Black hair is one of those trends that can never get outdated. People love to have black hair because every complexion is complemented by dark hair. A few highlights on black hair can look more shiny and beautiful if you wish. Adding these highlights to your hair will bring life and level to them, and you will love how your hair looks.

    There is a long list of highlights for black hair, and it is sometimes confusing to choose any one of the highlights. Many variations look great on different skin tones, textures, and tastes, so choosing one can be quite challenging!

    This is a great place to start before you visit a hair salon so that you can’t get stuck on a style that you don’t like. Here we have compiled up the most beautiful highlights for black hair along with their pictures. 

    1. Black Hair with Blonde Ombre Highlights

    Black Hair With Blonde Ombre Highlights

    Blonde Ombre Highlights are becoming increasingly popular these days. When done on black hair, ombre highlights create a stunning effect. If you have black hair, consider blonde highlights, running from root to tip that mix things up. These highlights are undoubtedly the best to go and create a creamy look for you.

    2. Teal Highlights for Black Hair

    Teal Highlights For Black Hair

    The hottest hair colour this season is teal. Your black hair will look more bright and vibrant by adding teal ombre highlights from roots to the tips. Teal seems the most attractive and vibrant colour out of thousands of unnatural hair colours and gives its best shades with dark hair. Black hair with teal highlights is an excellent option for highlighting dark hair.

    3. Black Hair with Full Highlights

    Black Hair With Full Highlights

    Most people go to have partial streaks but let’s look at these full highlights on black hair. Women with naturally black hair can add a bit of dimension to their black hair with dark brown highlights without making them look overdone. Adding colour and shine to your black hair in this way is a great way to enhance its sparkle and shine.

    4. Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

    Black Hair With Burgundy Highlights 

    Burgundy highlights are one of the most popular highlights among young girls. This type of highlight can give you a bold look you want. Moreover, those girls who have somehow brown or dark complexion can go with these stunning highlights. Enjoy this sleek and sexy new style by choosing these highlights.

    5. Black Hair with Balayage Highlights

    Black Hair With Balayage Highlights

    Those who have seen someone with Balayage highlights on black hair were most likely in love at first sight. The Balayage highlights will give you a softer and shiny hair look.

    Furthermore, you can choose different combinations of other colours for balayage highlights. They will enhance your appearance and make it spectacular.

    6. Golden Highlights

    Golden Highlights On Black Hair

    Let’s glow up, girls, with the golden highlights. The colour of these highlights compliments every hair colour, but when they are applied to black, their shade is more vibrant. Either you have long hair or a short one, you can go with these highlights to give your new fresh look.

    As the golden highlights are gleaming and pigmented, you also need to care for them with good hair products. Additionally when you have golden highlights, make sure you have them on different base colours to stand out. So, black hair is perfect to go.

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    7. Light Brown Highlights

    Black Hair With Light Brown Highlights

    Chocolate Brown highlights have a complementary property to the black colour, and it is also a natural contrast. If you are the one who has dark black coloured hair with shine, then brown highlights is never a bad option. It is always fun to have a brown highlight on your black hair.

    You can add a sexy shimmer to your hairstyle by blending traces of brown into your black hair. You can make your black hair look beautiful by adding brown highlights from roots to tips.

    8. Green and Purple Highlights

    Green And Purple Highlights For Black Hair

    A combination of green and purple highlights gives the best results when done on dark hair. An excellent way to highlight medium length hair is cap highlighting. You can also add purple and green shades all over your hair to take it to the next level.

     9. Platinum Highlights

    Black Hair With Platinum Highlights 

    Platinum Highlights is always a preference of those who are interested in having a modern yet elegant look. These icy highlights always add a number to your personality with some extra edgy appeal. If you have black hair but do not have that much volume, go with these platinum icy highlights.

    These highlights will make your hair shiny. Always use a good shampoo and toner for your platinum highlights to make them lovely and long-lasting.  

