Here is How to Flaunt Jay Jo’s Haircut in Style For 2023

Jay Jo’s personality isn’t perfect. But you can’t say the same about Jay Jo’s haircut. On the contrary, this cut has become so popular; it has inspired people to take it up.

Windbreaker is the world-class manga series that came to the limelight in 2021. It broke records of popularity for various other manga series. People praise the manga for the realism it shows in the main character’s emotions and behaviors. Jay Jo’s haircut and facial expressions also attract people and keep them inspired.

Jay Jo supports mullet in this series. This modern mullet cut is completed with messy bangs on the front.

Interestingly, this haircut is well-thought-out for the character, Jay Jo as it allows viewers to see the friendly and compassionate personality hidden beneath his cold and expressionless aura.

Note that, as a hairstyle, the mullet represents those personalities that are serious on the front but energetic and rowdy in the heart.


Jay Jo’s Haircut - Jay Jo’s Haircut

Jay Jo is the male lead of the famous manga and anime – Windbreaker. He is a sixteen-year-old who is studying in high school. He has a fallout with his mother because she was obsessed with his studies and likes to spend his time with his friends.

Although the story is built around friendship and social bonds, it starts with an introvert Jay who was rather isolated. You can blame his obsession with studies and his toned-down facial expressions for this introversion. But the character is highly empathetic and wants his friends and family happy.

Jay Jo is not an average teenager. His first introduction shows us that he is the president of Sunny High School’s student body. That was on top of his excellent academic achievements and his commendable biking skills.

In fact, his biking skills were so refined, these made the prominent theme of the plot of Windbreaker anime. He wants to know the truth behind his uncle’s scandal of dope use during a biking competition.

Jay Jo’s Haircut

Jay Jo’s Haircut

Throughout the manga series, we can see Jay Jo supporting modern mullet. Modern mullet is different from conventional mullet.

The latter of the two is characterized by short sides and front hair and a long mane at the back. But that doesn’t hold with modern mullet.

The modern version follows the traditional version in details about back and side hair. But the wearer keeps the front tresses long.

Jay’s haircut, for example, emphasizes his front bangs. At the same time, at one point in the series, Jay Jo resorted to shaving his hair.

This resulted in a partly shaven head – or an pixie undercut. But his front bangs and back hair remained the same. This modern mullet with undercut resulted from a promise and became so popular that people started using it to style their hair.

Interestingly, this haircut transformation alone says a lot about the character’s development. The teen lost a competition and this loss turned him from an agreeable regular high school student into a passionate, determined teenager.

The two-block haircut supported by Jay Jo is a household style prevalent in Korea. It styles front and back hair separately. Though mullet is quite popular in the real world, it is a predominantly non-Japanese style; so, its presence in the anime world was unprecedented. These pieces of anime literature showed haircuts that were fully grown out.

How Can You Get Jay Jo’s Haircut

How Can You Get Jay Jo’s Haircut

Most characters from the anime world wear styles that are impractical and difficult to attain or maintain. But Jay Jo’s style is different. Maybe this practicality happened because the style was an accident, who knows!

Interestingly, this style is popular and is used even by non-anime-lovers because of its acceptability in social settings and beauty. Plus, people get this style and experiment with the length of their front and back hair.

There is no hard and fast rule about the length. And you can also experiment with whether you keep your front bangs long or not. Let’s consider the basics of this style and the areas where it is acceptable to experiment.

Let Your Hair Grow

Let Your Hair Grow

A mullet is perfect for those who have medium-long hair. If you don’t support medium tresses right now, you should take your time to let them grow.

The minimum length you want for your hair for this style is five to six inches. But you may want longer hair if you want to experiment with length. Also, you should leave an inch extra in length to allow the hairdresser room for developing the style.

Use the Clippers

Use the Clippers - Jay Jo’s Haircut

Once you have achieved the length, it’s time to head to your trusted hairdresser and ask for the cut. He will start with trimming the hair on the sides of your ears. You may want a buzz cut for this part or you can get completely shaved. Most people go with a fade cut for these parts.

Experiment With The Length

Experiment with the Length

After shaving the sides, the stylist will work on your tresses. Make sure you have discussed the length you need for the bangs as well as for the hair at the back of your head. Most mullets do well with a longer back mane. If that’s not what you are looking at, you should at least keep the length of bangs and back hair similar.

But if you persist, you can go with shorter hair. Note that shorter hair at the back may not resemble Jay Jo’s look entirely.

Bangs are the most important part of this hairstyle. Jay Jo’s bangs are used to support his facial features and accompany his cold expressions. They will do the same for you.

Discuss with your hairdresser, beforehand, what length of bangs you should get to make your facial features appear more handsome.

You may want to cover your forehead completely if you support one of the long face types. Otherwise, tresses reaching the middle of your forehead should do just fine.

Styling Technique

Styling Technique

One of the important aspects of this style is its messy look. This messy look comes from giving messy texture to the mane. Bangs will receive the most volume and texture as these are the parts that will garner the most attention. But because this style is a mullet, you will also have to give just as much attention to the back hair if not more.

The stylist will use the freeform razor technique to impart as much texture as is needed for the style. You will get messy layers that are easy to style later on in the required look. The resulting layers will be uneven.

If your hair is healthy and thick, you will get the desired look with the right cutting and shaving. Once you have created the appearance, the stylist will apply some pomade to set the uneven texture in.

Other Textures

Other Textures

Most people go with layered, uneven texture to achieve Jay Jo’s style. To be honest, this texture is closest to how we perceive the character’s hair. But the fun doesn’t end with this style and you are free to experiment with other looks as well.

If messy texture appears difficult for you to recreate – and, let’s admit that for some people, it understandably is – you can go with curly texture. It is suitable for thin tresses that don’t gather enough volume to appear messy. Light, wavy curls are the best texture you should go for if you choose this option.

You can also try a choppy cut for your tresses for this style. A choppy layered cut may not offer much volume but it will get the desired lazy and I-woke-like-this look.

Blow Dry

Blow Dry

Jay Jo’s haircut is easy to achieve for those people who have a naturally thick mane. But those folks who have thin mane may need more styling. For them, their stylist may blow dry their tresses to get the required volume. They can recreate the look by blow drying their hair every time they have to head out.


How long does it take to grow Jay Jo’s mullet?

Conventional mullet is longer and need more time to grow than modern mullet. Luckily, Jay Jo uses a modern mullet for his hairstyle. So, you don’t have to wait six months before getting a cut. Instead, you can get the results after four months of healthy hair growth.

Why is Jay Jo’s mullet so popular?

The popularity of Jay Jo’s style comes first from the fame of the character. But that’s not the only reason. The style is also very practical and easy to carry and blends well with modern hair cutting standards. You don’t have to work too hard to maintain the style. And despite being easy on your head and your workload, this style offers you a much-desired handsome look. This style gives a youthful and energetic vibe to the wearer.

Take Away

Jay Jo’s hairstyle has won hearts ever since the series has been launched. People love that, unlike many other hairstyles from the anime world, this one is practical and trendy. Some people flaunt this style as a way to show their solidarity with Jay. Others support it because they think that the style looks cool on them. Whatever your reasons are, achieving this style is easy but it may take some time for you to grow enough length to get the look.

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