How To Choose the Correct Shampoo for Your Hair Type? 2023

Choosing that one shampoo that would be suitable for your hair can be a confusing venture. It is difficult to find the right one which would solve your hair issues and promote healthy hair growth.

But it becomes more difficult when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for, which might also mean you are unaware of your hair type and other factors affecting your hair type.

The mistake that you might be making is choosing products after consuming various commercials which are furthermore degrading your hair quality.

In certain cases and emergencies if you are not having a good hair day you can opt for using hair extensions.

There are more than 7 different ways to use hair extensions. It is comfortable to use and looks real without compromising your desired look.

Commercials are helpful but you need to understand that all of them might not be suitable for your hair. The use of products not suitable for your hair leads to gradual hair loss.

So considering this concern this blog will reveal information about choosing the right shampoo for your subjective hair type based on sayings from various professional dermatologists.

You can trust your hair with this information and correct the mistakes which you might be doing until now unknowingly.

Know Your Scalp Type

The most common question that pops in everyone’s head is which is the most suitable shampoo that would suit your hair? Well in an attempt to answer this question let’s begin with your scalp.

Do you think you know your scalp well enough? Well if you don’t then there are certain tips which would help you to know your scalp.

The shampoo is a cleaning agent which functions as cleaning your scalp. But if you have oily roots then you would need a shampoo that is moisturizing and has deeper cleaning abilities.

Whereas if you have a dry scalp you need to choose a shampoo that has more moisturizing abilities.

But How To Understand Your Scalp Type?

Now to understand the scalp type you need to notice your hair after wash. After shampoo, if your scalp experience itchiness then you have a dry scalp hence moisturizing shampoos would be ideal.

Whereas on the flip side if you experience shinier hair with clumped dandruff flakes after washing then you have an oily scalp.

However, if your hair gets oily after two to three days of washing then you have a combination scalp. Consider yourself lucky if you are the one with a combination scalp.

There might be times when your hair ends might feel fried whereas your scalp is oily at that time you need to choose a shampoo that is best suitable for oily scalp.

Use of conditioner is a must in this case as conditioner is supposed to work on your dry ends by moisturizing them whereas shampoo would balance the Ph value of your scalp.

Shampoos for Oily Scalps

If you feel oily scalp that means you have tried and tested plenty of products on your scalp. Starting from washing daily to leaving a gap between days o avoid excess oil and sebum production. So below mentioned are some tips that will help in choosing the right shampoo for oily scalp.

  • Restrict using shampoos which have hydrating, soothing, moisturizing, and efficient for curly hair as the use of these sorts of shampoos would add more moisture to your already oiled scalp
  • While purchasing look carefully through the labels if the label mentions volumizing, balancing, or strengthening, as shampoos with these labels are ideal for removing excess oil from the scalp as these products are non-moisturizing.
  • Once you find the clarifying shampoo that is good for you reached your goal already but then if you use that shampoo excessively then it would dry out your scalp leading to another chaotic issue.
  • Opt for using double shampoo in the similar way you use double face wash. A double shampoo will come with two individual different shampoos with different functions. You can use one of them to address your oily scalp whereas the other one can be used to address your hair tips below your roots.
  • Don’t rinse the shampoo right after putting it spend time massaging the scalp with the shampoo for some time to break the oil then wash your scalp properly with the required amount of water.
  • Once you have done shampooing and washing that properly, avoid using conditioner on the wet dripping hair. Dry your dripping part with the use of a towel then put conditioner on the tip, not on the scalp.
  • This is a very important step to remember that you are not supposed to put conditioner on your scalp, that will cause hair fall always apply them on the hair tips which needs moisturizing mainly. Rinse it well sometimes after applying.

Shampoos for Dry Scalp

Choosing the shampoo that would end your issue of dry flaky scalp is important as these issues sometimes become frustrating and put you in uncomfortable hesitant conditions. To put an end to these issues here are some tips to choose hair for a dry scalp.

  • Avoid shampoos that come with abilities such as volumizing, strengthening, and fortifying. AS these shampoos will wear off the necessary moisture needed in your scalp.
  • If you have a slightly dry scalp with little or no itching then look for shampoo labels promoting smoothing, hydration, moisture, and curls. The reason for choosing this kind of shampoo is it would help in locking moisture in your hair and would be highly beneficial for your dry scalp.
  • Avoid usage of shampoos that contains Sulphates as Sulphates tend to make the hair dry. Doesn’t matter if your scalp is dry then also you need to shampoo your hair properly. Ingredients such as methanol, and tea tree oil are beneficial for oily scalps.

Signs That Its Time to Change Your Shampoo

The majority of the good shampoos are designed to address hair issues. Then also hair tends to behave differently at times with increasing age and changing seasons. Several factors affect the nature or texture of your hair. Maybe it’s time to change your shampoo if you are experiencing the below-mentioned signs

  • Your hair tends to be frizzy, tangled, and unmanageable which makes it difficult for you to run the comb through your hair even for once properly, followed by hair fall. This means your hair is lacking the required moisture and your shampoo is harming your hair by stripping off the natural oils from your hair.
  • You are not getting the desired volume or luster you long for from your hair instead your hair is prone to dull and damaged even after regular wash and care. This situation prompts the need to switch your shampoo to volumizing or strengthening formulae which would add volume to the hair you longed for in addition to working on other issues.
  • There are times when your hair might feel oilier or drier than it feels original. You may blame it on weather conditions but in reality, you don’t have control over the weather whereas you can adjust your shampoo or change your shampoo according to the changing weather.
  • Then there are times when your dandruff comes back aggressively even after using suitable shampoo. Take this as a sign that your hair is resisting the effect of the anti-fungal application present in your present shampoo. Consult a dermatologist to come up with an alternative anti-dandruff shampoo for your hair care.

Closing Statement

Hopefully, now you got an idea of how you should choose your shampoo, whereas shampoo plays a major role in taking care of your hair but there are other factors too that affect hair growth like your daily routine, hormonal changes, and food habits.

Due to certain uncontrollable situations, you start losing hair which affects your personality and confidence, you can always opt for hair extensions in such cases, as it is hard to distinguish real hair from extensions if used properly.

You can read more about how to care for your hair extensions. You can get them on online platforms and based on reviews make an informed purchase.

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