Are you struggling to discover different types of eyeliner? Finding the ideal beauty kit is a never-ending process. A high-quality eyeliner can create attraction and power with a few strokes. Hence, its crucial purpose is to define the eye size and beauty during application around your eye contours.

    Nevertheless, strive to land a perfect piece that is skin-friendly with healthy ingredients that do not irritate or harm the skin. Therefore, to help you achieve a fresh look like a Pro here is a guide to the right product depending on your eye shape.

    Eyeliner Types

    90% of eyeliner types come in a non-crease gel, extra sharp liquid or smooth pencil. It is no secret that 50% of women will pick the pencil as their favorite cosmetic. Guess what! Whatever your preference, the choice is yours.

    To explore further, here are the four standard categories and advantages of each type. Keep reading!

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    1. Pencil Type

    The pencil type is a formula that enlarges your eye line, giving it a defined edge. It can draw on both lower and upper eyelids. Therefore, if you have smudgy cat-eyes and desire some tight lining, here is your catch. However, ensure you keep the brush clean to arrest any bacteria. Here is why you should use it.

    Most have skin-friendly ingredients

    • It is durable, tough, but healthy on the skin
    • The application is fast and easy; hence, it saves you time and energy
    • It has vitamins and lasts longer on the skin
    • It is waterproof and non-melt
    • This pencil is a primary tool for any makeup beginner
    • You get a bolder and creamy texture finish

    2. Wax-Based Type

    It is a pencil type with a softer tip with waxes for a smooth application. Such kinds arrive in unique colors, for example, beige and white. About 50% of its content is wax, while the rest makes up the 20 components.

    This category comes in a compact or cone container with a soft and simple to use brush applicator. Some of its benefits are:

    • It is durable and sturdy on the skin
    • The tip is softer, unlike the usual pencil type eyeliner
    • It has a soft brush applicator
    • The kit is waterproof and non-melt in hot weather

    3. Liquid Type

    To most, finding a perfect liquid eyeliner is an arduous task. The small but sharp-tipped brush helps define the eye line into an ideal winged shape. Hence, grab a high-quality item that offers the best service. Some of its benefits include:

    • It is non-fade when wet, and a long-wear makeup kit
    • The piece produces a tattoo-like precision leaving a sharp eye line
    • It is water-resistant with a bold color liner to match your skin tone
    • You are free to draw from thin to dramatic, from natural to smokey lines
    • Unlike the gel type, it has a smooth, matte application and finishes

    4. Gel Type

    This gel-type is an eyeliner form that lies between the liquid and the pencil types. It comes in a small jar to help create a jet-black line or a graphic design along the eye line. You need a small brush to apply but ensure to use a setting spray or powder to prevent raccoon eyes afterward.

    It is thicker, smoother, and creamy than the liquid formula. Hence, it conditions and helps the liner to slide with ease. This fantastic kind defines and shapes the eyes with precision. To learn more, here are some tremendous benefits of using this form.

    • It is user-friendly and an all-weather beauty piece
    • The long-wear kit is idle for active and busy women
    • It is waterproof and has non-smudge
    • Most brushes can be double-sided for fast and comfortable application
    • It will not fade or melt off in wet weather

    Now, with the best eyeliner types at your fingertips, shopping for one is as easy as ABC. However, some makeup users are daily users of these beauty products, but few know their meaning. For example, a quick look at the definition of eyeliner.

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    What is Eyeliner?

    You must wonder, what is eyeliner? This cosmetic liner shapes and enlarges your eyes. To produce some aesthetic effects, apply around the eye contours. In addition, use the liner to define unique shapes like the cat eye, winged eye, and tight lining.

    By the year 10,000 BC, Mesopotamians and Egyptians wore eyeliner. Hence, using cosmetics is an application that started a long time ago. In ancient times, eyeliner styles helped to protect the skin from the desert sun and aesthetics. Unlike today, it is purely for beauty and eye size enhancement.

