So you are thinking about changing your hairstyle a bit. Your last perfect bangs seem to hijack your personality and you want a change.

    But you don’t want just any style. Rather you want the one which not only suits your defined curves but also amplifies the type of face you have.

    Not only that, but you also want the hairstyle to not be strikingly different from your personality and style.
    Considering this impending change, you are browsing popular hairstyles for plus size women that are trending in 2022.

    This article is the answer to your search. You will find 31 hairstyles that will accentuate your personality.

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    Messy Curls

    Messy Curls

    You can choose them to be reaching your neck or you can get them shorter. Depending on how much time you can spend on maintaining the curls and your best style, these two curl lengths would make perfect hairstyles for plus size women.

    Cherish the natural curl of your hair if you have gotten it.

    But if your hair is naturally straight, you might want to try out an easier style. If you are sticking to curls for a change, make sure that you use a no-heat curling method as often as you can. An air dryer will help the hairs with volume. Also, never underestimate the importance of hair nourishing products.

    Straight Locks

    Straight Locks

    This hairstyle is low maintenance for those of us who enjoy naturally straight locks. Again, the length can change with how much attention you can pay to these delights.

    Choose between baby bangs or layers. Give your hair a textured cut at the ends. Don’t think that a straight cut would decrease the appeal if you are into it. Straight locks are pretty customizable to suit the wearer’s personality.

    The Hannah-Baker

    The Hannah-Baker

    Who comes to mind when we say Hannah Baker? Unsurprisingly, it’s Hannah Baker from the show Thirteen Reasons Why.

    The look accentuates the carefree and fun-loving style that goes well with most college students. Essentially, you can support these curls with long or medium hairs. If you have shorter hair, messy curls will help you more. All you have to do is to part them in the middle or from the side.

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    Salt-And-Pepper Style

    Salt-And-Pepper Style

    A combination of different colors will allow you to gain attention to your hair. That’s the feature of a salt-and-pepper hairstyle that makes them perfect for curvy women.

    If your hair has started graying, you can adopt this style to avoid the fuss of dyeing. Or you can simply add color to your straight or wavy locks in this mingled style. Choose a lighter – or darker – hue for your hair to achieve a mixed hair tone.

    Shoulder-Length Curls

    Shoulder-length Curls

    This is another hairstyle that will be loved by women with natural curls. Or maybe you get your hair permed for this look. One important feature is the volume they support. If you want this much volume that goes well with lengthy curls, you can experiment with hair spray.

    These curls make a cool party hairstyle and work well for most youngsters.

    Sleek Pony

    Sleek Pony

    If you are looking for a hairstyle that accentuates your professional attire, this is the one you should try. Its neatness makes it easier for people with straight hair. If yours are wavy or curly, try a hair straightener for it.
    You can either use a band to tie your hair or you can part some hair to tie them in a ponytail.

    Wavy Locks

    Wavy Locks

    This I-woke-up-like-this hairstyle is a blessing for those who really get them in the morning. But that breed of women only makes 1% for the whole population – so don’t feel jealous.

    Instead, use curlers and hair gel to get the look and keep it in place.

    Did I tell you these locks make one of the best medium haircuts for plus size women? It will also do well with longer hairs.

    You can further beautify the look by dyeing the locks.

    Medium-Length Ombre

    Medium-length Ombre

    Dyeing a few locks is not the only way to add color to your hair. An ombre look is another choice when you are ready to direct attention towards your long or medium-long hair. Add textured cut to it to further magnify the beauty.

    Luckily, the ombre shade works well on all lengths of locks. You can even apply them on bob cuts when you like.

    Bohemian Braid Look

    Bohemian Braid Look

    I must admit that it takes time to achieve the look. Once achieved, you can keep wearing them for weeks. They are not low maintenance either. You have to stick to an oiling schedule if you want to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

    And yes, you shouldn’t sleep without a satin scarf. It will prevent tangles.

    Once you have gotten them braided, you can tie them in a bun, flaunt them as they are, or add jewelry to these braids.

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    Silver Pixie with Brushed Up Bangs

    Silver Pixie with Brushed Up Bangs

    If you are a fan of simple and low-maintenance hairstyles, this look is meant for you. Or you can also go with a pixie undercut to get the right balance of attention on your hair.

    Not only you are left with shorter hair to care for but you can also make use of your naturally straight hair. And it would help even more if you are not confident with your recently graying hair.

