10 Tips to Take Care of The Scalp This Winter 2023

Are you frustrated with increasing dandruff during the winter? Do you want to get rid of them? To avoid dandruff, it is important to take proper care of your scalp. Follow the tips below and have a dandruff-free scalp this winter.


  • Maintain Good Diet

To get rid of dandruff, the most important thing you need to change is the food you eat. First, get sure of what diet you are following. Then, add nutrients like Vitamin B, Omega 3, and Zinc; these will improve the condition of the scalp. You can also go for rich foods like raw salads, fish, bananas, eggs, and spinach.

  • Increase Your Water Intake

One factor that causes dandruff in the winter is water consumption level. People tend to drink less water when it’s cold. As a result, the hydration level comes down, and the skin and scalp turn dry. This results in dandruff. To prevent it, increase your water intake. Drink at least 5 liters in the whole day. This will keep you well hydrated and maintain the moisture level on the scalp.

  • Oil Your Hair

Oiling the hair regularly is highly essential. It will keep your hair hydrated and protect it from all hair issues. The best way to use the oil is before the bath. Take a spoonful of coconut oil and slightly heat it. Along with the coconut oil, you can go for olive oil, almond oil, and castor oil. Some quality combinations of hair oils from Arkive provide great results; you can go for it! Oil up your hair from the roots to the tip. After an hour or two, wash it gently with a mild shampoo. This will reduce dandruff significantly.

  • Brush Regularly

Brushing your hair is one of the simplest ways to prevent dandruff. When the scalp is massaged by combing, blood circulation increases, and increased blood flow will lead to oil secretion, which will keep your scalp well nourished. To keep your scalp healthy and keep dandruff away, comb it regularly.

  • Reduce Stress

Stress can be a crucial reason behind getting dandruff. You need to keep yourself away from the tension and stress. High-level stress creates strains that lead to increased dandruff. You can do several activities to save yourself from the extra pressure and stress. Go for yoga sessions, work out and keep your mind calm. Focus on your sleeping pattern and hours. Maintain a balanced diet, and you will find a noticeable change in your scalp.

  • Avoid the Heat

Direct heat to your hair is one of the most common causes of dandruff during winter. The sun is not that hard during the winter, but people use hair dryers to dry their hair to avoid headaches and catching a cold. 

Hair dryers and ironing sticks should be avoided during the winter. They make the hair as well as the scalp dry. A dry scalp leads to more dandruff; instead of using this, heat blow a cotton cloth or let the hair dry naturally.

  • Stay Away from Hair Colors

When you go for hair color, several chemicals are used on your head. These chemicals lead to an itchy and irritated scalp. In addition, the complex head caring process has harsh shampoos, serums, and other chemical-filled products used. Keep your scalp away from these products to have a healthy dandruff-free scalp.

  • Go for Allicins

Allicins are great for preventing dandruff. Get onion juice or garlic juice containing allicins, and rub it on the scalp. Wash it off after 15 mins, and you will see amazing results.

  • Cut down on Sugar

High sugar can lead to many problems in the body. Increasing dandruff is one of them. With a high amount of sugar intake, your scalp becomes more oily. Due to this, the amount of dandruff eventually increases during the winter. However, you can switch to honey and jaggery instead of consuming excess sugar. This can solve your dandruff problem during the winter.

  • Change the Towel

Your towel plays a vital role in moderating your dandruff. Your Turkish towels feel very soft on your head, but it leads to more dandruff. In addition, the rough texture of Turkish towels is not so good for your wet hair. The best cloth to dry your hair is cotton. Cotton will help dry your hair quickly and reduce your fuzz. After you’re done with your hair wash, grab a cotton t-shirt and wipe your hair using this.


Yes, your dandruff will be gone this winter. Take proper care of your scalp and hair; they will never annoy you. With a proper diet and scalp maintenance, as the above-given tips, you can easily get a dandruff-free scalp this winter.

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