    10. Copper Highlights

    Black Hair With Copper Highlights 

    Copper highlights give black hair a striking reddish hue. Whatever kind of copper streaking you choose, you’ll add a touch of radiance to your hair with this product. You may add one or two golden highlights to the mix as well to complete the three-tone effect.

    11. Honey Blonde Highlights

    Black Hair With Honey Blonde Highlights 

    A hairdo with honey blonde highlights blends warm and cool tones perfectly. Women with straight or curly hair can use this look simply by placing the highlights in thin sections.

    However, the warm glow of honey blonde highlights on black hair brightens a person’s face and looks great when paired with beachy waves or loose curls. Those who have somehow a rational personality can go with these highlights.

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    12. Grey Highlights

    Black Hair With Grey Highlights

    Grey highlights stand out both stylish and edgy. However, it improves your appearance and adds radiance to your hair. Most young girls prefer to have grey highlights starting from the mid of their hair length to give a wavy look to their hair. Having grey highlights is always a tough decision to make, but you will realize how great it looks after doing so.

    13. Natural Highlights

    Black Hair With Natural Highlights

    Something that gives a natural look always makes you feel gorgeous and enhances your hair shine. The natural colours give you the ability to start brightening your hair at your hairline and maintain it all the way to the ends. 

    14. Caramel Highlights

    Caramel Highlights For Black Hair

    Having caramel highlights on your black hair is always a good choice. It is easy to look fashionable with black hair that has subtle caramel tones.

    This will give you a simple yet sophisticated look. Adding caramel highlights to your locks can add a warm glow and extra depth to your personality.

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    15. Black Hair with Blue Highlights

    Black Hair With Blue Highlights

    The fabulous look of blue highlights on black hair never disappoints. Combining blue highlights with black hair lends it a fascinating, modern look. While having blue highlights, you can go for multiple shades of blue. Sky blue can be paired with Aqua blue to give a cool highlights for black hair.

    16. Black Hair with Purple Highlights

    Black Hair With Purple Highlights

    Every highlight is best in itself, but this purple highlight is the one that will give you a glamorous look. If you are the one who always wants to stand out in the crowd and want something different, then these highlights are undoubtedly for you.

    If you have black hair with purple highlights, your stunning appearance will never be compromised, and you will feel elegant yet beautiful at the same time.

    17. Subtle Highlights

    Subtle Highlights For Black Hair

    You can achieve a faux natural look by applying subtle highlights. You can also use them to enhance the base color of your hair only with the slightest lift. This highlight is for those who do not wish to appear too prominent but wish to appear sufficiently covered and natural.

    Schoolgirls and teenage girls tend to prefer subtle highlights, and sometimes even some sophisticated women prefer them. It is possible to enhance the colour of your hair while maintaining its natural hues by adding ashy shades or versions similar to them – about one or two shades lighter than normal.

    18. Black Hair with Red Highlights

    Black Hair With Red Highlights

    Black has a good and natural combination with red, and so here, red highlights go with black hair. While red highlights are generally not very common, those who possess them can easily be distinguished in the crowd.

    It gives them an edge over others. Try to create these red highlights the whole length of your hair, starting from the roots to the tips, and maintain them with special products to keep them shiny and soft.

    19. Auburn Highlights for Black Hair

    Auburn Highlights For Black Hair

    You might have heard about Auburn highlights. Auburn highlights give your hair a warm and cozy appearance. Especially when combined with black hair, auburn highlights are stunning. In addition, these highlights look stunning on every skin tone, so feel free to wear them.

    20. Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

    Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

    For some people, Blonde is their favourite colour. Long black hair with blonde highlights looks like frosted tips having a fresh update. There is a wide range of blonde shades you can choose from when you have blonde hair highlights. Always try to choose shiny and soft shades of blonde highlights.

    No matter how casual and understated it is, it always has a knockout style. Blonde highlights that starting from roots to the tips is a perfect solution for girls who want a solid yet sophisticated look.

