60 Hairstyles For Thick Hair: Get A Glamorous Transformation

Having thick hair is like hitting the genetic jackpot, despite the challenge of finding the right hairstyle. Explore our collection of 60 fantastic hairstyles for thick hair suitable for any event. Keep scrolling to find the right style for your lush locks!

Best Hairstyles For Thick Hair To Try Immediately

Here’s a list of top trending hairstyles for thick hair to flaunt your beautiful tresses. Choose the one that suits you best!

1. Retro Curls

Retro Curls
Source: All Things Hair

Retro curls are achieved using a comb, mousse, round brush, and blow dryer. This simple style gives a stunning effect, particularly on thick hair. Incorporating layers can lighten heavy locks. Natural wavy curls can be achieved with heatless sock buns, resulting in voluminous curls.

2. Waves With A Half Ponytail

Waves With A Half Ponytail
Source: Pinterest

Get the effortless waves with a half ponytail look that’s perfect for busy days. Tame your unruly thick hair in no time. Curl the midsection, then gather and tie the top into a high half ponytail. Ensure it’s secure and fluff it for a neat finish, making it ideal for rushed moments.

3. Front Lift

Front Lift

Enhance your hair’s volume with a subtle front lift. Use a mousse-coated comb to gently elevate the front section, then comb it back. Apply this technique to the initial two inches at the front, leaving the remainder of your thick hair styled with a comb.

4. Curls With Side Part

Curls With Side Part
All Things Hair

Curls can enhance any hairstyle. Untangle and curl the tips of your thick hair, or opt for velcro rollers. The side part is positioned in line with the brow center, while the opposite side’s hair is delicately tucked behind the ear for a polished appearance.

5. Low Bun

Low Bun
Source: Pinterest

Opt for an effortless low bun as your everyday work hairstyle. Collect your hair and section by section, coil it into a low bun, ensuring to flatten and expand each segment. This technique of “pancaking” keeps your thick hair away from face and neck.

6. Tousled Wavy Hair

Tousled Wavy Hair

Embrace tousled waves that perfectly accompany your summer outings. After washing your hair and allowing it to slightly air dry, apply ample curl cream. Use a wet brush, or a wide-toothed comb. Twisting and scrunching your hair upwards creates the desired effect.

7. Side Part With A Tuck

Side Part With A Tuck

Adopt this straightforward yet impactful approach of a tousled side-parting and tuck. This hairstyle introduces a bit of chaos into your part and can infuse a hint of romance into your voluminous locks, effortlessly achieving a captivating and alluring look.

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8. Straight Ariana Grande Ponytail

Straight Ariana Grande Ponytail

Straight hair looks gorgeous when you have beautiful thick and long tresses. Use a heat protectant and flat iron if you don’t have naturally straight hair. Secure the hair in a Ariana Grande high ponytail. Apply lightweight gel on front hair to prevent flyaways.

9. Sculpted Curls

Sculpted Curls
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Sculpted curls make an excellent choice for thick hair, easily achievable with rollers or a curling iron. Use heat protectant or leave-in conditioner to prevent damage. To enhance naturalness, curl larger hair sections around the iron and start from the midsection downwards.

10. Braided Waves

Braided Waves
Source: Create Beautiful Hair

Braided waves offer a bold appearance and the resulting curls are. If you prefer avoiding heat tools, this is your go-to style. Part your hair and create two French braids. Secure with bands and sleep on them. Wake up to gorgeous curls, free from heat styling.

11. Styling With Rollers

Styling With Rollers

Dating back to the 1950s, hair rollers have remained an essential tool for attaining those coveted voluminous curls. If you have gorgeous thick hair, it’s imperative to invest in a quality set of rollers for a touch of old Hollywood glamor.

12. Curls + Waves

Curls + Waves
Source: Naturally Curly

For those with straight hair, lack of volume can be problematic, leading to dullness in thick locks. To counter this, infuse curls and waves into the lower section of your hair. This technique imparts bounce, pleasantly revitalizing your hair.

13. Curls In Side Sections

Curls In Side Sections
Source: Naturally Curly

Another approach for people with thick but straight hair. Craft captivating hair by incorporating sizable curls into your side sections. Opt for generous, substantial curls rather than thin or small ringlets to accentuate any additional hair colors and achieve an amplified effect.

14. Deep Auburn Hair

Deep Auburn Hair
Source: Pinterest

Elevate the allure of your thick hair by introducing dimension, resulting in vibrancy and glossy texture. Opting for shades like deep auburn, chestnut brown, or dark wine complements brown hair magnificently. This infuses richness and depth enhancing bounce of your tresses.