    And we can’t compliment the use of silver hue enough. This color will repel the gaze away from your face thus accentuating your confident demeanor more than your round face.

    Short A-Line Bob

    Short A-line Bob

    The hairstyle is best to cover up the more chubby features of your face. The sleek look keeps the view focused on the asymmetrical nature of the cut. Adding color or changing color to a lighter and bolder hue will further steal the attention away from the face.

    Smoky Waves

    Smoky Waves

    This hairstyle can be a step away from the textured cut or you can get it with a straight or wavy shoulder length cut. It looks great with medium to short-length hair.

    The prominent part is the highlights that you are going to add. Think about some bright and bold hues like silver, purple, or pink. Or you can go with a mix of two bold tones – just like our red hair actress Milla Jovovich.

    Choppy Wavy Side-Parted Bob

    Choppy Wavy Side-parted Bob

    This hairstyle helps your look in two ways. First, its asymmetrical structure gives a thin look to your round face. Secondly, the wavy style can help with adding volume and luster to your hair.

    Most likely, these bobs are neck-length. But you can go shorter if that is what you prefer.

    Because of the small size of the hair, you won’t find yourself spending minimal time on its upkeep. Other than that, you may have to take a while to style your hair and some hair spray to keep them locked.

    Side-Swept Wavy Pixie Bob

    Side-swept Wavy Pixie Bob

    And if you want really short hairdos, you can go with sleeker options like side-swept wavy pixie bob.
    First, it’s asymmetrical which is a must for most hairstyles for plus-size women. The top and side-swept bangs cover most of one side of the face while its sideburns help even out the symmetry on the other side.

    The resultant look is easy to carry and looks professional.

    Tousled Texture Short Curve

    Tousled Texture Short Curve

    If you are thinking about casual hairdos or if your goal is to enjoy pool parties with some style, you can rely on a tousled hairstyle. It’s a cross between a lazy look and a well-thought-out hairstyle just perfect for casual gatherings.

    You can wear it on short hair with highlights.

    Medium-Length Curly Updo

    Medium-length Curly Updo

    You want to support curly hair at the party and you want it sophisticated. It’s easier than you think. These wavy curls give a formal look that is – despite being curly – sleek and stylish.

    Leave a couple of locks on the face with help with adding cover while also maintaining ease in the hairdo. You can tie the remaining hair in the back loose bun.

    The style is perfect for neck-length or shoulder-length hair.

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    Textured Bob Plus Shadow Roots

    Textured Bob Plus Shadow Roots

    This is another style that will come to rescue your chubby features. The bob will be an inverted bob or you can go with chopped or A-line bob. You can also use the shadow technique with a wedge haircut.

    It’s sleek and goes well with straight hair. You can wear it casually or you can also support them in formal gatherings.

    Medium-Length Center-Parted Bronde Cut

    Medium-length Center-parted Bronde Cut

    Now you must be thinking, ‘center-parted? How is it going to help my round face?’

    Don’t worry this style uses a blend of colors with the right length of locks to give the right cover to the cheeks and forehead.

    This wavy style gets brown shade at the roots and cascades down to get a blond hue at the tips.

    Angled Bob

    Angled Bob

    Another style that requires minimal effort in the upkeep, this hairstyle makes a cool hairstyle to maintain for professionals.

    The straight locks give a business-like image and you can choose the hues to suit your work personality.

    The hairstyle allows the fringes to fall on the sides of the face to make it appear slimmer.

    Shag With Curtain Bangs

    Shag with Curtain Bangs hairstyles for plus size women

    If you are worried about your thin hair, a shag cut might be your only savior – unless you are interested in maintaining curls for long.

    And shag makes a cool haircut for most round faces. Adding curtain bangs only makes them more lustrous and attractive.

    Did you know curtain bangs – aka fringe bangs – make one of its kind low-maintenance haircuts? So, you know that you are freeing up a lot of your time with this style.

    Short A-Line Bob With Baby Bangs

    Short A-line Bob with Baby Bangs hairstyles for plus size women

    One thing that is overlooked in most hairstyles for plus women is baby bangs. Maybe it’s to avoid making an already round face rounder by hiding the forehead.

    But these bangs look great when they combine with an A-line bob. Do I need to comment on what this haircut can do to your facial features? Better yet, style it wavy and you get the most casual yet well-cared look for your head.


