Explore Exciting Stylish Hairstyles for Black Men Over 30

Finding a stylish, flattering hairstyle can be tricky for black men with unique hair textures and characteristics. The right cut should not only look good but also be easy to maintain. From fades to textured crop tops, there are many trendy hairstyles for black men over 30.

This article will explore some of the most popular looks along with tips for choosing the best style for you.

Trendy Hairstyles for Black Men Over 30

1. High Fade + Sponge Curls

High Fade + Sponge Curls
Source: stylemann.com

Define bountiful curls up top with a sponge brush, complementing them with a high fade that tapers quickly up the sides. This spotlight the height and volume of the curls.

2. Dyed Dreads

Dyed Dreads
Source: hairstylecamp.com

Make a vibrant statement by bleaching/dyeing the tips or ends of your dreadlocks. You can incorporate different hues or keep it monochromatic.

3. Two-Block Cut

Two-Block Cut
Source: haircutinspiration.com

Shave the back/sides close with clippers, leaving the top longer to style as desired. The contrasting blocks of long and short hair create a bold

4. Short Crop Cuts

Short Crop Cuts
Source: Pinterest.com

Crop cuts with defined edges are very on-trend right now. Keep the top slightly longer, about one to two inches, and style with a bit of pomade or wax. Fade or taper the sides and back close for a fresh polished finish. This style works well with many face shapes and hair textures.

5. Buzz Cuts

Buzz Cuts black men
Source: Pinterest.com

For very short hair, ask your barber for a buzz cut, specifying the guard length you want to use. Opt for fun designs like words or shapes carved into the shorter buzzed section on top for added interest. Keep the back and sides faded close for contrast. This allows your hair art to really stand out.

6. Twists

Twists hairstyles for black men over 30
Source: Pinterest.com

Get creative with chunky twists by sectioning hair neatly and twisting into the desired pattern. You can choose to style them together for a tightly curled fro effect or separate them out for a more defined, textured look. Twists work with both long and short hair lengths.

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7. Textured Crop Tops

Textured Crop black men
Source: Pinterest.com

Leaving just enough length on top, around 2-4 inches, to provide some height and flexibility creates a cool textured crop look. Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to bring out the natural volume and movement of your curls. Taper or fade the sides to prevent heaviness.

8. Temple Fade

Temple Fade-hairstyle for black men over 30
Source: mensflair.com

This super short fade concentrates on creating a clean, crisp look specifically around the temples. It looks great with a bit of length left on top, approximately 1-3 inches, to contrast the close cut sides. This draws attention up to your eyes.

9. Shape Ups

Shape Ups-hairstyles for black men over 30
Source: krisspi.com

Sculpting hairlines with extra sharp lines instantly makes short haircuts look cleaner and more polished. A fresh shape up also draws attention to your best facial features. Consistent touch-ups are needed to maintain the precision.

10. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks-hairstyles for black men over 30
Source: Pinterest.com

For long-term committed wear, dreadlocks require dedication but deliver major style. Keep them neat and uniform or loose and freeform for different vibes. You can also ask your stylist to complement long dreads with a fade cut into the sides and back.

11. Braids

Braids-hairstyles for black men over 30
Source: hairstyles.com

Get creative with braiding by incorporating easy patterns like cornrows, box braids, singles, or more ornate designs into your natural hair. Play with braid size, direction, and length for personalized looks. Accessorize with beads if desired.

12. Frohawks

Frohawks-hairstyles for black men over 30
Source: hairmanz.com

This fun, edgy style combines an afro with a fauxhawk silhouette for maximum height and attitude. Focus the volume of the style toward the center and keep the sides clean with a fade. It’s ideal for naturally curly hair.

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13. Faux Hawks

Faux Hawks-hairstyles for black men over 30
Source: Pinterest.com

Spiky mohawk looks with faded sides offer flexibility for playing with different lengths and textures on top. Use a strong hold gel or pomade to style the stripe of hair down the middle in place.

14. Twists + Fade

Twists + Fade-hairstyles for black men over 30
Source: thetrendspotter.net

Combining two of the most popular black men’s hairstyles – twists and fades – creates a very cool hybrid look. Get a fade up to the twist pattern on top for a smooth, seamless blend of textures.

15. Curls + Mid Fade

Curls Mid Fade black men
Source: Pinterest.com

The curly fro with a temple fade is a fresh combo made for showing off your natural texture. Ask your barber to cut and shape your curls perfectly so they take center stage.

16. High Top Dreadlocks

High Top Dreadlocks
Source: newoldman.com.br

Growing your dreads extra long on top while keeping the back and sides faded super short makes an eye-catching statement. Show off the contrast between the neat, tailored fade and the freeform length up top.

17. Waves + Mid Fade

Waves + Mid Fade
Source: Pinterest.com

Achieve laid-back 360 waves with the help of wave grease and a durag or wave cap. The ripples look awesome with a fade cutting halfway up the sides for that effortless look.