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15. Shoulder-Length Layers

Shoulder-Length Layers
Source: Reddit

Addressing worries of excessive puffiness and frizz in shoulder-length curly hair, a well-executed layered cut with at least three distinct levels of layers offers a solution. This design enables your curls to cascade gracefully over your shoulders, ensuring a polished appearance.

16. Flowy Feathered Hair

Flowy Feathered Hair
Source: Limelite salon

Opt for a flowing, feathered medium cut to amplify the appeal of shoulder-length thick hair. Textured layers and glossy tones enhance the look. Consider pairing darker roots with a blonde balayage, adding depth to your hairdo.

17. Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob
Source: Hair Adviser

Achieve elegance with short, straight, and thick hair by opting for a voluminous stacked bob featuring an inverted shape. The back maintains a subtle stacking effect, while the elongated front layers, emphasized by a side part, showcase your jawline and chin.

18. Chunky Layers

Chunky Layers
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

For those with lengthy and voluminous hair, manage thick locks effectively by opting for a long haircut with chunky layers. This technique ensures the layers cascade neatly, maintaining a polished appearance even when your hair is down, thanks to its natural weight.

19. Swoopy Layers

Swoopy Layers

Creating stunning haircuts for thick wavy hair requires proper styling. Employ a flat iron or a big round curling brush to enhance mid-length cuts with graceful, sweeping layers. Apply hairspray or anti-frizz serum based on your hair’s texture to achieve the showcased sleek outcome.

20. Curly Fringe

Curly Fringe

Thick, curly hair benefits from multiple layers to boost volume and emphasize natural texture. The inclusion of curly bangs enhances the overall look by adding a stylish and harmonious element to the hairstyle.

21. Internal Layers

Internal Layers
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Requesting internal layers from your stylist might seem like magic. These subtle layers work wonders by significantly reducing the heaviness of thick hair. While remaining inconspicuous, internal layers offer a more manageable and lighter hairstyle.

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22. Face-Framing Cut

Face-Framing Cut
Source: Hair Adviser

Face-framing bangs provide a flexible alternative to full fringe. This low-maintenance cut effectively enhances facial features without sacrificing excessive hair volume. Suitable for all hair lengths and textures, it maintains a stylish appearance.

23. Birkin Bangs

Birkin Bangs
Source: Who What Wear

Drawing inspiration from the timeless style of Jane Birkin, Birkin bangs exude a sense of classic and effortless cool. Incorporating Birkin bangs into straight, thick hair adds elevates the overall style and creates a well-balanced blend of chic and sophistication.

24. Marilyn Monroe Hair

Marilyn Monroe Hair
Source: Pinterest

The popularity of Marilyn’s bob owes to its curled charm, suitable for all face shapes and hair textures. This classic style elevates thick hair with gracefully tousled layers. To achieve the look, employ a curling iron and hairspray to ensure the curls hold their shape flawlessly.

25. Angled Bob

Angled Bob
Source: Hairstyles Weekly

An asymmetrical angled bob is a low maintenance hairstyle if you can’t keep up with the hair care routine. Also, it is an easily manageable and comfortable style for thick hair. It features tapered front locks on both sides, framing the face and accentuating the jawline.

26. ‘90s Flipped Ends

‘90s Flipped Ends
Source: Pinterest

The ’90s famous hairstyle with ends styled to flip outward to create a slimmer face illusion is a favorite among thick haired people. It enhances the perception of thicker hair. However those with curly hair are recommended against razor cuts due to potential frizz.

27. Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob
Source: Hair Adviser

The choppy bob is a tricky choice, more suitable for thick than thin hair. Its short, uneven layers create hair depth, giving the illusion of increased thickness. This trendy style excels in thick hair, providing texture and volume that enhance its overall appearance.

28. Shag

Source: Hairstyle Camp

A messy shag haircut perfectly complements thick hair. The tousled, shaggy appearance adds to its allure, and the inclusion of a side part elevates the look further, showcasing your ability to effortlessly master different hairstyles with flair. This hairstyle is a must have.

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29. Curls For Short Hair

Curls For Short Hair
Hair Adviser

Achieving this style involves curling with rollers, ensuring well-curled ends. Straighten roots if desired, part hair, and complete the look with an ear tuck. A cream with VA/VP Copolymer is suggested for strong yet natural hold. This versatile style goes for every occasion.

30. Highlighted Pixie With Side Part

Highlighted Pixie With Side Part

Elevate your style with a highlighted pixie haircut. Begin with a pixie cut, select blonde shades that suit your skin tone, and apply using foils. After washing off the color, let your hair air dry and create a side part. Comb your hair, lifting locks while doing so for added volume.

