Must-Have Tops for a Fashionable Wardrobe 2023

You might be standing in front of your overflowing wardrobe with what feels like a million shirt options, wondering if they are all necessary. And the truth is, they aren’t. However, it is easy to create a capsule wardrobe by purchasing key styles of shirts and tops that will carry you throughout the year.

Whether it is throwing a button-down over cheeky unlined bras or adding frill and femininity with a lace top, narrowing down your options to classic pieces will end up expanding your outfit choices year-round. 

The Button-Down

The button-down shirt is probably the most versatile piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. With the immense availability of designs, colors, and fabrics, you will find a variation to suit every situation in life, from a formal business meeting to a beachside vacation.

For more casual options, opt for softer shades in materials like cotton and linen. They can be worn over crop tops, swimsuits, sun dresses, or paired with shorts and skirts. For more formal occasions, avoid patterns and choose neutral tones like black, white, or silver in materials like structured cotton or silk for a more feminine choice.  

The Peplum

Peplum tops are the epitome of feminine and chic design and are pretty underestimated by many people. This is primarily due to the belief that they are a passing trend that only suits specific body types. However, these assumptions are untrue as they have remained in fashion for years, serving women with petite bodies and fuller figures. 

Because of the fit and flair nature of this style, a peplum top is best paired with pants of some kind. They can be fitted trousers for a more formal look or fitted jeans if you are dressing casually. A fitted bottom allows the shirt’s design to be the main focus, creating a more balanced silhouette.  

The Long Shirt

The Long Shirt

A long shirt is any top with a hemline that reaches the middle of your thigh or lower. They are traditionally made with buttons up the front, giving you flexibility regarding how many buttons you have closed, as it can start to hinder your mobility further down. 

They are incredibly stylish and can be worn partially open over jeans or shorts during summer, fitted trousers for a chic evening look, or alone as a casual dress option. Of course, the length of the shirt itself is entirely up to you and what you personally feel looks best. However, if this trend feels too much for you, you can achieve a similar effect with an oversized button-down. 

The Silk Blouse

Silk blouses are incredibly versatile and very feminine. They are a play on the traditional cotton blouse we all know, but with an added touch of elegance and sophistication. Thanks to their overall effect, they are appropriate for the office and a night out with friends, extending their use.

Style it the same way you would style any regular blouse in your closet, but remember that silk as a fabric works quite differently from cotton. It is more lightweight and flowy and fits the body slightly differently. This could change the size or cut you are looking to purchase. 

The Lace Blouse

If silk isn’t your preferred material, or you want additional options for casual and office-appropriate tops, look no further than the lace blouse. This has been a staple for many women over the years, and the lace overlay is the perfect accessory to this girly wardrobe item.

It can be matched with a pair of dark wash jeans and heels for date night, lighter jeans and sneakers for Sunday brunch, or fitted cigarette trousers and loafers for your next boardroom meeting. And thanks to the lace detailing, your primary accessory choice has been made for you.

The White Tee

hite shirt

The white t-shirt is a must-have for both the casual and formal sides of your closet. It can be worn throughout the year, in any season, and is the perfect neutral base to build on. You can easily dress it down for any occasion, wear it over or under a summer dress, and it is the perfect addition to any semi-formal attire when styled correctly.

The key to finding the perfect t-shirt is figuring out which neckline is most flattering for you. It will largely influence the shirt’s fit and change the formality level. For example, a v-neck shirt would be more formal than a crew neck shirt. Mix and match according to the social event you are attending.

The Statement Top

No outfit is ever complete without making a statement. Usually, this is achieved with stylish handbags, bold jewelry, or chic heels. But making a clothing item the standout piece will create the most significant impact.

Finding shirts adorned with delicate sequins, pretty embellishments, or dramatic open backs will give you the instant ‘wow’ factor with minimal effort. With pieces like these, keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral, so it doesn’t compete to be the main focus and instead highlights the dramatics of your shirt.

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