According to many, Canada has one of the best health insurance policies in the world. People who live in this country consider themselves lucky because they are able to receive healthcare coverage through government health programs.

    Fortunately, they do not need to stress over paying for the most basic medical care, physician’s visits when they urgently need help, or if something unforeseen happens. However, it’s worth mentioning that there are still some restrictions concerning the amount of coverage that is offered.

    But what do we know about medical care in one of Canada’s biggest provinces, Ontario? If you’re interested to gather useful information when it comes to this, then just scroll below to uncover more.

    Everything You Need To Know About Medical Insurance In Ontario


    Do You Need A Health Insurance Broker Even In This Province?

    The answer is yes! In these instances, (shopping for insurance), hiring an insurance broker is of huge importance. How come?

    Well, that’s because, with the help of this expert, you’ll be able to compare all your options to make sure you are receiving the best coverage at the best rate.

    The question is, who are insurance brokers? Namely, these are the people who shop the market and are doing their best to help you hunt down the best coverage to suit your needs.

    Additionally, this person will help you solve many health insurance issues, such as claim payments, access to care, etc. So what are other benefits of insurance brokers?

    • With them, you’ll save on your insurance rates
    • Offer you the most constructive advice
    • You’ll get quicker claims payouts
    • Secure yourself from dishonest conduct

    What Do We Know About The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)?

    In this country, the government offers basic health care to anybody who resides here and who meets the eligibility requirements. The Ontario Health Insurance Plan is normally paid through taxes.

    In case you didn’t know, it pays for various healthcare services, the ones that are the most essential. Furthermore, these services typically involve visits to your family doctor and other specialists.

    Moreover, a vast majority of basic and urgent healthcare services are covered by this type of insurance plan. If you want to know whether a particular treatment or procedure is covered by it, then you should first consult with your healthcare provider.

    Adding More Useful Information Below

    Do You Need A Health Card/ OHIP Card?

    In order to receive free public health care, you will have to obtain a Health Card which is also known as OHIP Card. Now, if you do not have it, you just might be able to receive free health care from Community Health Center.

    How Can You Get It?

    If you are eligible for Ontario Health Insurance Plan, then you must apply for a Health Card. If you’re confused by any of it, you can always consult some community agencies to answer any of your questions regarding OHIP.

    Things That Are Covered With Ontario Health Insurance Plan


    As previously mentioned, it covers numerous health services that you may need, including the following:

    • Visits to walk-in clinics, and some other healthcare providers
    • Appointments with your family doctor
    • Visits to the ER
    • Different medical procedures and tests

    Just bear in mind that in order to be covered with this type of insurance, you must have a concrete medical reason to receive a particular service or treatment. For example, cosmetic surgery is not covered.

    Who Can Qualify?

    In order to qualify for OHIP, you must meet all the necessary qualifications that are listed below, along with at least one of the additional requirements. In order to meet the minimum qualifications, you must:

    • Live in this province for at least 153 days in any twelve-month period
    • Live out there for at least 153 days of the first 183 days as soon as you start living in Ontario
    • Make this province your primary residence

    Besides these qualifications, you must also meet at least one of these additional requirements which include:

    • You are a Canadian citizen
    • You are an Indigenous person
    • You are a permanent resident
    • You are applying for permanent residence in this country and you have submitted an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and you have met the eligibility requirements to apply and you’ve not been denied
    • You live in this province on a valid work permit and are working out there full-time for at least six months
    • You are a clergy member who can stay legally in this country and is going to be ministering full-time in this province for at least 180 days
    • You have a Temporary Resident Permit
    • You are a convention refugee or any other protected person defined by the Immigration and Refugee Board of this country

    What About Private Health Insurance In Ontario?

    Health Insurance In Ontario

    A lot of Ontarians believe that OHIP offers them the most adequate coverage, which is why they do not think that private health insurance is necessary.

    People who believe in this are mostly young and healthy people who perceive themselves as invincible as far as health is concerned.

    But unfortunately, that’s far from reality and precisely this approach could find you paying out of your pocket for healthcare services. That’s why it’s much better to have additional health insurance even if you’re the healthiest person in the world.

    But why is it so essential, you’re probably wondering? Possibly one of the biggest benefits of medical insurance in this province is the financial security that it offers to people.

    Yes, you will receive some coverage from the provincial government. However, if you do not have private health insurance, you will be obligated to pay out of your own pocket for any other additional medical expenses that are outside of the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

    Keep in mind that there are numerous types of treatments (such as chiropractic, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.) that are not covered by OHIP.

    As you can see, there’s a lot of useful information regarding medical care in this province. We tried our best to provide you with in-depth info and we honestly hope that all your questions were answered today.

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