common among many people. They generally appear trusting, soft and gentle. The only problem with protruding eyes is the inevitable puffiness around the eyes.

5-) Downturned Eyes

Downturned Eye

Another interesting eye shape is the downturned eyes. These types of eyes are typically heavy around the outer corners, and the outer corners also tend to droop or turn down as the inner corners turn up, hence the name.

The downturned types of eyes are very sensual and generally appear heavy and sultry. This phenomenon makes them be described as bedroom eyes as it is both a stunning and sexy eye shape. Downturned eyes are generally larger than other types of eye shapes and work well with heavy makeup application.

However, the major drawback of downturned eyes is their tendency to give away age prematurely since they are heavier and naturally have more skin around them. Furthermore, downturned eyes attract wrinkles known as crow’s feet around the outer corners and develop bags under them. If you have downturned eyes, don’t worry.

You can easily manage these setbacks by strictly keeping to a proper diet, taking lots of water, and applying the recommended creams around your eyes. Celebrities with downturned eyes are Katie Holmes, Ian Somerhalder, and Anne Hathaway. Downturned eyes are naturally beautiful and can make you attractive whether you’re a man or a woman.

6-) Upturned Eyes

Upturned Eyes

Another unique type of eye shape that’s the exact opposite of downturned eyes is upturned eyes. These types of eyes have a higher outer corner hence the name. These eye types are also narrower around the outer edges. Upturned eyes are commonly used in cartoons that depict female characters since they are considered more feminine.

Furthermore, upturned eyes are naturally attractive and appealing, making them ideal for such makeup as cat eyeliner. If you’d like to know if you have upturned eyes, you can look at a candid photo and draw a straight horizontal line across the pupil of the photo. If the outer corners of the eye are above the line and the inner corners appear beneath the line, then yours are upturned eyes.

Upturned eyes are narrow, squinting, delicate, cute, and dainty, so many people desire to have them. Sophia Loren and Chris Pine are good examples of celebrities with upturned eyes. Many people often try to achieve upturned eyes, also known as a cat-eye shape, with different makeup styles.

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7-) Close Set Eyes


Among the many different eye shapes are facial orientation or eye position or are close-set eyes. As the name implies, close-set eyes generally appear closer to the nostril or bridge of the nose and aren’t set far apart from each other. Another unique thing about close-set eyes is that they come in different eye shapes, including those mentioned above.

You can have close-set eyes that are round, downturned, upturned, monolid, etc. shapes that are close-set. Close-set eyes are associated mainly with clever or cunning people; hence it’s a very striking feature. Also, people who have close-set eyes appear more straightforward and can have a deep piercing gaze or an intense gaze. Celebrities Tom Hiddleston and Keira Knightly both have close-set eyes.

😎 Widest Eyes

Widest Eyes

The last of the eight different eye shapes are wide-set eyes. These eye types are generally far apart from each other than all the other types of eye shapes. As the name implies, wide-set eyes are so far apart that the distance between the two eyes can accommodate three other eyes across the face.

People with wide-set eyes are generally regarded as kind-hearted, gentle, and trusting. They’re also considered ethereal, stunning, and sexy. It’s no wonder then that many people use different makeup techniques to achieve a wide-set eye kind of look.

Wide-set eyes also give an individual a calm, innocent, and composed appearance, and many people will have no problem trusting you since you have honest and convincing eyes. A perfect example of celebrities with wide-set eyes are Benedict Cumberbatch and Britney Spears.

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Choosing The Right Eyelashes For Your Eye Shape

Eyelashes are one of those nature’s gifts that improve the shape of your eyes and facial outline, giving everyone a unique beauty. The longer the lashes, the more the beauty. However, not everyone is endowed with these striking features, and not everyone wants to miss out on the joys of such beauty.

That’s why the beauty industry is there, and among the many things you can add to your face to achieve that much-coveted beauty is eyelash extensions. With classic natural lash extensions, you can modify your eye shapes, facial features, and overall beauty.

Again this is not for everyone, as those who’ve had a bad experience with eyelash extensions can attest that there is no one size fits all when it can add lashes. However, a professional lash artist can create a unique lash extension that suits your eye shape and tailor it to fit into your facial orientation.

  • Lashes for Almond eyes

Lashes for Almond eyes

As the most proportionate eye type, almond eyes can blend with any lash extension, whether it’s curly or loose. If you’d like to lengthen your natural almond eyelashes, use cat eye curl, and if you have naturally loose or curly hair, then pick lashes that are the exact opposite to create a unique look.

  • Lash for round eyes

Lash for round eyes

Round eyes are naturally bright and alert. You can tone down the alertness by styling the eyelashes with a looser B curl and longer eyelashes to give the eyes an almond eyes shape.

Mascara Wands To Use for Your Eyelash Type

Depending on the shape and length of your eyes and eyelashes, you can use a specific mascara wand for each to achieve that unique stunning look you’ve wished for. Here’s a few examples of mascara wands you can use for any of the following eye shapes and lash lengths:

  • Thick Oversized Brush

Perfect for big or larger eyes with thick and dense-looking eyelashes. Allows the mascara formula to cost-effectively in the eyelashes.

  • Long and Thin Fine-Toothed Brush

this type of mascara wand is ideal for short and curly lashes naturally neat and even looking.

  • Hourglass-Shaped Brush

Use this particular mascara wand if you have evenly or sparse and scattered eyelashes.

  • Plastic Bristle Brush

This should be every lady’s best friend. Come on handy if you want to do a quick mascara job, especially if you’re running late and can’t imagine going out without wearing mascara.

  • Spike Ball Brush

Some ladies have unevenly proportioned eyelashes that are dense in some places and sparse in others. Spike ball brush is what you need to pull up a stunningly done facial job.

  • Pointed Tip Brush

Makeup perfectionists, here’s your cue. Pointed tip brush is the ultimate mascara wand for bulk mascara application.


Everyone is unique in their natural facial features. Whether it’s an eye shape, color, or eyelash length. Understanding your uniqueness is the first step to identifying the ideal makeup style and products that suit your features and personality. We hope these suitable eye shapes will help you understand which types of eye shapes you have, the ideal lash extension that goes with each shape, and how to style them perfectly.

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