35 Cool Edgar Cut Hairstyles – Be Ready for the New Hair Trend

In the world of men’s hairstyles, the Edgar haircut has made a remarkable comeback, redefining classic elegance and contemporary fashion. This iconic style, popularized by American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe, offers a distinctive and timeless appeal. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your hair, look no further.

In this article, we’ve curated 35 Edgar haircut ideas that will inspire your next salon visit.

1. The Edgar Pompadour: Classic Meets Modern

Edgar Pompadour
Source: allthingshair.com

Combining classic sophistication with a modern twist, the Edgar Pompadour features a high, voluminous pompadour on top, coupled with a clean, tapered back and sides. It’s a stylish reinterpretation of the traditional Edgar cut, commanding attention wherever you go.

2. The Clean-Shaven Edgar

2. The Clean-Shaven Edgar
Source: Pinterest.com

For a clean-cut look, embrace the Clean-Shaven Edgar. This style boasts closely cropped hair all over, highlighting your facial features. It’s a minimalist approach that exudes simplicity and sophistication.

3. The Edgar Quiff: Textured Excellence

Edgar Quiff
Source: Pinterest.com

The Edgar Quiff adds textural charm to the classic haircut. With a front-focused quiff and shorter sides, it exudes effortless ruggedness and chic style, making it perfect for those who seek a hint of rebellion in their appearance.

4. The Edgar Undercut: Edgy and Bold

Edgar Undercut
Source: haircutinspiration.com

Looking to make a statement? The Edgar Undercut is a game-changer. It pairs a high-contrast undercut with a longer top, offering versatile styling options and exuding confidence and attitude.

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5. The Curly Edgar: Embrace Your Natural Texture

curly edgar
Source: Pinterest.com

Embrace your natural curls with the Curly Edgar. While maintaining the signature Edgar cut on top, it lets your curls shine, celebrating individuality and style.

6. The Tousled Edgar: Carefree Elegance

Tousled Edgar
Source: edgarhaircut.com

For a relaxed and carefree look, opt for the Tousled Edgar. It features slightly messy, texturized hair on top and short sides, radiating effortless charm and an “I woke up like this” appeal.

7. The Edgar Side Part: Timeless Sophistication

Edgar Side Part
Source: menshaircuts.com

Add a touch of timeless sophistication with the Edgar Side Part. This style defines a crisp side part with the classic Edgar top, perfect for formal occasions and daily wear, offering a polished and refined appearance.

8. The Colored Edgar: Vibrant Expression

Colored Edgar
Source: dezayno.com

Express yourself boldly with the Colored Edgar. Inject vibrant highlights or a daring new shade to transform your Edgar haircut completely, allowing for self-expression and creativity.

9. The Tapered Edgar: Gradual Versatility

Tapered Edgar
Source: edgarhaircut.com

The Tapered Edgar offers a gradual transition from shorter sides to a slightly longer top, providing versatility for experimenting with different looks while preserving the essence of the Edgar cut.

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10. The Classic Edgar: Time-Tested Elegance

Classic Edgar haircut
Source: Pinterest.com

The Classic Edgar, timeless and refined, embodies the traditional Edgar cut with a well-defined top and closely cropped sides and back, radiating an everlasting sense of elegance.

11. The Messy Edgar: Effortless Cool

Messy Edgar
Source: hoodmwr.com

If you’re all about an effortlessly cool appearance, the Messy Edgar is your choice. This style features a disheveled top and shorter sides, projecting laid-back charm with a hint of rebellion.

12. The Textured Crop Edgar: Subtle Detailing

Textured Crop Edgar
Source: Pinterest.com

For those who appreciate subtle detailing, the Textured Crop Edgar fits the bill. It adds texture and depth to the classic Edgar cut, making it the perfect choice for an understated style.

13. The Modern Edgar: Sleek and Defined

Modern Edgar
Source: fashioninclusive.com

Step into the modern era with the Modern Edgar. It maintains the classic top but adds a sharp, defined edge, making it a perfect choice for a contemporary twist on a timeless style.

14. The Edgar Fringe: Face-Framing Elegance

Edgar Fringe
Source: Pinterest.com

The Edgar Fringe is all about framing your face elegantly. It features a longer front fringe while keeping the sides and back neat and trimmed, providing a chic and polished appearance.

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15. The Short and Sweet Edgar: Minimalistic Charm

Short and Sweet Edgar
Source: Pinterest.com

For a minimalistic and charming look, go for the Short and Sweet Edgar. With a shorter top and neatly trimmed sides, it exudes effortless charm and simplicity.

16. The Retro Edgar: Time-Traveling Style

Retro Edgar
Source: Pinterest.com

Take a trip back in time with the Retro Edgar. It combines the Edgar cut with a retro flair, perfect for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics with a modern twist.

17. The Edgar Mohawk: Rocker Vibes

Edgar Mohawk: Rocker Vibes
Source: Pinterest.com

Embrace your inner rocker with the Edgar Mohawk. It features a pronounced center strip of longer hair, standing out boldly and expressing your love for music and rebellion.

