10 Easy Peasy DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas No-Sew 2023

These DIY t-shirt cutting ideas, no-sew are easy and satisfying. Now, stop worrying about the clutter and start fashioning up.

You love your tee but that’s old and out-of-trend. Just thinking of parting ways with your favorite shirt makes your heart skip a beat. All the happy memories!

Here are a few DIY T-shirt cutting ideas, no-sew that you can try right now. The raw material can be your old shirts or the shirts of your partner.

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Things You Need For DIY T-Shirt Cutting Ideas

All of the following styles use simple raw materials and tools. Although some alterations require you to use cloth adhesives or even sewing, the styles under consideration need neither of the two.

Other than the shirt you would alter, you would only need chalk or a marker to mark the cuts and scissors.

1. Workout Top

Workout Top
Source: pinterest.com
  • The first one is a simple workout top that doesn’t require sewing or weaving.
  • You start with any shirt. It doesn’t have to be baggy but should be of your size.
  • This tutorial at WobiSobi asks you to fold the shirt horizontally. Then at the bottom, you have to mark a curve going down from the sides to the middle.
  • You will also have to mark the sleeves just below the arms.
  • The next step is to make the cuts – both at the bottom and beneath the sleeves. Make sure to leave a tiny part of the one the sleeve intact. Make strips from this sleeve and you can later use it to style a bow at one side of the shoulder.
  • Now, you have to turn the shirt on its back, and below the hem of the neck, mark an upside-down triangle.
  • Carefully cut it.
  • Your top is ready. Wear it to feel comfortable and fashionable.

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2. Cut Out Neckline Tee

Cut Out Neckline Tee
Source: icecreamandneondreams.com
  • This is a simple tee from Cutout and Keep that can take different styles and patterns. You can go with circular cuts or triangular cuts. Or you can create a pattern of different geometrical and non-geometrical shapes. Its versatility is another reason on top of the ease of attaining this style that makes the style more attractive.
  • Other than the basic materials required as above, you might as well need a cardboard sheet to cut out shapes with it.
  • Start with drawing and cutting shapes on the cardboard sheet.
  • Turn the shirt inside out. Lay the shirt with the front side facing upward. Below the neckline, place these cutouts. Once you have arranged them in an attractive pattern, use the chalk to mark the motif.
  • Cut the pieces carefully. Keep in mind that you will only cut the pieces on the front side of the shirt leaving the back as it is.
  • Your cutout neckline tee is ready to wear. You can accessorize it with a bright-colored tank.

3. Bright Halter Top

Bright Halter Top
Source: pinterest.com
  • This is a casual top that you can wear on any formal or casual occasion. Make sure that the color you have chosen for the shirt is pleasing and suitable for the occasions you have in mind. You can also modify the size to create a mini version of this top for your toddler.
  • Start with a men’s shirt. If you are worried it would be too large, know that it has to be large to look appealing.
  • Now, you have to mark the cuttings so turn the shirt inside out.
  • A couple of inches below the sleeves make a horizontal mark. This is the mark you will use to get rid of the top part of the shirt including the sleeves and neck.
  • But don’t cut just yet. Half an inch above this mark, you will have to draw an upward arrow. This arrow will cut two strips from the front side of the shirt so you will use them to tie the dress at the neck.
  • Leaving these strips at the front attached to the shirt, cut the shirt according to the marks.
  • This simple process will give you a complete halter top you can pair with jeans or shorts.

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4. Cut Off Tank

Cut Off Tank
Source: craftsyhacks.com
  • Looking for some breezy tops that let you enjoy your day-outs without sweating profusely? Here we are. This tank is the idea you are looking for. And it’s super-easy to create.
  • Start with a DIY t-shirt cutting ideas – of course!
  • You may want to mark the cuttings to avoid mistakes and to make both sides look similar. To do so, lay the shirt folded with both sleeves over each other.
  • Now, you have to mark a curve just below the seams starting from the shoulder and ending below the arm. Once marked, cut the curve.
  • And voila! Your tank is ready.
  • Use bandeaus below it to add shape and style.

5. Knotted and Exquisite

Knotted and Exquisite
Source: pinterest.com
  • Can you spare an hour to work on a shirt you loved? Yes, it takes time but the shirt will maintain its beauty and style even after styling up.
  • If you are committed, here is the whole process.
  • Get your beloved shirt out of the closet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in loose-fitting or tight-fitting. We can work with both.
  • If you want to ensure neatness, you should get a rotary cutter instead of scissors. You will also need a piece of cardboard to straighten your shirt over it.
  • The first cut will be on the collar. Fold the shirt with sleeves meeting each other to make this cut.
  • Now, you have to use the cardboard you have gotten. Place it inside the shirt and flatten the back of the shirt over it. It should be large enough to reach both sides of the shirt from the inside.
  • Use the rotary cutter to cut strips at the back. These cuts should be one inch apart and shouldn’t cut out a piece entirely.
  • Take the top strip and twist it.
  • The second strip will go through this loop.
  • Using the same method, weave all the strips except the bottom one. You will have to cut the bottom strip in half and tie a knot.
  • You may have to make the strips equal as you weave.
  • Once woven, your knotted top is ready.