31. Side Bun

Side Bun
Source: The Right Hairstyles

The loose side bun is gaining traction on red carpets, boasting an elegant and stylish demeanor for showcasing at formal gatherings. This hairstyle possesses the ability to impart an ethereal quality to thick hair, making it an ideal option for those seeking a mesmerizing appearance.

32. Straight Face-Framing ‘20s Bob

Straight Face-Framing ‘20s Bob
Source: Pinterest

The classic ’20s bob is a timeless hairstyle. Well-suited for thick hair, it elegantly frames the face. Enhance the style by incorporating straight-cut bangs and straightening the hair for a polished, contemporary edge that pays homage to this iconic look.

33. Pixie With Bangs

Pixie With Bangs
Hair Adviser

Full bangs complement thick hair splendidly. The layered pixie cut reaches new heights of style through the addition of bangs. The result is a striking and impressive look that exudes charm and allure. This stunning hairstyle is equally popular with women of every age.

34. Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair

Ombre hairstyles have gained widespread popularity, making a significant hair statement. In addition to framing the face, a honey blonde ombre technique can enhance the texture of your hair and introduce abundant dimension to your thick locks.

35. Blunt Cut For Straight Hair

Blunt Cut For Straight Hair
Source: Pinterest

The ideal choice for those with thick hair, this cut showcases your hair’s volume with its straight ends. Despite some considering it less fashionable, it’s an excellent option for styling versatility, particularly in updos. This haircut is a top pick for highlighting your hair’s thickness.

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36. Dark-To-Light Brown Hair

Dark-To-Light Brown Hair

Opting for a dark-to-light ombre is an exciting method to elevate your hair look. This technique not only adds flair but also introduces richness to your voluminous locks. Enhanced by gentle waves, the interplay of hues and lush texture becomes even more striking.

37. Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights
Source: Hair Adviser

Embrace your brunette charm while satisfying blonde curiosity with a balayage twist. Unlike a full color shift, this blonde highlight balayage offers versatility. Consult a stylist for the right blonde tone, considering your skin’s undertone for a safe choice.

38. Bell HairCut

Bell HairCut
Source: TheHairStyler.com

With its silhouette resembling a bell, the Bell Cut is tailored for Plain Jane enthusiasts. This haircut incorporates a U-shaped end, imparting delightful and bouncy motion to thick hair. If an elegant yet straightforward style appeals to you, this could be your ideal choice.

39. Layers With Golden Brown Hue

Layers With Golden Brown Hue
Source: Pinterest

Opt for stunning golden brown layers to amplify hair volume and beauty. This layered cut adds dimension while a touch of golden hue elevates your brunette locks, achieving a captivating effect. The result is undeniably stunning, showcasing a remarkable upgrade in appearance.

40. Beachy Waves

Beachy Waves
Source: Changes Salon and Day Spa

Achieve volume without the constant beachy look by incorporating gentle waves. The trick? Hold your hair in the curling iron briefly, then apply hairspray. After cooling, brush for a casual wave appearance, resolving the beachy versus volume dilemma effectively.

41. Brown Balayage

Brown Balayage
The Right Hairstyles

Imagine the enchanting sight of sunlight glistening on water as it flows from springs to a river in a forest. The captivating effect of this hair color resembles that natural beauty, evoking a surreal and mesmerizing appearance that’s reminiscent of golden reflections on water.

42. Shag With Inward Curls

Shag With Inward Curls-Hairstyles For Thick Hair

The timeless shag hairstyle remains highly popular, with this version resembling a mullet-inspired ‘do suitable for thick hair. Create multiple layers and curl the front strands inward for this style. Minimize heat damage by utilizing a round brush and mousse.

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43. Rock ‘N Roll Shag

Rock ‘N Roll Shag-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Pinterest

Embrace the spirit of rock ‘n roll with a stunning curly shag haircut that captures its edgy essence. This hairstyle boasts a stylishly messy appeal, making it an ideal choice for those electrifying head-banging moments. The killer curly shag effortlessly combines attitude and style.

44. Layers With Soft Waves

Layers With Soft Waves-Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Imagine hair cascading like a flowing stream – a concept aptly captured by soft wavy layers. Begin these layers mid-length and delicately taper the ends. This technique enhances the appearance of thickness while lending a gracefully soft aspect to your hair.

45. Blonde Ombre

Blonde Ombre-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

For naturally dark and thick hair, a blonde ombre offers a transformative change. Although bleaching damages hair, the impact is reduced with thickness. Embrace the makeover you desire. Opt for braided styling – a perfect match for your voluminous locks.

46. Layers With Side Part

Layers With Side Part-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
The Right Hairstyles

While a side parting might flatten thin hair, it becomes a valuable asset for those with thick tresses. It effectively counteracts greasy hair concerns. A simple switch to the opposite side of your usual parting can work wonders in maintaining a fresh appearance.