18. Side Part + Low Fade

Side Part + Low Fade
Source: afroculture.net

Even a classic side part cut looks sleek and modern with the addition of a fresh fade. Choose a part line that flatters your face shape. Ask for a subtle low fade to preserve a little more length.

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19. Comb Over Fade

Comb Over Fade (1)
Source: wisebarber.com

Comb hair slightly off to one side and complement it with a fade up the opposite side. This visually draws attention to the combed over section while still looking neat.

20. Curly Brush Up

Curly Brush Up

Let those defined curls shine with a picked out brush up style. Focus the volume on top by tapering the sides and back closer with clippers. The height on top will balance the proportions.

21. Textured French Crop

Textured French Crop black men
Source: Pinterest.com

For guys with thicker, coarse hair, this cut keeps it short on the sides and longer through the top middle. Style the fringe brushing upward and forward. It’s great for natural waves or curls.

22. Taper Fade

taper fade-hairstyle for black men over 30
Source: Pinterest.com

This subtle fade gradually gets shorter from the longer hair on top down to the nape of the neck and ears. Ask your barber for a sharp, clean finish around the temple, sideburn, and nape edges.

23. Drop Fade

Drop fade-hairstyle for black men over 30
Source: Instagram.com

A drop fade creates a sharp curved line downward into the hair at the back of the head, “dropping” behind the ear to the nape fade. The rest of the sides stay one length for contrast against the fade.

24. Burst Fade

Burst Fade-hairstyle for black men over 30
Source: hairmanz.com

With a burst fade, the sides fade gradually from the hair on top down, but then quickly open back up before closing in again near the skin. This creates a chiseled, angled effect.

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25. Shadow Fade

Shadow Fade-hairstyle for black men over 30
Source: Pinterest.com

Extremely subtle and low-key, shadow fades softly blur into the skin rather than leaving a stark, defined edge. It’s sharpest at the hairline and steadily diffuses downward.

26. Side Swept + Fade

Side Swept + Fade-hairstyle for black men over 30
Source: mensflair.com

If you want to show off long hair on top, let it grow out several inches so it can part and sweep across to one side. Contrast it with a fade on the sides to accentuate the length and volume on top.

27. Defined Parts

Defined Parts-hairstyle for black men over 30
Source: menshaircuts.com

Use a tail comb to create precise parts in short hair. Experiment with curved or zigzag patterns and straight lines forming geometric shapes. Keep parts neat with pomade.

28. Fringe

fringe black men
Source: Pinterest.com

Cutting the fringe sharply across the forehead at an angle adds an avant-garde edge to any look. Style it brushed up and forward for added volume and attitude.

29. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs-hairstyle for black men over 30 (1)
Source: Pinterest.com

Softer face-framing fringe parts more naturally down the middle. Let it blend into fades or tapered sides for a smooth, integrated look that flatters the face.

30. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots mens
Source: Pinterest.com

Divide hair into square sections then twist into knots. As they set, they create wavy curls and unique textures.

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31. Man Bun + Fade

Man Bun + Fade
Source; menhairstylist.com

If your hair is long enough, sweep it back into a top knot bun and pair it with a temple fade for contrast.

32. Shaggy Fro

Shaggy Fro
Source: hairstylecamp.com

those natural curls grow out into a big, bushy ‘fro with length. The shaggy texture shows off your tight coils.

33. Geometric Prints

Geometric Prints
Source: facebook.com

Get creative with sharp geometric patterns or prints shaved into a short buzz cut or fade.

34. Curly Caesar Cut

Curly Caesar Cut
Source: Pinterest.com

A short caesar cut with a front fringe looks great on tight curls. Style the top forward and up for volume.

35. Short Twists

Short Twists
Source: Pinterest.com

For manageable twist hairstyles, keep them cropped close to the head. They’ll tighten and set into place as they begin growing out. Great for busy lifestyles.

36. Concentric Crop

Concentric Crop
Source: menshaircuts.com

This zones hair length, keeping it closest cropped at the crown and gradually longer toward the fringe. It allows for finger-styling the longer section.

37. Sponge Curls

Sponge Curls
Source: Pinterest.com

Use a special small sponge roller to bring out super tight, defined coils all over your head. Focus the rounded shape upward for extra height and volume.

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38. Natural Fro

Natural Fro
source: Pinterest.com

Let those curls roam free. The natural fro celebrates curly hair in its most authentic and organic state. Let your texture shine through.

39. Shape Up + Waves

Shape Up + Waves
Source: X.com

Get an impeccably crisp, sharp shape up to make those laid waves extra defined. Regularly apply wave grease or spritz to enhance the rippling texture.

40. Short Dreads

Short Dreads mens
Source: Pinterest.com

Cutting dreads short makes them lower maintenance while still keeping your locs. Keep them neatly sectioned or allow a more unstructured, freeform look.


With the amazing range of modern cuts and styles, black men have so many options for creating their signature look. Whether you want an easy, low-maintenance cut or something more adventurous, there are flattering hairstyles for black men over 30. Keep up with the latest trends or create your wave.

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