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6. Trendy Top

Trendy Top
Source: livesozy.com
  • This top is just like the one we discussed earlier as knotted top but a lot simpler. Using basic tools, you can accomplish the look in less than ten minutes. And you don’t have to worry about finishing and neatness. The ease of the style makes sure that you will get a beautified finish if you take care to give the top a little stretch.
  • Any tee will do. Choose from baggy shirts to those that fit well your body.
  • You will have to first cut its neck opening just under the hem.
  • Flip your shirt so that the back is facing you. From the middle of the shirt, measure five inches towards each shoulder. You have to draw a semi-circle from one shoulder to another that should be 10 inches deep.
  • You have to make up to five slits across this circle.
  • Once the cuts are made, you have to stretch the shoulders somewhat to allow the splits to align themselves in curvy lines.
  • Complete the style by making a slit at one side at the bottom of the shirt. Tie the two ends.
  • Pair the top with jeans and feel free to flaunt.

7. Top with Heart Cutout

Top with Heart Cutout
Source: asos.com
  • This idea from MACTED will be presented on the back of your shirt. The style may look exquisite, but you don’t need extra tools to carry it out unless you go for a rotary cutter to guarantee neatness. Here is all you need to do to achieve this look.
  • Lay the shirt on a flat surface with its back facing you. Use chalk to draw a heart on the back. Separate the two halves of the heart by an inch.
  • Use the cutter – or scissors – strips on both sides of the heart. These strips will be one inch apart and will remain intact with the shirt.
  • Once cutting is complete, stretch these strips to let the edges of the cloth roll inside gaining a satisfying finished look.
  • You can pair the top with a black tank or a patterned bralette. You can also wear it on bare skin.

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8. A Summer Tank

A Summer Tank
Source: rosehiplanedesigns.com
  • Who doesn’t love easy peasy DIY solutions when it comes to a breezy yet trendy summer tank?! I do, so do you.
  • And it will only make the reward more exciting that the steps are overly simple and you only have to give two minutes of your precious time to get the tank ready.
  • Gather your supplies, ladies!
  • Once you have found the most suitable shirt, it’s time to cut its sleeves and neckline. You can get a deeper neck to make it more comfortable. Make sure you draw the curve before cutting the neckline so it remains symmetrical and neat.
  • Now, cut the back of your shirt so it reaches your hips.
  • You have to make a vertical cut from the bottom of the front of your shirt up to the middle. These two pieces will be used to tie the knot in the middle.
  • You can pair this tank from Some Dreaming Tree with a skirt, pants, or shorts.

9. One Shoulder No-Sew Tee

One Shoulder No-Sew Tee
Source: gap.com
  • This top from WobiSobi is simple and satisfying.
  • After laying your DIY t-shirt cutting ideas on the flat surface, you have to mark a curve from the bottom of one of the arms to the other shoulder crossing the neck opening. Cut this curve carefully.
  • Also, cut the other sleeve from its seam.
  • The strip on the shoulder should be wide enough to be halved. Make another cut to get two stripes. These will make two knots on the shoulder.
  • Cut another strip from the neck and sleeve cutout you have gotten earlier. Stretch it to even it out and make a flexible string.
  • Make a small cut in the bottom hem of the shirt and using a safety pin, thread this string through the hem.
  • Your single shoulder top is ready now.
  • Pair it with jeans or accessorize it with something more formal like a skirt and some jewelry.

10. Another Cutout T-Shirt

Another Cutout T-Shirt
Source: pinterest.com
  • This style from Love Maegan is different from the others you may have encountered. But it’s still just as easy.
    In addition to the regular supplies of chalk and scissors, you will also need a soft measuring tape.
  • After turning the wrong side out of your shirt, you have to flatten it on a smooth surface. Now, on the side of the shirt, place the edge of measuring tape. It should be one-fourth inch within the shirt’s seam. Trace the edge.
  • Repeat the process three to four more times. Cut carefully.
  • You can repeat the process for the other side or you can rely on one side’s seam only depending on your taste.
  • Note that if you don’t want to show your bra through these cuts, you should measure the height where these cuts wouldn’t go.

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Wrap Up

When you don’t want to throw away your beautiful shirts but you think you have worn them too many times, you know it’s time to upcycle them. Luckily, these DIY t-shirt cutting ideas, no-sew allow you to fashion up these pieces without much effort.

Not only these ideas don’t need sewing or other alteration methods, but they also don’t require lots of tools to get started. All you need for most of them is scissors and chalk along with the shirt you are up-cycling.

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