11 Handbag Essentials for Every Woman Should Carry 2023

Have you ever noticed that women’s bag are like magical purses that has everything you will possibly need? The secret to that is women tend to bring almost everything in their closet and dresser to ensure that there will be no hustle during emergencies. Since almost everything is going back to normal these days, people are now starting to spend more time going out.

Let us share with you some of the essential items that should be included in your handbag, to be ready for whatever necessity that will arise.

1. Nightout Esentials 

If you are going out for a night party or you’re visiting a club, you need to bring more than just money and your positive attitude. Make sure that your make-up kits are packed along with other party necessities such as vape e juice, an extra pair of pants or shirts, and additional cash. You’ll never know how raving the party will be, so it’s best to have them already.

2. Feminine Hygiene Kits

It goes without saying that you should always have your feminine hygiene essentials whatever the situation. Regardless of how small or big your purse is, always make it a point to carry an extra sanitary napkin or tampon. Your monthly visitor does not always give a heads-up for when it arrives, so it’s best to be prepared. Additionally, you should also consider bringing feminine wipes. While normal bathroom tissues will work, they may be harsh on your feminine area. As much as possible, always have something in the bag to take care of it.

3. Tissues For Hands And Face

Speaking of wipes, always bring tissues anywhere you go. Pocket tissues will work best for quick wiping off your hands or face. It’s ideal to bring tissues instead of carrying a towel. It will save you a lot of time washing them and waiting for them to dry to be able to use them again. Tissues are also helpful for sudden accidents such as spilling food or drinks in your clothes. You can also lend some pieces to your friends in case they need it.

4. Lipstick and Lip Balms

Wherever you may be going, there is a high chance that you will either drink or eat or even both. Make sure that you are always ready for a quick retouch of your lips all the time. Always bring your lipstick with you at all times. Ideally, bring the same shade you’re wearing so there will be no issues in case you need to reapply them. Additionally, if you are going to an outdoor location, it’s best to have lip balms with you to avoid chapping of your lips.

5. Face Powder And Concealers

Not everyone is blessed with smooth face skin, let’s admit that. However, you can always be prepared for any oily skin or sudden breakouts with the help of face powder and concealers. If you have enough space in your handbag, you can even bring a small make-up kit everywhere. This will not help you maintain looking good all the time, but you can also help your girlfriends.

6. Portable Charger And Power Banks

Nowadays, our cell phones and other gadgets are everything. Aside from the fact that it keeps us connected to everyone, it’s also a helpful navigational tool for when you’re travelling. Because of that, make sure that you will always have it ready to use. Always bring portable chargers and power banks for all your gadgets, especially if you are going to remote places with no direct source of electricity.

7. A Pen And Paper Are A Must

Even if we are already in the digital age, having a pen and paper hand is still a must for every woman. You will never know when you’ll need to sign something. It is also great for immediate planning or other important notetaking. 

8. Foldable Umbrellas

The weather is often unpredictable. Even if the forecast is saying that it’s all clear skies, there may be a sudden change and it might rain. Nevertheless, bringing a foldable umbrella with you can be very helpful. It will not only protect you from the rain but it’s also something that you can use when the sun becomes too hot.

9. Disposable Or Extra Undergarments

Whether you will only stay for a day or you may be expecting a sudden sleepover, having disposable undergarments can be helpful. This is a more convenient option compared to bringing your underwear because you will no longer have to worry about bringing the dirty ones back home. It’s also great for emergency “woman” situations.

10. Hair Ties And Scrunchies

It’s every girl’s problem to be stuck in hot weather with long, thick hair. Because of that, it’s ideal to always bring hair ties or scrunchies as well. In that way, you can have a swift change in hairstyle should the situation arise. Also, don’t forget to bring a comb or a brush so it will be easier to keep yourself presentable all the time.

11. Safety Pins Are Helpful

Wardrobe mishaps are very unforeseeable. Even if you prepare for your outfit ahead of time, there may be instances where you will be stuck with a torn blouse. Remedy this right away with safety pins packed in your handbag. It will always be helpful in any situation.

Don’t Forget Your Essentials

Have you completed the checklist? It’s time to pick the perfect handbag that will not just fit all these essentials but will also look stunning at the same time. Make sure that you’re ready for whatever happens, and that you can always lend a hand when someone needs an emergency item.

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