Water is a natural resource and an essential ingredient in life on Earth. Humans are approximately 60% water, it fills cells and aids in electrical reactions within your body. It also ensures the smooth passage of nutrients into cells and toxins out of cells.

    Without water, most humans will last just three days. Staying hydrated is essential for your physical and mental health. That’s why experts recommend you drink eight large glasses of water a day.

    Of course, it can be hard to remember to drink, especially when you’re not near a water source. To prevent this from being an issue it’s a good idea to invest in the latest water coolers both in the office and at home.

    The Problem With Water

    The water that comes out of your tap is not necessarily clean or the best to drink. This is because it is treated with chemicals and can be contaminated on its way to you. That’s why many people use water coolers and filters.

    You’ll notice the difference in taste as your water is less metallic. But, regardless of how you treat the water, it can become boring to drink eight glasses a day.

    That’s why many people turn to flavoured water. Adding a little flavour can make it much more enjoyable to drink water.

    The Flavouring Makes A Difference

    naturally flavoured water

    There is a big difference between naturally flavoured water and artificially flavoured. When the taste of water is adjusted artificially, it means additives and sweeteners have been added to change and improve the flavour. They can taste great but they can also be addictive thanks to the amount of sugar in the water.

    Worst of all, artificially flavoured water doesn’t offer the health benefits associated with water. It can add to your daily calorie count and introduce an array of chemicals into your body.

    These are not necessarily good for you. Of course, if you’re used to drinking soda and other high-sugar drinks, this type of flavoured water is significantly better for you, even if not as healthy as naturally flavoured water.

    In contrast, naturally flavoured water is that which has been infused with a flavour. The easiest way to do this is to have a glass of water and add a slice or two of fruit to it. You can do this in a glass or a jar and keep it cool in the refrigerator.

    You can also purchase bottled water with a fruit infusion. You simply need to check that the ingredients consist of just water and fruit. This will help to ensure you have all the benefits of the water without any detrimental effects.

    Naturally, flavoured water helps to drink more water, it can calm your mood, and can ensure you are fully hydrated. That is particularly useful in hot weather and after a workout. You can even use it to help you detoxify and perhaps lose weight.

    But, you do need to verify that it is naturally infused water.

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