How to Maintain a Positive Body Image When You Have Eczema? 2023

Self-love can be challenging at the best of times. However, things can become especially difficult when skin conditions threaten to undermine any progress you make cream.

By controlling mild cases with the help of eczema cream and prescribed antibiotics, you can lead yourself to some form of acceptance.

A topic eczema can be common but can still feel somewhat isolating for people to experience. Unfortunately, cases of eczema can also vary in severity too, inflicting a spectrum of distress upon sufferers. Real pain can be experienced here for prolonged periods, further complicating the notions of what a positive body image can entail.

Still, it’s important to have hope on your side. You can do many things to maintain a positive body image for yourself if you have eczema. We’ve tried to detail what some of these efforts could be down below.

Exert Greater Control

Something like eczema can be frantically worried about at all times of the day. However, it’s possible to worsen a flare-up of eczema by stressing about it. Things can seem wildly out of control after that.

It could be a good idea to research more about the condition so that you can gain a deeper understanding of symptoms and treatment options. Read about the potential of alternative remedies, such as shampoos, ointments, tablets, pain relief medication, and more.

Unfortunately, there is no cure, but further reading will soon help you control symptoms and realise that you’re not helpless. Ensure you’re getting your information from a credible medical source.

By controlling the symptoms, you can lead yourself to some form of acceptance. You can set realistic expectations for how you’ll mitigate eczema’s presence in your life. Soon you might learn to tolerate it, and shortly after that, a sense of empowerment can be felt, despite the limitations and insecurities the condition can sometimes bring. You’ll have the final say on how much it affects you.

Remember, it’s not about eliminating or ignoring eczema but confronting it daily. That effort can build a huge amount of mental and emotional resilience!

Explore Pscyhodermatology

Your mind has a close relationship with every part of your body, including your skin. Therefore, psychological treatments and techniques may help you maintain a positive body image when you have eczema.

Research what therapy consists of for people with skin disorders and see if it’s for you. Psychodermatology will deal with your self-esteem, social interactions, and stress levels and how they can all correspond to your skin condition. Cognitive behaviour therapy appointments can be weekly and last anywhere between 1-12 weeks, depending on the progress you feel you make.

Eczema can distort much of what you think about the world and yourself. Instead of losing yourself to constant bouts of pessimism, start rearranging the building blocks of your self-confidence with trained mental well-being professionals.

Think About Famous Faces

The entertainment world has long had a reputation for defining ideas of ‘perfection’ in people. However, times are changing, and the industry has begun embracing ideas of authenticity and difference.

For example, many famous figures have been open about skin conditions they experience. It may be worth reading their stories. Others spreading awareness of what you’re going through is crucial. In reading this material, you may not just feel a sense of self-acceptance but inspiration also. Empowerment can be uplifting whether you experience it directly or second hand.

Of course, some of these artists and performers can look radiant despite the presence of their skin conditions too. Because so much of the body image world is hugely influenced by celebrity culture, engaging with the more positive side could help you significantly.

Speak to Cherished Loved Ones

Surround yourself with loved ones who can effortlessly see past any self-perceived flaws of yours. Allow their love and affection to inform your perspective on these matters.
Remember, many people in your life would love you unconditionally.

Once you’re in such people’s company, you may forget about your skin condition entirely, or at least not as much. They may not even consciously play down your battle with eczema and instead prove a reliable distraction from your woes. To them, you’re just a loved one.

Of course, many young people blame social media for their unhappiness, and there could be truth in this. Edited images and selfies often circulate online, setting unachievable goals for the viewers. Many users will bombard their thousands of followers with such content, attempting to impress mostly strangers. If you find yourself overwhelmed in this world, it might be time to step away.

By predominantly talking to cherished loved ones about the issue, you can stop comparing yourself to the impossible expectations of others. You can keep yourself anchored to a strong sense of reality, stay grounded, and love yourself for who you are.


Every sufferer of eczema will have a different experience when attempting to maintain a positive body image for themselves. However, it’s possible to make progress by loosening the condition’s hold over your life.

Learn more about eczema, explore different treatment plans, find inspiration, and imbed yourself in a loving group of friends and family. After that, your eczema-related woes may weigh less heavily.

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