How to glow up your skin, your body, and your personality? This is the first question you ask on the journey of self-discovery.

    We give you the shortest answer to it in this article. Being humans we all are unique. Our journeys are different, representing the different life purposes we uphold.

    These differences stop us from comparing ourselves with others. So who will make a good benchmark for you to compare your progress with? Interestingly, you should be the person with whom you should always compete.

    Always strive for better performance, persona, and behavior than you showed up in the past.

    How can you be a better version of yourself every day without fail? In other words, how to glow up? One way to commit to this progress is taking a weekly or monthly glow up challenge.

    How to Glow Up – Complete Guide

    Here are all the areas that you should consider. In the start, take it as a weekly challenge and then learn from it and incorporate some easy-to-follow techniques from it in your daily routine.

    1. Mental Glow Up


    You would agree with me that health is the prerequisite of beauty. And mental health is the factor that determines the longevity of physical health.

    So, if you want to maintain your youth and beauty for long, you have to strengthen your mind and emotions.

    Here are a few changes that you can bring to your lifestyle to prompt mental health.

    2. Embrace Yourself


    The first step towards attaining a higher score on mental health is accepting you. You might argue that you aren’t the best and you lack such and such qualities. But this dissatisfaction with your talents and appearance isn’t helping you in any way.

    It’s only by accepting you as you are and appreciating the positive attributes that you get the energy to finally improve your not-so-good features.

    Start with being truthful with yourself. You aren’t validating wrong behaviors or you aren’t saying you are the most beautiful girl in the town when you aren’t.

    But you are making peace with the behavior you have developed (so, you have enough energy to grow out of it) or the beauty you possess.

    If some talents don’t belong to you, they aren’t too important for your life purpose or they are replaceable, right? So, find those talents that you possess and that will help you achieve your goals.

    Being grateful for the blessings we already retain is the first step towards attracting more blessings. So, start a journal. Write down all blessings and difficulties you are facing. And then choose to accept the difficulties and to focus on the blessings.

    Also, it’s a good starting point to journal your goals and targets.

    3. Adapt Affirmations

    Adapt Affirmations

    Based on the points you have noted above, create affirmations for yourself. These positive affirmations should be believable for you right now.

    So, if you don’t feel that you are the most knowledgeable person at your job, break down the KPI of productivity into smaller pieces. For example, you can say, ‘I know a lot about this skill’.

    Display these affirmations at the most visible place at your workplace and keep praising yourself with them throughout the day.

    4. Connect with a Friend


    We all know that emotional intelligence is the brain of emotional health. But because of over-exposure to other humans and social media encounters, we often get disconnected from our inner child leading to deterioration in emotional intelligence.

    Journaling is one part of reigniting this connection. And meeting with a soul mate is another. Take this week as an opportunity to meet that friend and reconnect with your true self.

    Also, trying out a new hobby will help you find your joy.

    5. Eliminate Mental Toxins


    Toxic people in our lives are the biggest reasons behind our less-than-optimal mental health. You would want to keep in contact with these people even if it’s for the challenge’s week.

    Saying no is one way to uphold minimal contact with these people. Another is saying yes to your priorities and letting them know that your schedule is already full.

    Another step you wouldn’t want to miss towards declining contact with negative people is going on a social media detox. Cut off your online connections for a week and notice how you will feel less affected by the judgment from outsiders.

    6. Physical Glow Up


    Sound mental and emotional health helps us develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It impacts our eating habits and how often we pamper ourselves with exercises and posture activities.

    7. Hydrate


    Can we stress this part enough? Taking enough water helps your body in removing toxins.
    But that’s not all. Water also increases energy levels and helps you feel happiness – which, again, improves your skin.

    If you keep forgetting to replenish your body fluids, you can stick a reminder to the inside of your bathroom door. It will help you drink a glass after every bathroom visit. If you don’t like the plain taste of water, use fruit-infused water. Also consume other sources of water like water-rich fruits.

    8. Eat Fresh


    Fruits and vegetables are the ingredients that help your skin in staying young and tight. They also beautify other beauty features like nails, hair, and eyes. And by improving your overall health, these ingredients make sure that you don’t lose your vibrant appearance easily. Don’t forget their role in graceful aging!

    You should include fruit and vegetable sources of nutrients in every meal – and snack – of the day. Avoid canned and processed fruits in favor of fresh produce. For the week-long challenge, only use fruits and vegetables as the main course while adding unrefined carbs and proteins as sides.

    9. Exercise


    Sneak at least 20 minutes of exercise into your busy schedule every day for the challenge. You would want the habit to persist even after the challenge is concluded and you can do this by adopting that physical activity as an exercise that interests you most.

    So, instead of going for conventional workout sessions, indulge in sports like swimming, biking, tennis, dancing, or horse riding. Interestingly, most of these activities give you a full-body workout while also working on your posture in the background.