    Rainbow hairstyles for plus size women

    I know, right! This hairstyle is not exactly a haircut but a dyeing strategy. Basically, it dwells on combining more and more colors to your locks to keep them the focus of attention. You can achieve this look by simply adding one color to your already blond or brown fringes. Or you may step further and dye – or highlight – your hair in three hues.

    Straight hair makes an ideal recipient of this look. Wavy locks make just as good.

    Bouffant Hairstyle

    Bouffant Hairstyle hairstyles for plus size women

    This elegant style looks easy to carry and develops a sophisticated image. The best hairs are wavy or straight with a medium to long cut. Neck-long hairs also make a candidate for this updo. You can also mix it with your textured haircut.

    Once you have partitioned your locks in the desired direction, you add volume to them using a puff or back brushing technique. Or if you want to relive the classic times, you can choose the permed bouffant style. Here are other types of hair perms you may want to experiment with to add volume to your hair.

    Big Knot

    Big Knot hairstyles for plus size women

    If you don’t want to spend hours doing your hair before every party, this hairstyle will help you make an appearance on time.

    You can achieve this look with straight hairs with medium-length or longer locks. Did I mention that you achieve this look with your cornrows as well?

    Although easy to achieve, you need to practice the style a few times to make it as sleek and neat as it should be.

    Clean Bun

    Clean Bun hairstyles for plus size women

    This is another easy-to-achieve look and adds the flair of a carefree style without turning your formal event into a casual one.

    Again, this is good for straight hairs. And you should have volume or length in your locks to support a presentable bun. You can leave out a few locks to add glamour.

    Medium-Length Side Angled Cut

    Medium-length Side Angled Cut hairstyles for plus size women

    So, you like the look of an A-line cut but you are a person who loves long hair. Well, we have something – just as much asymmetrical – in stores for you.

    This angled cut keeps the bangs on one side of your face – understandable, right? With shorter hairs at the back and longer locks at the front, you get more hair to make your face appear thinner.

    And that’s not all, you get to keep – sort of – the length of your hair.

    Straight Fringe

    Straight Fringe hairstyles for plus size women

    This is another style that will win your heart if you prefer longer hair but still want to show a thin face. It is most suited to straight hairs or you can choose to add a wavy touch to these.

    The hairstyle asks you to let your waist-length – or shoulder-length – hair down with fringes on the forehead. You can use layers or chop cuts to add texture to the ends.

    Mushroom Bob

    Mushroom Bob hairstyles for plus size women

    If you like getting and keeping attraction this one’s for you.

    In this style, the hair is cut to essentially look like a mushroom. Usually, in an asymmetrical fashion, you get your hair cut to ears. Most styles cover the ears and end up with a bob just reaching your chin. The whole look makes the face appear leaner.

    Short Textured Combover Bob

    Short Textured Combover Bob hairstyles for plus size women

    This rough style is another perfect choice for those who prefer short hair.

    As it appears from the name, you get your haircut in a textured fashion. You may want to die it or leave it with its original color.

    And then you give them a rough combover to either side of the head. The ruffled style is what will keep the attention so your chubby features don’t get much.

    A-Line with Loose Curls

    A-line with Loose Curls hairstyles for plus size women

    So you have gotten the perfect A-line cut for your hair. It covers your face just perfectly and reaches your neck or shoulders just like the way you wanted. And it’s sleek.

    Now, you are thinking about styling them for this great event. How about adding some rough styling to it? Use a curler to get some loose waves. Or if you want more volume and roughness, get some loose curls. Lock the style with gel and get going.

    Long Choppy Pixie

    Long Choppy Pixie hairstyles for plus size women

    When it comes to directing attention away from your round face towards the lustrous hair, there is no better style than a choppy cut. This pixie cut is another example.

    This style not only keeps the hair gorgeously messy but also adds volume to your hair. You can highlight the locks or shadow roots to add colors to the mix.

    Take Away

    Here were 31 hairstyles for plus size women that allow you to direct attention to your hair. Some of these hairstyles are suitable for long hair. Others are complacent with medium or shorter cuts.

    Most of them rely on choppy cuts to keep the attention. Others take bold dyes as their strength. Still other, take asymmetry and angle as their focal point. And we shouldn’t forget curls – that make any head of hair attractive.

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