Europe has always been at the forefront of bold and innovative fashion and beauty trends. This holds for the continent’s cutting-edge hairstyles that are making waves worldwide. From chic pixies to elaborate braids, European hair trends manage to be simultaneously classic yet on-trend.

    In this post, we will showcase 50 of the most popular European hairstyles that are poised to be huge in 2024. You are guaranteed to find a gorgeous new look whether you have straight, curly, short, or long locks.

    Let’s dive into the top European hairstyle inspiration!

    Inspiring European Hairstyles

    Europe has long influenced hair trends worldwide. Precision cutting and attention to detail from European hairstylists have paved the way for innovative styles.

    In the following section, we’ll explore some of the most popular European hairstyles making waves right now. From textured pixies to braided crowns, these looks embody European originality and flair.

    1. The Effortless French Bob

    The Effortless French Bob

    This chic, Parisian-inspired look features a blunt cut bob hitting at the collarbone. The ends are lightly textured for movement. Loose waves add undone glamour.

    2. Bardot-Inspired Loose Waves

    Bardot-Inspired Loose Waves

    Channel ’60s French beauty Brigitte Bardot with voluminous, tousled waves. A deep side part and face-framing layers keep the style fresh and modern.

    3. The Textured Pixie Cut

    Textured Pixie Cut

    This edgy pixie cut has tapered sides and back with longer layers on top. Effortless volume and choppy piece-y texture give off a cool, undone vibe.

    4. The Tousled Shag

    The Tousled Shag

    This mid-length shag cut has lots of choppy layers perfect for natural texture and movement. Flip ends outward for an edgy peekaboo effect.

    5. 90s-Chic Layered Cut

    90s-Chic Layered Cut

    Revive the 90s with this medium layered cut grazing the shoulders. Subtle highlights and flipped out ends embody carefree, minimalist chic.

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    6. Sleek High Ponytail

    Sleek High Ponytail

    Pull back hair into a polished, bone-straight ponytail for a clean, elegant look. Use styling products to smooth flyaways and knots.

    7. Half-Up Fishtail Braid

    Half-Up Fishtail Braid

    Fishtail braid the top section while leaving bottom layers loose for a romantic, boho vibe. Piece-y face-framing strands soften the style.

    8. Face-Framing Curtain Bangs

    Face-Framing Curtain Bangs (1)

    Light, wispy bangs grazing both cheeks instantly frame the face. Tuck sides behind ears or style with waves.

    9. Shoulder-Grazing Layers

    Shoulder-Grazing Layers

    Ask for stacked, face-flattering layers cut to skim just below the shoulders. The medium length is versatile for loose or curled textures.

    10. The Classic Chignon Bun

    Classic Chignon Bun

    Pull hair tightly back into a low bun at the nape of the neck. Twist into a chignon shape and secure for elegance.

    11. Piece-y Beach Waves

    Piece-y Beach Waves

    Create cool, beachy texture by twisting small sections of damp hair around your finger. Scrunch and add sea salt spray.

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    12. Retro Finger Waves

    Retro Finger Waves

    Channel Great Gatsby glamour with sculpted deep waves. Use a tail comb to set ridges across sections of damp hair.

    13. Edgy Undercut Pixie

    Edgy Undercut Pixie-european hairstyles

    Shave the underside and back while leaving the top longer. Spiky layers and cropped bangs create striking dimension.

    14. The Textured Lob

    The Textured Lob-european hairstyles

    Go for movement and volume with this angled long bob grazing the collarbones. Light point cutting removes bulk while adding flow.

    15. Dual Dutch Braids

    Dual Dutch Braids-european hairstyles

    Intricately braid two Dutch braids along each side of the part. Join together into one braid down the back.

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    16. The Romantic Updo

    The Romantic Updo-european hairstyles

    Elegantly sweep hair over one shoulder into a low twisted chignon at the nape of the neck. Loose strands add softness.

    17. Sculpted Mid-Length Curls

    Sculpted Mid-Length Curls-european hairstyles

    Shape waist-length curls into soft ringlets. Create a side part and lightly pull curls apart for a touchable finish.

    18. Crimped Mermaid Waves

    Crimped Mermaid Waves-european hairstyles

    Add major volume and texture by crimping sections of hair from roots to ends. Finish with sea salt spray for beachy waves.

    19. Wispy Bangs & Layers

    Wispy Bangs & Layers-european hairstyles

    Lighten up long locks with wispy side-swept bangs. Stacked layers through the midlengths and ends encourage movement.

    20. Bold Platinum Blonde

    Bold Platinum Blonde

    Make a dramatic change by going platinum blonde. The striking color pops against darker brows and skin tones.

    21. Cherry Red Ombre Color Melt

    Cherry Red Ombre Color Melt

    Vibrant cherry red ombre color gives way to deeper auburn lowlights on the bottom. The seamless melt is rich and romantic.

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    22. Rose Gold Balayage

    Rose Gold Balayage

    Soft rose gold highlights woven through dark brunette hair create dimensional mermaid locks. Styled in loose waves for added intrigue.

    23. Bronde Beachy Waves

    Bronde Beachy Waves

    Sun-kissed “bronde” balayage with warm golden highlights swept through brown hair. Scrunched texture makes waves look naturally wavy.

