Wedding: 10 looks to Dress Up Your Daughter

Ever been invited to a family wedding but didn’t know how to dress up your small daughter. Considering their young age, what they wear is entirely the parents responsibility. These dresses are guaranteed to look the part.


When Choosing a Wedding Dress for Your Daughter, it is Crucial To Keep in Mind That

  • The child is growing hence you should buy a slightly bigger or stretchy dress beforehand.
  • The fabric of the dress depending on the formality of the wedding and the playfulness of the child.
  • Length of the dress depending on the age of the girl. Younger girls should have shorter dresses while older ones can have longer ones. 

Below Is a List of Ten Girls Dresses in a Wedding

  • Jessie Dress.
    Made of embroidered tulle, those girls dress was better suited for older flower girls who are less likely to trip over the dress’ floor length. The dress also has a somewhat traditional feel to it with a keyhole in the back to emphasize the design. The dress is made of quick-dry nylon and soft cotton giving your girl all day comfort and a day to remember.
  • Floral applique spaghetti strap dress.
    Made of Floral appliques and tulle, this dress is ideal for spring season and gives off a dreamy vibe. With its sleeveless design, the dress leaves a lot of room for the young girl to play around and dance without wardrobe malfunction. This dress is appropriate for both older and younger flower girls.
  • Ball Gown Dress.
    This dress is the absolute definition of royalty. Made of lace embroidered tulle and satin bow, this dress gives a dainty feel with a pinch of seriousness. It is an overall glamorous dress. Being a floor-length dress, it is ideal for older girls. Perfect for those elegant indoors weddings.
  • Satin Communion dress.
    The dress is stiff and conical based thanks to the thick satin material used to make it. It is better suited for older girls due to its length and stiffness.
  • Layered golden dress.
    Best for a wedding whose theme colors are deep just like the dresses. The top half is embroidered with gold-work while the bottom is layered with deep colors edged by thick golden strips. Best for all seasons.
  • Long sash dress.
    The dress is more formal and best suits a formal wedding with less activity. The dress is more suited for older girls as it bears the risk of tripping due to its length. It looks stylish and modern.
  • Beach dress.
    As the name suggests, this floral and plain chiffon dress is better suited for those weddings done at the warm beach or during summer. It is ideal for older and younger girls alike.
  • Lace dress.
    This simple dress is made from silk and lace. It is perfect for a wedding as it looks stylish yet simple. Best option especially if the girl is not a flower girl. The dress is best suited for a warm climate.
  • Scoop A-line dress.
    Made from white silk satin material and organza, this nice looking floor-length dress is perfect for christian weddings. The edges of the scoops should be lined with the wedding theme color. The dress portrays discipline as depicted in christian society.
  • Auzerais bow dress.                                                                                                                                          This stunning sleeveless wedding dress combines a bow and an asymmetrical hemline which are both trendy fashion. Perfect for a garden wedding. The dress is a nice pick for spring and summer time.

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