Season’s Hottest: Hair Color Trends and Ideas for Men we Love

Hair color for men has become much more common, creative, and expressive. While natural and classic colors remain popular, bolder dyes give gents freedom to get creative.

The right color can enhance your cut, bring out your best facial features, and let you put your own spin on traditional hairstyles. Before leaping, consider your hair texture, complexion, and sense of style.

Read on for twenty of the most popular current hair color trends and ideas for men.

20 Trendsetting Hair Color Ideas for Men

1. Silver Fox Grey

Silver Fox Grey hair men

Going grey is a significant trend, giving off a stylish, sophisticated vibe. Use a dark charcoal grey for a nuanced look. Focus on cool tones near your temples for a professional way to rock the salt and pepper style.

2. Beach Blonde Highlights

Beach Blonde Highlights

Golden blonde highlights mixed in with brown hair liven up your look with carefree surfer flair. Focus bright streaks on the tips and top layers for a sun-kissed style.

3. Copper Spice Brown

Copper Spice Brown

Warm up cool brown locks with dimensional copper lowlights. The reddish-brown tones inject brightness and sheen for natural-looking enhancement.

4. Royal Blue Tips

Royal Blue Tips

Make a statement with vibrant royal blue tips. This unexpected pop of color looks edgy and stylish when paired with short sides and textured hair on top.

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5. Lavender Grey

Lavender Grey hair men

Try a muted pastel lavender grey all over, or concentrate on the fringe and tips. This soft yet unusual hue puts a stylish spin on going grey.

6. Blood Orange Fade

Blood Orange Fade

The fiery blood orange color concentrated on the top and sides stands out on fades and short men’s styles. Let your natural roots show for contrast.

7. Chocolate Espresso

Chocolate Espresso-hair color trends and ideas for men

Rich chocolate brown hair color with subtle espresso brown lowlights adds dimension and sophistication to thick, straight hair while providing depth and accentuating volume.

8. Surfer Blonde

Surfer Blonde-hair color trends and ideas for men

Bleached uniform platinum blonde all over gives off carefree surfer vibes and works best for naturally lighter hair colors. Keep roots slightly darker blonde, and use purple shampoo to avoid brassiness.

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9. Cherry Cola Red

Cherry Cola Red-hair color trends and ideas for men

A bold and eye-catching cherry-red dye job makes a vibrant statement and pairs best with faded sides and a spiky textured top to let the color pop.

10. Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde-hair color trends and ideas for men

Buttery warm champagne blonde hair color brightens pale complexions beautifully, while sandy blonde highlights help avoid brassy tones for a natural sun-kissed look.

11. Steel Grey Fade

Steel Grey Fade-hair color trends and ideas for men

Sharp steel grey concentrated on one side of a fade cut and styled with a hard side part gives an edgy, postmodern vibe and bold contrast.

12. Chocolate Cherry Cola

chocolate cherry cola hair men

Mixing rich chocolate brown hair with a vivid cherry tint throughout creates a sweet cherry cola effect that looks natural but more dynamic.

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13. Plum Purple

Plum Purple-hair color trends and ideas for men

Vamp up your look with a moody plum purple all over, or concentrate as an accent color on the fringe and tips for subtle exotic enhancement.

14. Frosted Tips

frosted tips hair

Spiky platinum blonde or icy blue frosted tips lend a punk rock, Y2K-inspired vibe and are easier to maintain with temporary coloring.

15. Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde hair men

The perfect beachy summer blonde, sandy blonde hair boosts brightness with golden cornsilk tones for a relaxed yet polished look.

16. Midnight Blue Accents

Midnight Blue Accents

Using midnight blue just on the fringe or buzzed sides makes this unexpected color eye-catching but not overpowering.

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17. Soft Crimson

Soft Crimson hair men

For a natural-looking red tint on brown hair, use soft crimson lowlights that provide a subtle yet vivid pop of color and depth.

18. Smoky Silver

Smoky Silver hair men

Charcoal grey hair with smoky silver accents has an edgy yet refined look, with shine and dimension added by an icy gloss.

19. Caramel Ribbons

Caramel Ribbons-hair color trends and ideas for men

Thin ribbons of buttery caramel and honey blonde woven throughout brown hair provide a sunny yet soft contrast.

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20. Army Green Tips

Army Green Tips hair

For an unexpected look, use army olive green dye solely on the tips of your style. Pairs well with undercuts or shaved sides.


Q: What are the Most Popular Hair Color Trends for Men Today?

Ans: Silver gray, blonde highlights, vibrant tipped hair, and bold reds are some top hair color trends and ideas for men.

Q: What Colors Work Best for Men’s Cool vs Warm Skin Tones?

Ans: Cool-toned men suit icy grays and platinum. Warm-toned men look great in warmer coppers and chocolate browns.

Q: How can Men Maintain Vibrant Hair Colors Like Blue?

Ans: Vibrant colors fade faster on men’s hair. Plan to refresh the color every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking bold and vivid.

Q: What Hair Colors are the Lowest Maintenance for Men?

Ans: Natural-looking highlights and all-over natural dark browns and blacks require the least upkeep for men.

Q: Does Hair Coloring Damage Men’s Hair?

Ans: Hair colour can damage hair if not done correctly. See a professional colourist, use nourishing products, and get regular trims to minimise damage.

Final Thoughts

Hair color trends and ideas for men have expanded to include cool, modern colors and application techniques. With this wide range of options, you can find a look that suits your personal style. Consider your natural hair color, complexion, and face shape when selecting these trendy hair color ideas for men.

Chat with a professional colorist to determine the products and maintenance needed for your new hue. Trying one of these 20 on-trend hair colors is a great way to upgrade your style with a fresh, fashion-forward look in 2024!

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