    10. Sleep


    If you engage in enough physical activity during the day and minimize caffeine intake, your chances of getting a good night’s sleep increase significantly. Add more power to your sleep by nourishing your skin and emotions just before falling asleep.

    11. Skin and Nail Glow Up


    Skin is the most prominent feature that represents our health. It also shows the level of care you impart to your appearance.

    On top of maintaining health, you should also pamper your skin to cleanse off dirt and waste and nourish it deeply.

    12. Add Sunscreen


    The first step in caring for your skin is, undoubtedly, protecting it from toxins. Including sunscreen in your skincare products is one way to do this. Get the sunblock that boasts an SPF of at least 30 and use it regularly.

    Also, for the duration of the challenge, you should minimize the use of makeup.

    13. Do Facial


    This is the most unsurprising step that answers the question, ‘how to glow up’. While facial routine differs from person to person depending on their skincare needs, the basic process starts with washing your face and cleansing. After cleansing, you take steam to help your pore open making it easier for them to lose dirt.

    This step is followed by exfoliation. If blackheads and acne are not your major concerns, you can skip the steaming part to reach exfoliation.

    Once you have exfoliated your skin, the next step is to apply the mask. Depending on your skin type, you will choose between sheet, peel-off, or gel masks. You may also want to use the nose strip before this step.

    Follow up the face mask with the moisturizing step before using a serum to complete the facial.

    14. Commit to Skin Care Routine


    If you want to keep the effects of this week-long glow-up challenge with you forever, you should persist with some parts of the practice. The easier method to do so is to incorporate tiny, but most effective, changes in your lifestyle.

    This includes developing an easy-to-follow skincare routine and sticking to it afterward.
    Make sure your daily routine includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Add serum if you witness signs of aging.

    15. Treat Yourself to Manicure


    For your nails’ health and beauty, you should get a manicure every week. If you can’t commit to a weekly visit to the salon, get the manicure kit and carry out the task at home. Other than the weekly manicure practice, use cuticle creams and regular nail filing to maintain their beauty and length.

    16. Teeth Glow Up


    Your teeth are a crucial feature that tells how much you care for yourself. Although teeth are often included within hygiene routines instead of beauty regimes, there are few cosmetic measures you can take to support their beauty.

    If you aren’t one of those lucky few people who enjoy pearly smiles because of irregular teeth, you can consult doctors to get regular or invisible braces. For whitening your teeth, you can go with teeth whitening treatments or you can prefer gentler home remedies.

    17. Hair Glow Up


    After skincare, hairstyle is the most defining factor of a person’s beauty. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity to accentuate your personality. Here are a few steps you can take in a week to enjoy healthy and lustrous hair.

    18. Get Them Trimmed


    You may want to get a new haircut. Or if a haircut is not needed and you want to keep your present look, you can choose to get your hair trimmed.

    Trimming eliminates unhealthy tips of the hair as well as split ends. Also, it stimulates your hair to grow.

    19. Rehabilitate


    You may also want to be more vigilant towards your hair if it appears damaged. If you have been recently using heat on your hair more frequently, or you have colored them, or you are feeling stressed these days; it’s more probable for your hair to get damaged.

    If damage is apparent, the first step towards rehabilitating them is assessing the intensity of the damage. You would want to oil your hair more frequently if the damage is not intense. However, if excessive styling has deprived your hair of necessary proteins, the only solution for you is to give it a protein treatment.

    20. Try New Hairstyle


    So, you have gotten your hair treated and cut. Now is the time to adopt that long-desired style.

    Consult with your beautician to understand the color and parting style that will work with you. You may also want to influence the texture of your hair. Do you like straight, wavy, or curly hair?

    Do you want to part from the side or middle parting is what works best with your facial features? How about dyeing or highlighting them?

    21. Amp Up Hair Care Routine


    Once you have healed your hair from past damage, got a new haircut, and styled them to meet your style, your hair care is done for now.

    But you would want to sustain the beauty that comes with healthy and vibrant hair, right? And there should be a way to ensure that. All you have to do is to rethink your hair care regime.

    Do you experience hair damage more often than you would want to see? It can be an indication of the wrong products in your hair care routine. You want those products that match the nature of your hair as well as the frequency and type of styling they receive.
    Analyze each product and only keep those that are nourishing your hair from within.

    22. Go for Morning Walk

    Go for Morning Walk

    Take Away

    If you want to know how to glow up, you will have to see beyond the skin-deep meaning of glowing. It’s true that you can upgrade your personality by simply caring for your skin.

    But if you want to have a lasting impression on your contacts, only pampering your skin is not enough. Instead, you have to work on every part of your personality from your soul to body to apparent beauty.

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