18. The Feathered Edgar: Light and Airy

Feathered Edgar
Source: edgarhaircut.com

For a light and airy feel, opt for the Feathered Edgar. It adds soft, feathered layers on top while maintaining a clean-cut appearance on the sides and back.

19. The Business Edgar: Office-Ready Elegance

The Business Edgar
Source: fashionbeans.com

Looking for a professional appearance? The Business Edgar is perfect for the office. It features a neatly styled top and clean-cut sides, radiating sophistication and professionalism.

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20. The Shaggy Edgar: Effortless Appeal

Shaggy Edgar
Source: hoodmwr.com

The Shaggy Edgar offers effortless appeal with a shaggy, tousled top and shorter sides, perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

21. The Slicked-Back Edgar: Timeless Elegance

Slicked-Back Edgar
Source: Source: hoodmwr.com

Achieve timeless elegance with the Slicked-Back Edgar. It features a sleek, well-groomed top that’s combed back, exuding sophistication and refined style.

22. The Edgar with Beard: Masculine Allure

Edgar with Beard
Source: beardstyle.net

Combine your Edgar haircut with a well-maintained beard for a touch of masculine allure. This style enhances your facial features and creates a striking, harmonious look.

23. The Rebel Edgar: Edgy and Unconventional

The Rebel Edgar: Edgy and Unconventional
Source: beardoholic.com

Unleash your inner rebel with the Rebel Edgar. It’s all about breaking the mold with a disheveled top and closely cropped sides, projecting edginess and unconventional charm.

24. The Edgar High-Top Fade: Bold and Trendy

The Edgar High-Top Fade: Bold and Trendy
Source: dmarge.com

The Edgar High-Top Fade offers a bold and trendy take on the classic cut. It features a high top with a sharp fade on the sides, making a distinct and fashion-forward statement.

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25. The Edgar Faux Hawk: Stylish and Youthful

The Edgar Faux Hawk: Stylish and Youthful
Source: Pinterest.com

Opt for a stylish and youthful appearance with the Edgar Faux Hawk. It maintains the Edgar cut on top while creating a faux hawk-inspired look, radiating style and vibrancy.

26. The Wavy Edgar: Ocean-Inspired Texture

Wavy Edgar: Ocean-Inspired Texture
Source: dezayno.com

Embrace the relaxed vibes of the ocean with the Wavy Edgar. It suits wavy hair perfectly, maintaining the signature Edgar top while allowing natural waves to flow freely.

27. The Artistic Edgar: Unique Expression

designs or patterns to your Edgar cut
Source: therighthairstyles.com

The Artistic Edgar is all about unique expression. It lets you add intricate designs or patterns to your Edgar cut, showcasing your creative and artistic side.

28. The Textured Sides Edgar: Understated Detail

The Textured Sides Edgar
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Add understated detailing to your Edgar cut with the Textured Sides Edgar. It focuses on texture and layers on the sides while keeping the top clean and sharp.

29. The Edgar Buzz Cut: Military Precision

Edgar Buzz Cut
Source: edgarhaircut.com

For a look that exudes military precision, choose the Edgar Buzz Cut. It features closely cropped hair, projecting a strong and disciplined appearance.

30. The Edgar with Tapered Beard: Refined Masculinity

Edgar with Tapered Beard
Source: thetrendscout.com

Pair your Edgar haircut with a tapered beard for a refined masculine appearance. This combination enhances your facial features and exudes strength and elegance.

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31. The Edgar with Fade: Sharp and Defined

Edgar with Fade
Source: Pinterest.com

The Edgar with Fade is all about sharpness and definition. It combines the classic top with a clean, sharp fade on

the sides, making a striking and defined statement.

32. The Hipster Edgar: Quirky Charm

The Hipster Edgar: Quirky Charm
Source: Pinterest.com

Embrace a quirky charm with the Hipster Edgar. It pairs the Edgar top with unconventional elements, showcasing your unique and hipster-inspired style.

33. The Edgar Bowl Cut: Retro Nostalgia

Edgar Bowl Cut
Source: Pinterest.com

Channel retro nostalgia with the Edgar Bowl Cut. It brings back the classic bowl shape while maintaining the essence of the Edgar cut, making a vintage statement.

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34. The Edgar Crew Cut: Timeless Simplicity

Edgar Crew Cut
Source: hairmanz.com

For timeless simplicity, opt for the Edgar Crew Cut. It features a neatly cropped top and clean-cut sides, projecting a no-nonsense and classic appearance.

35. The Edgar Tapered Mullet: Bold and Daring

Edgar Tapered Mullet
Source: dmarge.com

To make a bold and daring statement, go for the Edgar Tapered Mullet. It combines the Edgar top with a mullet-inspired back, projecting a unique and audacious look.


The Edgar haircut offers various options to suit your personality and style. Whether you prefer classic elegance, modern twists, or edgy expressions, there’s an Edgar haircut that fits your preferences. Choosing the right barber or stylist is vital to achieving the perfect Edgar cut.

So, explore these 35 Edgar haircut ideas and step out confidently, making a bold fashion statement that sets you apart from the crowd. Your hair is your canvas; let your unique style shine through.

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