Soft waves are a romantic, effortlessly chic hairstyle that exudes femininity and grace. Unlike tight, sculpted curls, soft waves have a natural, beachy vibe that flatters all face shapes and hair lengths. The textured, tousled look is perfect for both day and night.

    If you want to embrace your inner boho goddess, discover 15 easy ways to get perfect soft waves in your hair!

    15 Ways to Get Soft Waves

    1. Braid Damp Hair

    Braid Damp Hair

    Braiding sections of towel-dried hair overnight gives hair a natural crimp and bends when unraveled in the morning. For beachy waves, opt for loose, messy braids.

    2. Use a Curling Wand

    Use a Curling Wand

    Wrap 1-2 inch sections of hair around a tapered curling wand, leaving the ends out for loose, undone waves—alternate directions for natural movement.

    3. Try Heatless Foam Rollers

    Try Heatless Foam Rollers

    Sleep in soft foam rollers for effortless, bouncy waves in the morning. Focus on mid-lengths and ends.

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    4. Use Hot Rollers

    Use Hot Rollers

    Velcro and sponge rollers quickly add volume and shape. For soft waves, leave them in only 5-10 minutes.

    5. Air Dry Naturally

    Air Dry Naturally

    Scrunch and tousle damp hair as it air dries to enhance natural texture and wave. Add sea salt spray for texture.

    6. Do Two Braided Pigtails

    Do Two Braided Pigtails

    This cute, messy style creates waves and curls, especially on shorter hair. For extra volume, tease the roots.

    7. Add Texture Spray

    Add Texture Spray

    Apply an undone texture spray before heat styling for extra grit and separation, preventing stiff ringlets.

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    8. Use a Curling Iron

    Use a Curling Iron

    Wrap 1-inch sections around a barrel iron, alternating directions as you go. Gently comb through waves afterward.

    9. Sleep in Rag Rollers

    Sleep in Rag Rollers

    These vintage sponge rollers are perfect for lasting, bouncy waves. Secure with pins before bed for morning mermaid hair.

    10. Do Loose Fishtail Braids

    Do Loose Fishtail Braids for soft waves

    Remove the elastic and gently pull apart the fishtail for effortless, beach-inspired soft waves.

    11. Add Waves with Flat Iron

    Add Waves with Flat Iron-soft waves

    Make quick S-shaped waves by clamping a flat iron on hair ends, rotating slightly as you pull down.

    12. Try Bendy Rollers

    Try Bendy Rollers

    These flexible sponge rollers mold to your head for comfortable sleeping and pretty, touchable waves.

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    13. Use a Triple Barrel Waver

    Use a Triple Barrel Waver-soft waves

    The rotating barrels quickly add volume, movement, and beachy texture from root to tip.

    14. Scrunch with Gel or Mousse

    Scrunch with Gel or Mousse

    Enhance natural wavy or curly hair with scrunching products while air drying.

    15. Add Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

    Add Texturizing Sea Salt Spray-soft waves

    Mist mid-lengths to ends for added grit and separation, then scrunch for ocean-inspired soft waves.


    Q: How Long do Soft Waves Last?

    A: With the right products and techniques, soft waves can last 2-4 days before needing to be touched up or re-styled. Use heat protectant, texture spray, and dry shampoo to prolong waves.

    Q: Should I Curl my Hair wet or Dry for Soft Waves?

    A: Damp hair holds waves better than dry hair. Towel-dry freshly washed hair, then add products like mousse before curling or braiding for soft waves with longevity.

    Q: What is the Best Curling Wand Size for Soft Waves?

    A: A tapered 1-1.5 inch barrel wand is ideal for creating soft, beachy waves. The tapered end gives varied curl sizes for a relaxed look.

    Q: How do I Refresh Soft Waves on Non-Wash Days?

    A: Gently finger-comb through waves, mist with a bit of water, then scrunch in some texture cream or sea salt spray to reactivate and enhance waves.


    Anyone can create gorgeous, touchable, soft wave with many easy, practical styling methods. Embrace your inner beach goddess and try braids, rollers, irons, air drying, and texturizing products to enhance your natural texture. Have fun, get creative, and take your hair from bland to beautifully tousled!

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