The world today revolves around the internet. Gone are the days when television was the primary bearer of news.

    Now, we have the overwhelming influence of social media, keeping tabs on what is trending. It includes platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and the newest addition, TikTok.

    You can find whatever is new, whether sports, entertainment, lifestyle, etc., on social platforms. For instance, DIY products are becoming a trend since the lockdowns. Even now that everything is slowly returning to normal, these Do-It-Yourself items are still prominent in the market.

    Unboxing videos and reviews garnered a fair number of views on social media sites, enough to be considered trending. An example of this is the Nail Tips Series by Beetles Gel Polish.

    What Is The Nail Tips Series?

    The Nail Tips Series is an affordable DIY nail kit that quickly took over the hearts of manicure enthusiasts due to its amazing features. For only $26.99, it offers a 7.5mL nail glue gel along with 500 pieces of coffin nail tips. It also includes a helpful UV/LED nail lamp completing an extremely affordable set.

    Newest Trend is an Affordable DIY Nail Kit

    What Do These Features Bring To The Table?

    Beetles’ nail kit showcases its UV nail lamp with built-in dual lamp beads. It provides the necessary power output just enough to have the gel glue dry up shortly. You’ll get a beautiful set of nails ready for aesthetic Instagram photography within three minutes.

    Additionally, the 7.5mL nail glue gel offers a more convenient application. It serves as the base gel and, simultaneously, the nail tips adhesive making it multi-purpose, saving you the time and money buying two separate bottles.

    More importantly, besides being economical, it also has a break-resistant feature to support nail extensions. You can now rest easy in worrying about the nails breaking anytime soon, and it guarantees 21-day durability after application.

    How Do People Feel About The Nail Tips Series?

    Feel About The Nail Tips Series

    Product reviews are essential, and the measure of their effectiveness depends on what the consumers have to say about them. Hence, here are some honest thoughts from manicure enthusiasts after experiencing Beetles’ DIY nail kit.

    “What saving money and do it yourself looks like. I love it! I waited a week to Facebook post template my review to see how well they hold and is still holding. Its been almost 2 weeks and nails are still on🤭 by now one of my acrylics would have fallen off. Also less nail bed damage ❤️ 5 stars.”

    “Super amazing product, Just like other competitors but the price cannot be beat. Amazing hold never lifted and lasts until u want a new set. Highly recommend it!”

    “This is my first set using this kit and I feel like it came out sooooo good!!! It was very easy to use, and I’m so excited to use this as my go-to for cute acrylic nails in the future!”


    If you are thinking about trying a DIY nail kit, you have to consider three things; affordability, quality, and good review. It has to be within your budget, and the quality should be top-notch among competitors. Also, read product reviews to see if the product suits your taste.

    Thus, you can try the Nail Tips Series which offers competitive quality at an affordable price. Among all DIY nail kits in the market, this Beetles’ nail kit is one of the best products. So what are you waiting for? Visit and grab your Do-It-Yourself Nail Kit now!

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