40 Best Haircuts for Men Over 40 to Look Stylish in 2024

For men over 40, finding an age-appropriate, stylish haircut can sometimes feel like a challenge. You want a cut that is fashionable and cool yet refined enough for your age. The good news is there are many great haircut options for older men that can make you look youthful and updated.

In this blog post, we will discuss 40 of the best haircuts for men over 40 along with tips to style them right. Read on to find amazing hairstyle inspirations to boost your looks!

Haircuts for Men Over 40

There are a variety of modern, trendy hairstyles that are perfectly suited for men over the age of 40. These haircuts aim to make you look mature yet stylish.

1. The Classic Side Part

Classic Side Part over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

This classic hairstyle will never go out of fashion. The key is getting the perfect side parting. Keep one side longer and style with a side sweep. Use a pomade or wax to keep it neat.

2. The Modern Comb Over

Modern Comb Over men
Source: Pinterest.com

The comb-over has evolved to be shorter and textured on top. Maintain length on the sides. Style it with a fade or undercut on the sides. Wax it for a natural sweep.

3. The Modern Pompadour

Modern Pompadour men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

The pompadour has made a major comeback but go for a short version if you’re over 40. Get high faded sides and use a strong hold pomade to style the top section upwards into a pompadour shape with the volume on top.

4. The Quiff

Quiff men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

For a casual take on the pompadour, ask for short faded sides and leave length on top and in front. Style it up and backwards with wax to get this pomp-inspired quiff with a natural flow.

5. The Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

Take it all down to one guard length or less for an ultra-low maintenance yet masculine buzz cut. Go shorter on top or get a skin fade on the sides for maximum contrast.

6. The Crew Cut

Crew Cut men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

A classic style that’s slightly longer than a buzz cut. Get a short cropped top with tapered or faded sides. Style with texture and product for a clean polished look.

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7. The French Crop

The French Crop men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

This trendy cut has short styled hair on top shaped with the product, along with longer fringe bangs that can be spiked or swept to one side for flair.

8. The Widow’s Peak

Widow's Peak men over 40
Source: brio4life.com

Make your widow’s peak more prominent by growing out the hair on top and around it. Style with a swept over look and strong hold pomade to accentuate it.

9. The Slick Back

Slick Back men haircuts over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

Use a strong pomade to slick back longer hair on top while keeping the back and sides trimmed short. Add volume at the roots and front for a neat, refined finish.

10. The Textured Crop

Textured Crop haircuts men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

Go for a cropped cut that’s kept short on the sides and top. Style with matte clay or paste for a messy, flexible texture that’s easy to manage.

11. The Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut haircuts men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

Get a short, cropped hairstyle with a fringe of bangs brushed forward onto the forehead in the classic Caesar style. Comb it for a polished, put-together look.

12. The Razor Fade

The Razor Fade haircuts men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

Ask your barber for very short shaved sides with a razor fade. Maintain length on top to style into a side part, comb over, or textured crop.

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13. The Taper Fade

Taper Fade haircuts men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

A classic taper fade cut with medium length hair on top provides a masculine, refined look. Work with your natural part and style it accordingly.

14. The High Bald Fade

High Bald Fade haircuts men over 40
Source: Pinterest.com

Take the fade up higher on the sides for a bolder, modern style statement. Keep hair longer on top so you can style it into a voluminous quiff or comb over.

15. The Ivy League

The Ivy League
Source: Pinterest.com

A timeless, elegant cut with hair length kept longer on top and cropped shorter on the sides. Style it with a side part and light holding product.

16. The Gentleman’s Cut

Gentleman's Cut
Source: Pinterest.com

This refined cut features hair slicked back neatly with short trimmed sides. It’s perfect for gentlemen with salt and pepper or grey hair.

17. The Modern Flat Top

Modern Flat Top
Source; menshairstyletrends.com

Put a modern spin on the retro flat top with an undercut or faded sides to contrast the longer section on top that can be styled tall.

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18. The Classic Crew Cut

The Classic Crew Cut
Source: Pinterest.com

A classic crew cut is an old-school very short men’s haircut originally popularized in the military. It features extremely short hair on the top and cropped sides. This no-fuss hairstyle works well for gents looking for a clean, masculine cut.

19. The Buzz Cut with Beard

Buzz Cut with Beard
Source: Pinterest.com

Combining a buzz cut with facial hair like a beard or stubble is a great way to add edge and style to this simple, short haircut. The contrast creates a rugged, manly look perfect for gentlemen over 40.

20. The Short Textured Crop

The Short Textured Crop
Source: zoylee.com

For an easy to style hairstyle, a short textured crop cut with a messy texture styled up on top is perfect. The cropped sides are clean-cut while the messy, spiked top has loads of character. It suits all face shapes and can be worn with stubble or clean shaven.

21. The Sharp Part Haircut

Sharp Part Haircut
Source: latest-hairstyles.com

Also known as a side part, this dapper haircut features neatly combed hair parted sharply to one side. The sides are close cropped to emphasize the dramatic parting. This style has a vintage vibe while still looking neat.