    Eyeliner Designs


    The best gift to give your eyes is using the right eyeliner to blend with various occasions. However, before you decide on the style, ensure the product is safe and healthy. First, research the safest kit before buying one. To make heads turn, here are some trending eyeliner designs you can practice in the office or at home.

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    1. Eyeliner Style for Learners

    Eyeliner Style

    Use the basic style to draw a line straight over the upper lid and end with a wing. This procedure is simple for any beginner to kick-start their makeup tutorials.

    2. Natural Style

    Natural Style

    This style is similar to the no-make-up look. It leaves a natural appearance and feels. You can use neutral eye-shadow shades with a brown or black high-quality eyeliner. The result is a natural eyeliner style.

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    3. Pattern Eyeliner

    Pattern Eyeliner

    Being creative with graphics is another excellent aspect as a make-up artist. However, there is no cause of alarm as a beginner; this tip will help you realize your talent. Use the stencil to create some of the best eyeliner designs you can imagine.

    4. Vintage-Winged Eyeliner

    Vintage-Winged Eyeliner

    Use the low angle to draw the wing and add some eyeshadow to enhance the effect.

    5. Long-Winged Eyeliner

    Long-Winged Eyeliner

    Draw from the inner corner towards the outer side. Follow up by flicking the liner upwards near the eyebrow end.

    6. Short-Winged Eyeliner

    Short-Winged Eyeliner

    This style is a favorite of most makeup users. It blends well with most face shapes and leaves a natural feel and look. Draw a thin line over the upper lid and finish with a small arched wing.

    7. Cat-Eye Makeup

    Cat-Eye Makeup

    Use nude eyeshadow; follow up with black eyeliner. For an incredible score, draw a thin line at the inner eye corner and slowly increase the thickness. End your cat-eye makeup with a thick pointy wing.

    8. Peacock Eyeliner Designs

    Peacock Eyeliner Designs

    The peacock is a straightforward style to perfect your art skill. Begin by using a blue eyeliner to the lower and upper lids. Create feathers using a black liquid liner and end with adding some green glitters to the feathers. For a professional finish, use a thin eye-shadow applicator.

    Different Ways to Do Eyeliner

    Most women spend a handsome time finding different ways to do eyeliner techniques. Scrolling through YouTube and Instagram pages exposes hundreds of modern eyeliner styles. However, after reading this review, you can now apply simple tips in the comfort of your home.

    You may wonder how the world would be without eyeliner. Such celebrities like Kim Kardashian have no origin makeup look to switch to without their daily eyeliners. Sephora eyeliner in coconut is her everyday wear, as seen in her makeup tutorial video above.

    What is your favorite eyeliner? Once you know which eyeliner goes with what scenario, these different ways to do eyeliner should be easy. As a woman, learn the different ways to do eyeliner. Here are a few examples to kick you off!

    1. Use a Handheld Mirror

    Handheld Mirror

    Here is a trick that most people would find weird. Unlike using the bathroom mirror, look down into a handheld mirror for better precision. Position it well on the table or flat surface below your skin. The tip should not contend with your lashes during application.

    2. Use Taupe-Colored Eyeliner to Enlarge Your Eyes

    If you do not want your eyes looking heavier and close up, then here is your catch. This process will enlarge the eye. Besides that, it adds some indirect drama since it has enough pigment for the impact.

    3. Draw a Catchy Cat Eye in Minutes

    For best results on this dramatic style, stay away from the liquid liner. Ensure each flick is even at the ends with the same width. Follow up with a fragile line over the tear duct from the inner corner towards the end of the wing. As a finish up, fill shade in your winged sketch.

    4. Trace Your Cat Eye Design with a Pencil

    When you just cannot get the cat-eye design right and then use the pencil. To look professional and elegant with a more authentic look, draw your desired shape using a soft brown liner. It cleans up better, unlike using the messy liquid liner. After that, you can now shape your eyeliner.

    5. Get a Simple Winged Liner

    To skip the shame of having two wonky wings, draw the pencil from the outer eye corner to the eyebrow. This process directs the flick to ensure you have even lines on each side.

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