    24. Vintage Victory Rolls

    Vintage Victory Rolls

    Sculpt two dramatic front rolls that cascade into voluminous curls down the back for retro 1940s style.

    25. Bouncy Voluminous Curls

    Bouncy Voluminous Curls

    Enhance natural curls or add major body with a diffuser attachment. Lift hair at the roots and scrunch for maximum volume.

    26. The Classic French Twist

    Classic French Twist

    Elegantly twist sections of hair into a knot at the back of the head. Leave some pieces loose in the front and secure with pins.

    27. Half-Down Braided Crown

    Half-Down Braided Crown

    Part hair down the middle. Braid two sections along the crown and join together into one braid across the back.

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    28. Low Swept-Back Bun

    Low Swept-Back Bun

    Part hair deeply and brush back into a neatly coiled bun at the nape of the neck for sophisticated polish.

    29. Piece-y Platinum Pixie

    Piece-y Platinum Pixie

    Go bold with a platinum pixie cut. Spiked layers on top create loads of texture and volume for an edgy style.

    30. 90s inspired Crimped Layers

    90s inspired Crimped Layers

    Get major 90s nostalgia with crimped texture from roots to ends of medium layered locks. Part down the middle and style the face-framing pieces forward.

    31. The Textured Bob

    The Textured Bob

    This collarbone-grazing Bob flatters all face shapes. Point cutting creates broken up ends full of movement and dimension.

    32. Face-Framing Highlights

    Face-Framing Highlights (1)

    Warm golden highlights around the face add dimension while softly accentuating your best features.

    33. Soft Babylights

    Soft Babylights

    Subtle golden blonde babylights placed throughout the hair lend a sunlight-kissed look. Ultra flattering for enhancing hair color.

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    34. The Curly Shag

    The Curly Shag

    Embrace natural texture with a curly shag cut! Shorter layers cut throughout allow curls to spring to life.

    35. Braided Top Knot Bun

    Braided Top Knot Bun

    Intricately braid the crown area into a top knot bun at the crown. Wispy curled tendrils soften the look.

    36. Bold Undercut Style

    Bold Undercut Style

    Buzz the underside short to create eye-catching contrast against longer pieces left on top. Push the top section back or style forward.

    37. Wavy Angled Bob

    Wavy Angled Bob-european hairstyles

    Get gorgeous dimension by asking for textured, choppy layers in an asymmetrical angled bob just brushing the shoulders.

    38. Sleek High Bun

    Sleek High Bun-european hairstyles

    Pull hair tightly back into a rounded bun placed high at the crown of the head. Sleek edges complete the elegant, sophisticated updo.

    39. Rose Gold Hair Color

    Rose Gold Hair Color-european hairstyles

    Stand out with an overall application of shimmering rose gold hair color. The romantic pinkish hue looks especially pretty on brunettes.

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    40. Triple Braided Mohawk

    Triple Braided Mohawk-european hairstyles

    Section off three strips of hair in an inverted mohawk pattern. Intricately Dutch braid each section then lightly tease and hairspray to stay put.

    41. Long Crimped Hairstyle

    Long Crimped Hairstyle-european hairstyles

    For drama, take waist-length strands and crimp them from roots to ends. Creating tons of voluminous texture that’s full of glamour.

    42. Wavy Bob with Bangs

    Wavy Bob with Bangs-european hairstyles

    Go for soft texture with loose waves throughout a medium length bob. Full straight across fringe adds retro allure.

    43. Half-Up Space Buns

    Half-Up Space Buns-european hairstyles

    Evenly divide hair into two high buns, leaving the rest loose. Add texture by lightly backcombing and teasing the ends.

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    44. Twisted Top Knot Bun

    Twisted Top Knot Bun-european hairstyles
    Source: Glamour UK

    Tie hair into a top knot at the crown. Gather the ends and twist into a coil shape before wrapping into the bun for added interest.

    45. Messy Fishtail Side Braid

    Messy Fishtail Side Braid-european hairstyles

    Lazily fishtail braid a section of hair along one side of the head. Leave the rest of the hair down in an undone style.

    46. Piece-y Chin-Length Bob

    Piece-y Chin-Length Bob-european hairstyles

    Choppy disconnected layers cut to hit at the chin lend tons of volume and movement to fine hair. Workable styling products enhance texture.

    47. Frosted Tips

    Frosted Tips-european hairstyles

    Channel 90s/2000s nostalgia by lightening the midlengths and ends into a frosted blondish tone. Looks rad with cropped cuts.

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    48. Brunette Ombre

    Brunette Ombre-european hairstyles

    Deep chocolate brown ombres into warm caramel highlights on the lower half of the hair. Long layers encourage seamless blending between tones.

    49. Stacked Inverted Bob

    Stacked Inverted Bob-european hairstyles

    Shorter layers stacked in the back graduate down to longer pieces in the front. This inverted angle flatters round face shapes nicely.

    50. Cornrow Braided Style

    Cornrow Braided Style-european hairstyles

    Cornrow braids folded into intricate designs close to the scalp make a striking statement. Show off your texture with this eye-catching braided style.


    There are so many gorgeous European hairstyles making waves in 2024 from chic bobs to intricately braided updos. These cutting-edge looks are sure to inspire you to shake up your style.

    Embrace european hair trends to look effortlessly put-together and fashion-forward! Which trending hair look was your favorite from this list? Let us know!

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