Keep Your Eye Makeup Looking Good All Day | 5 Tips 2023

You don’t want to invest money in eye makeup only to find it doesn’t last all day. You may spend time perfecting your eyeshadow only to find that it creases or smudges everywhere.

Your mascara may end up running or flaking and end up around your eyes rather than on your lashes.

Sometimes the products you use are unsuited to your skin type or more likely to smudge than others. Read on to discover some tips on how to keep eye makeup looking good all day.

Opt For A Tubing Mascara Or Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions

Plenty of mascaras promise to be waterproof and long-wearing but don’t live up to the promise.

If you have raccoon eyes by lunchtime, you may want to try tubing mascara. The formula is perfect for you if your mascara tends to smudge or you have sensitive eyes.

It coats your lashes in polymers which makes it long wearing, but it is still easy to remove.

One way to make sure your eye makeup lasts is to opt for lash extensions. Lilac St, Ardell and Vavalash offer DIY eyelash extensions that look just like natural looking long lashes.

The unique application method and long-lasting adhesive guarantee that they will last, and no one will even know you’re wearing extensions.

You can apply them in 10 minutes, and they will last for a week. You don’t even have to worry about applying mascara every day when wearing these eyelash extensions.

Use The Right Makeup Tools

Use The Right Makeup Tools

Using your fingertips or any old brush that’s available may be convenient, but this isn’t advisable if you want your eye makeup to last. Using the right brushes ensures the application is precise and focused.

A flat brush is best for pressing and building up pigments, an angular brush for defining a crease, and a dome-shaped soft one for blending.

It is very important to keep any tools you use on your eyes clean. If brushes are dirty, the bristles become harder, and it is more difficult to apply the product in even layers which helps it to last longer.

Buildup on a brush can also add unwanted oil that increases the chances of smudging and creasing.

Make Sure Your Eyelids Are Hydrated And Primed

If your eye makeup always looks patchy, it could be because your eyelid skin is too dry.

This skin is thinner than any other skin on your face, so it’s prone to dryness. Using a hydrating eye cream can help, and one without oil or fragrance is best. Your eyelids can get oily, so if you add oil, your eye makeup is likely to slip off.

Don’t use foundation or concealer on your eyelids as they usually contain oil which means your eye shadow may not stay in place.

What you should use is an eye primer to control oil throughout the day. A good eye primer with a water-resistant crème formula provides a smooth base for application and will cling to pigments, so your eye shadow lasts longer and looks brighter.

Use An Eye Shadow Powder Rather Than a Cream and Layer the Right Amount

If you want your eyeshadow to last, use a powder rather than a cream. A cream formula is likely to mix with any oil on your lids and crease. A matte eye shadow will help to give you a fade-proof and crease-proof finish.

If you don’t want your eyeshadow to crease, you need to layer it the right amount.

Applying too many layers because of poor pigmentation can increase the chances of creasing. Use a well-pigmented powder and build the effect with up to four thin layers on top of your primer for a vibrant look that stays in place.

Invest In a Makeup Setting Spray

woman using spry on face

Setting spray doesn’t just set your foundation but can also keep your eye makeup in place.

Lightly spritz the spray over your face, and your eyes and your eye makeup will stay put all day.

You can even spray some setting spray on your brush before you apply your eyeshadow.

This will prevent it from creasing and make it look brighter. A spray with a lightweight, hydrating formula will prevent smudges, creasing, cracks and fine lines.

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