47. Dual Layers

Dual Layers-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Pinterest

Embrace a refined approach perfect for thick hair, this style avoids excessive layering by keeping two distinct layers slightly apart, creating a noticeable gap. The elegance lies in the seamless blending of the second layer with the ends, providing a pleasing visual continuity.

48. Long Hair With Bangs

Long Hair With Bangs-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Hair Adviser

Thick hair offers the advantage of voluminous center bangs that stylishly conceal the forehead. This sleek look draws attention to the eyes, lips, and jawline. The fringe showcases the perks of thick hair while elevating your overall appearance, making you stand out.

49. Lob For Curly Hair

Lob For Curly Hair-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Managing nourishment for thick curly hair, regardless of the curl type, is a daily struggle. Simplify your routine with a classic curly lob. This low-maintenance choice offers manageability while complementing various curl patterns, making it a practical solution.

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50. Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo Highlights-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

Peekaboo highlights are concealed streaks that emerge when top layers are pulled back. For thick hair, these highlights make a noticeable and impressive statement, showcasing their brilliance and distinctiveness when revealed. This results in an unforgettable image.

51. Layers Starting Midway

Layers Starting Midway-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Hairstyle Camp

Achieving dimension in your hair involves blending various blonde shades for added texture. Precision with layers is vital for dimensional blonde hair. Layers starting midway down accentuates the thickness of your hair, ensuring an effective display of its volume and texture.

52. Bouncy Layers With Feathered Ends

Bouncy Layers With Feathered Ends-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Love Hairstyles

Layers hold the key to achieving fashionable and vibrant hair. The bouncy layers offer style and volume. Feathered ends contribute to the illusion of enhanced thickness and increased volume throughout the hair, making them a valuable asset for any girl’s hair goals.

53. Caramel Waves

Caramel Waves-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: All Things Hair

Indulge in the allure of caramel by infusing it into your waves. Embrace the richness of this hue and apply it to your locks, creating a mouth-watering effect. Waves gracefully emphasize hair thickness, allowing you to effortlessly flaunt a captivating appearance.

54. Blue Hair

Blue Hair-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Wella Blog

Have you hesitated to choose a color due to hair length? Consider the blend of teal and blue, resembling an endless stream when long and a small water puddle if short. The optimal medium length brings out the best, resembling a splendid stream flowing through thick, wavy hair.

55. Loose Waves

Loose Waves-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Latest-Hairstyles.com

The allure of beachy or sun-kissed hair remains enduring, especially as the ideal summer vacation style. Loose waves are the key to mastering this look. Effortlessly capture the essence of a beach getaway by embracing the relaxed elegance of loose waves in your hair.

56. Blonde Tips

Blonde Tips-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Hair Adviser

Enhance your hair’s natural shade through contrast by considering blonde tips. Witness the vibrant interplay of natural brown and blonde highlights. Skip complex techniques like ombre; instead, opt for straightforward highlighted tips to achieve the desired effect effortlessly.

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57. Bouncy Layers For Medium Length

Bouncy Layers For Medium Length-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Pinterest

Medium-length haircuts often receive criticism for appearing flat. However, the “Bouncy Layers” technique combats this by delicately curling the layers using a straightener. This imparts volume and depth to the hair, addressing the flatness associated with such styles.

58. Cinnamon Layers

Cinnamon Layers-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Pinterest

Imagine the delightful pairing of cocoa and cinnamon warming you on a chilly day. Well, the concept translates to hair too! You don’t need winter to enjoy it. Applying a lighter red hue over a rich chocolate base effectively brightens and lightens thick beautiful hair.

59. Razored Layers

Razored Layers-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
The Right Hairstyles

Opting for razored layers is a smart choice for dense hair. Enhancing them with texture is key. Crafting large curls using a curling iron imparts motion, making it ideal for a bold woman who loves voluminous, high hairstyles that exude confidence. It gives a fiery look to your tresses.

60. Elongated Layers

Elongated Layers-Hairstyles For Thick Hair
Source: Hair Adviser

Embrace simplicity with an elongated layered haircut. The precise craftsmanship shines when hair is worn sleek and straight. Master the look by gradually tapering the ends, allowing long strands to elegantly intermingle, highlighting the meticulously tailored layers.


In the realm of hairstyling, having thick hair presents a canvas brimming with endless possibilities. The journey to discovering the perfect hairstyle for thick hair has been illuminated through this curated collection of 60 transformative options.

From timeless classics to modern twists, each style showcases how thick hair can be harnessed to create captivating and alluring looks. Embrace these hairstyles to unlock the full potential of your luxurious locks.

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