22. The Short Brush Up

Short Brush Up
Source: menshairstylesnow.com

Short brush-up hairstyles are great for creating the illusion of thicker hair. The hair on top is cropped short then brushed upwards and forwards strategically to provide coverage to thinning areas and add volume. Products add hold.

23. The Short Spiky Cut

Short Spiky Cut
Source: stylesatlife.com

Spiky hair makes a statement and adds loads of texture. Shorter hair on top can be styled up into messy spikes using a matte styling product like wax or clay. This youthful style works best for straight, thick hair.

24. The Textured French Crop

Textured French Crop
Source: menshaircuts.org

This cut adds loads of texture to the classic French crop style. The fringe is chopped to create messy, uneven strands then messily swept over the forehead for a piecey, choppy look. Use your fingers to style the textured fringe.

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25. The Textured Comb Over

Textured Comb Over
Source: Pinterest.com

The comb-over looks modern and edgy with added texture. The hair on top is left with length styled into a side parting and combed diagonally over. Texture powder or spray creates messy texture and volume on top.

26. The Messy Faux Hawk

Messy Faux Hawk
Source: Pinterest.com

The messy faux hawk uses the concept of the mohawk but without fully shaving the sides. The longer hair on top is brushed upwards and styled messily into the middle to mimic a faux hawk shape. No need to style it perfectly.

27. The Spiked Up Crew Cut

Spiked Up Crew Cut
Source: beardstyle.net

Reinvent the preppy crew cut by spiking up the short hair artfully on top using a matte product to add separation and definition for an edgy spin on this schoolboy classic.

28. The Surfer Style

The Surfer Style-haircuts for men over 50
Source: Pinterest.com

Get that effortlessly chic beachy, laidback vibe by going for longer layered hair worn in natural, touchable, loose waves framing the face. Think sun-kissed and beautifully undone.

29. The Short Waves

The Short Waves-haircuts for men over 50
Source: stylesatlife.com

Add breezy movement and texture with short-length hair styled into soft, touchable waves casually swept across the forehead for subtle flair.

30. The Bold Caesar Cut

Bold Caesar Cut-haircuts for men over 50
Source: Pinterest.com

Make a major style statement with a Caesar cut taken very short and cropped high on the forehead for an avant-garde, bold look with impact.

31. The Shaggy Cut

Shaggy -haircuts for men over 50
Source: Pinterest.com

Medium length shaggy locks are brushed forward over the forehead and eyes for a carefree, rock n’ roll-inspired style. Go for an undone messy finish with attitude.

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32. The Contrast Undercut

Contrast Undercut-haircuts for men over 50

Super short shaved sides and back contrast with longer, thicker hair on top that can be styled tall or swept back slickly for high visual impact.

33. The Messy Textured Cut

Messy Textured Cut
Source: regalgentleman.com

This artfully disheveled style works well to camouflage thinning hair. Use a volumizing product to add texture and movement on top.

34. The Shape Up

The Shape Up-haircuts for men over 50
Source: menshaircuts.com

Get super sharp hairlines and clean edges on the forehead, temples and nape meticulously cut and defined with a shape up or line up.

35. The Side Swept Silver Fox

The Side Swept Silver Fox
Source: Pinterest.com

If embracing the salt and pepper or grey, get it precision cut and styled swept to the side. Distinguishes a mature yet modern look with sophistication.

36. The Highlights

The Highlights-haircuts for men over 50
Source: Pinterest.com

Get dimension and depth by adding subtle highlights or going for strategic grey/white streaks boldly blended into dark hair.

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37. The Full Goatee

Full Goatee
Source: menshaircuts.com

Balances shorter hair nicely. Let your facial hair grow into a full goatee for a bold, distinguished masculine look.

38. The Chin Strap Beard

The Chin Strap Beard-haircuts for men over 50
Source: thebeardstruggle.com

This retro thin facial hair style pairs well with very short haircuts or fades. Shape it to extend cleanly from ear to ear.

39. The Modern Mohawk

Mohawk -haircuts for men over 50
Source: X.com

For an edgy style, get a mohawk fade with the longer top section styled up into a tall, spiked high-impact mohawk guaranteed to get attention.

40. The Buzz Cut with Stubble

Buzz Cut with Stubble
Source: silkysmoothbarbers.com

The buzz cut pairs perfectly with rugged, natural stubble for an ultra masculine, tough guy look with attitude. Let it grow out for a few days.


In summary, there are many stylish, modern haircuts for men over 40 to choose from in 2024. The key is picking a cut that matches your face shape, hair type, and personal style. Avoid outdated, aging styles and go for looks with a youthful vibe. Whether you opt for a short textured crop, slick comb over, or bold Caesar cut, stand out with one of these 40 best haircuts for men over 40.

Updating your hairstyle can shave years off your looks. Consult a skilled barber and take inspiration from the latest trends to find the right haircut to boost your confidence and keep your image looking on-point as you embrace your 40s and beyond.

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