Do you sometimes feel like your protruding ears stop you from looking fantastic? Do you hate it when your friends tease you for your sticking-out ears? Here is some best hairstyles for men.

    Well, don’t worry- that should be an easy fix! All you need is a hairstyle that either complements your large prominent ears, conceals the ears, or shifts the focus from the ears to the rest of the head.

    Authentic Hairstyles for Men with Sticking Out Ears

    You may also want a hairstyles for men that accentuates your favorite body characteristics while downplaying the ears’ protrusion.

    In this article, we explore 6 hairstyles designs for men with sticking-out ears. We will help you find a haircut that matches your face and consequently lifts your self-esteem.

    1. The Man Bun

    The Man Bun

    “The man bun” is defined by the gathering of hair at the top of the head to form a rounded knot of hair (a bun).

    David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, and Jared Leto are some of the known celebrities who have rocked this hairstyle at some point in their lives.

    Note that this style is fundamentally different from the popular “top knot” haircut that’s mainly defined by a much smaller knot of hair that gathers at the crown of the head.

    Although simple and pretty straightforward, the design tidies up the hair nicely and effectively shifts the focus away from the ears.

    The man bun comes in different shapes and forms, including:

    • The Infinity Man Bun: This one forms an infinity symbol (an inverted 8) either at the top or the back of the head. You can even add a couple of extra twists to the bun to make it more spectacular and eye-catching.
    • Messy Top Bun and Beard: The bun here is made of straight and thick hair strands, with the strands on the side tied loosely to create a tad casual look. Some men prefer to leave some loose hair by themselves to go with a bushy beard for a raggedy yet fashionable appeal.
    • Messy Bun and Highlights: This one is defined by long, frizzy strands that come together to form an open-ended bun. The style is perfect for men who have thick hair. For a more outstanding finish, you can go for golden dyed highlights.
    • Dreaded Bun with Faded Sides– These are regular dreads that are tied up at the back to form an open-ended bun. The sides are then undercut and faded to place more emphasis on the bun. If you wish to add a layer of panache to the dreads and keep people off your ears, you can do that by dying your dreads in a color that complements your skin tone.
    • Braided Man Bun with an Undercut: Everything is in the name. This style requires you to braid your hair, tie it down, and then skin fade the sides. The purpose of the undercut skin fade is to pull all the attention to the top. You can then spruce up the panache by growing out a glorious, well-groomed beard.

    2. Color Your Hair

    Color Your Hair

    In case you’re wondering, yes, men can dye their hair these days. Men can actually do plenty more with their appearance than you’d probably assume.

    It is quite safe to get a pedicure in this time and age, for example, especially now that there is a ton of spas all over the world offering a wide range of masculine manicure & pedicure treatments.

    Coloring your hair clearly cannot be as outrageous as someone would have thought a few years back.

    When dying your hair to divert attention from your protruding ears, it is important that you hire the services of an experienced dyer.

    You cannot afford to make costly mistakes that might end up hurting your self-esteem even more.

    It is also advisable to go for a dye job that looks as natural as possible- pick a hair dye that’s not more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair.

    3. The Quiff Hairstyle

    Quiff Hairstyle

    This style is characterized by short hair on the sides and voluminous, long, curved, and a little messy hair at the top.

    This hairstyle diverts people’s focus from the ears by turning the hair on top into a focal point of your whole look.

    Most people either brush the hair back or comb it over to one side to create a neat, impactful, and dapper appearance.

    There are a few variations of the quaff. People who wish to make a huge impression go for a high quiff fade with much longer hair on the forehead. Those who prefer a rather moderate flair prefer a low quiff fade.

    4. Side part haircut

    Side part haircut

    The side parting hairstyle is perfect for any hair length and any hairstyle. It is a versatile and no-fuss hairstyle that will make you stand out on top of compensating for everything you hate in your sticking-out ears. Among the side part hairstyles for men that are perfect for men with protruding ears include:

    • Classic Comb Over: Known for its sleek and polished nature. It is characterized by neatly parted hair on one side that is then combed towards the opposite side using a fine-tooth comb. The hairstyle will help you look smart, smooth, and dapper.
    • Simple Brushed Back Hairstyle: This style accentuates the beauty of your face by keeping the hair away from the face. It also helps you add a bit of volume to your hair in a stylish way.
    • Wavy Side Part: This one is for men who don’t fancy flat and limp side parts. You can achieve the wavy side part by using a flat iron to add some movement and then finger-combing the waves for a more relaxed touch.

    5. Textured Hair

    Textured Hair

    Whether you have very straight/wavy, thick/fine, layered, or whichever your hair’s natural texture is, it is easy to enhance its texture using texture-enhancing pomades.

    These pomades include hair clay or wax. They work by separating hair to create the illusion of a thicker, natural, and more textured hairdo.

    6. Blowout Haircut

    Blowout Haircut

    The blowout haircut has made a huge comeback around the world, from New York to Paris. The hairstyle is quite eye-catching, stylish, and fashionable.

    You should definitely rock this style if you don’t want people to focus too much on your sticking-out ears.

    There are many blowout variations that you can try including an afro blowout, a messy blowout, a straight blowout, a blonde blowout, or a blowout with a fade. The options are endless.

    No doubt that in order to reach the best outcome for the hairstyle that you want, you will have to select the best hair stylists out there.

    There are many hair salons out there in the world that are accessible, such as hair salons in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Houston, and so on.

    Final word

    If your goal is to take your style to the next level and override the impact of your protruding ears on your general look, these 6 ideas are worth considering. The styles are not only eye-catching but also fashionable and contemporary.

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