    21. Caramel Blonde Highlights

    Caramel Blonde Highlights

    22. Pearl Blonde Highlights

    Pearl Blonde Highlights

    23. Creamy Blonde Highlights

    Creamy Blonde Highlights

    24. Brown Blonde Balayage Highlights

    Brown Blonde Balayage Highlights

    25. Brown Blonde Highlights

    Brown Blonde Highlights

    26. Caramel Blonde Highlights

    Caramel Blonde Highlights27. Rosewood Blonde Highlights

    Rosewood Blonde Highlights

    28. Chestnut Highlights on Black Hair

    Chestnut Highlights On Black Hair

    Chestnut chocolate highlights are the best if you want to look confident with your hair. The highlights will boost your mind by giving your body some extra energy. You can have Chesnut highlights either from roots to tips or from somewhere in the middle to tips. Additionally.

    Chestnut highlights can be worn to enhance any complexion tone or feature, so you should not be afraid to use them. Give yourself a warm and beautiful appearance with these highlights.

    29. Honey Blonde Highlights

    Honey Blonde Highlights

    It is a medium blonde hue with a light brown undertone. According to the colour description, honey blonde hair has a similar hue to honey, derived from haoney. The great thing about honey blonde hair is that it complements almost every complexion. The contrast of Honey highlights on black hair can never get out of trend.

    30. Silver Platinum Grey Highlights

    Silver Platinum Grey Highlights On Black Hair

     How to Highlight Black Hair?

    Here are some tips and tricks that will help you in highlighting black hair.

    1. For highlighting black hair, first, you need to have your tool kit. The tool kit should include all the necessary items and products that you will use while highlighting your Black hair. In your tool kit, always try to have a good brush. Your brush can be made of either silicone or plastic, but the brush hair should be fine enough to apply the product properly.

    2. The next step is to do a test strip. Professionals and hair doers are always advised to do a test strip before highlighting your hair. It is safe and secure for both your hair health and your time. Additionally, the test strip will show you what results you will likely get after highlighting your hair and how your hair will respond.

    3. Make a straight comb or brush through your hair so that they can settle to their place. In this way, you will dye considerably more strands if you know what strands you want to dye.

    4. Now it’s time to highlight your hair. After mixing the right amount of products in a bowl:

    • Apply the products to the hair in portions.
    • Always apply the product to small strands of your hair.
    • Apply as many products to the hair strands as you want to highlight.

    5. But never go with so many extra highlights. It can look odd. After applying the product properly, use aluminium foil to cover your hair strands.

    6. It’s time to rest and wait until the product will work and colour your hair. The average time is about 25 to 30 minutes but always read on the instruction box of the product. As every company uses different ingredients in their products so their action time can vary.

    7. Now wash your hair after removing the foil or sheet from them. Wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo so that all the products can be removed. After washing, also use a hair conditioner to give your hair a soft and shiny look.

    8. The last step is to apply a toner. The toner needs to be mixed with the developer, then applied to the highlights and deposited. Now you should rinse your hair with shampoo for at least ten minutes after applying your colour and letting it sit for 15 minutes.

    What are Some Best Highlights and Lowlights for Black Hair?

    Here are some of the best highlights for black hair that looks cool and good to go.

    • Dark Brown Highlights

    Dark Brown Highlights

    • Caramel Blonde Highlights

    Caramel Blonde Highlights

    • Purple Balayage Highlights

    Purple Balayage Highlights

    • Burgundy Balayage Look

    Burgundy Balayage Look

    • Brunette Highlights

    Brunette Highlights

    • Burgundy Highlights

    Burgundy Highlights

    • Blonde Ombre Hair Color Style

    Blonde Ombre Hair Colour Style

    • Light-Brown Highlights

    Light-Brown highlights

    • Soft Red Balayage Highlights

    Soft Red Balayage Highlights

    • Brunette-Blonde Balayage Highlights Look

    Brunette-Blonde Balayage Highlights Look

    In the discussion of low lights, they should be darker to the shade of your natural hair color so that they can add a dimension to your hair.

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