How To Know Your Foundation Shade When Buying Online 2023

At some point, the convenience of online shopping will convince you to buy your Foundation Shade there. But foundation can be the most challenging beauty product to buy online. Finding the perfect shade in a store with poor lighting is tough, but doing so without the option to try it on presents an entirely new set of challenges.

Kiana Beauty is the online store for you whether you’re looking for powder, cream, or liquid foundation. Here’s how to find your shade when shopping online:

Identify Your Skin Tone

Identify Your Skin Tone-How to Buy Foundation Shade Online?

The best way to tell your skin color is to look at your jawline in natural light. Since it stays mostly the same over time, this is the part of your skin that best shows your actual skin color. For reference, here are the three most common types of skin tones are:

1. Light

Skin tones with light or fair tones are known as porcelain or pale skin. A person with this skin tone is more likely to suffer sunburn than someone with a darker complexion.

2. Medium

This complexion is a balanced, neutral beige tone. These tones fill the spectrum between the two extremes of light and dark.

3. Dark

This is the darkest skin color range. Melanin is what gives this shade its dark color, and people who live in places with a lot of sunlight are more likely to have it.

Know Your Skin’s Undertone

Skin Undertones

It will be much easier to choose your foundation shade if you already know your undertone. But if you aren’t sure of your skin’s undertone, you can get an idea by looking at the veins in your wrists.

If it’s blue, your undertone is cool. A greenish color indicates a warm or olive skin tone. But your undertone may be neutral if you see both blue and green.

1. Take Note Of Your Current Foundation Shades

If you already have a foundation, you can use the shades on hand as a reference while purchasing online. You can use this information to your advantage by comparing the exact colors to what the online store says about them. If they are the same or very similar, go for it!

2. Opt For The Lighter Option

If you can’t decide between two shades, choose the lighter one. When applied on the skin, a foundation may oxidize and turn darker than it initially looked. But a little bronzer can later be added to the final product to deepen the color. This is much easier than making a dark shade lighter, which can cause the color and coverage to fade.

3. Get The Mini Or Sample Size

When there are too many shade options, it’s best to play it safe and look for the smallest product size. Most online stores provide trial sizes that allow you to try a foundation before buying it. If you enjoy these shades after trying them out at home, you can purchase the full size.

Sample and travel-size products are great because they are less expensive than the full-size. If you make a mistake and get the wrong shade, it’s not too big of a loss.

4. Look It Up Online

Nowadays, it’s easy to find a video or photo online that shows you exactly how different foundations look when applied to the skin. Even if you can’t find anybody with a skin tone close to your own, you can use social media like TikTok, Instagram, or Google for reference.


It’s hard enough to find the right foundation shade in-store. Not being able to try it on makes it even harder. You can use this post as a guide for finding your foundation shade while shopping online, whether you prefer powder, cream, or liquid.

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