The Mesmerizing Jellyfish Haircut: 12 Head-Turning Looks

The world of fashion and beauty is ever-evolving, and just when you thought you’d seen it all, a new trend emerges to captivate our imaginations. One such trend that’s been making waves in the hairstyling realm is the “Jellyfish” haircut.

This eye-catching style takes its inspiration from the movements of jellyfish in the ocean. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of the Jellyfish haircut, exploring its origins, how it’s achieved, and why it’s gaining popularity. Also, we’ll tell you about the most stylish ways to wear a jellyfish haircut this year.

The Origins Of The Jellyfish Haircut

The “Jellyfish” haircut is a style that first gained attention on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Its name is derived from the way the hair is cut and styled to resemble the flowing, tentacle-like strands of a jellyfish.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of this trend, it is believed to have been influenced by the growing interest in natural, effortless looks that embrace the beauty of imperfection.

How To Achieve Jellyfish Haircut?

Creating the mesmerizing Jellyfish haircut involves a combination of precise cutting and styling techniques. Here’s how it’s typically achieved:

1. Layered Cutting

Layered Cutting-Jellyfish Haircut
Source: Reddit

The foundation of the Jellyfish haircut is layers. A skilled hairstylist will strategically layer the hair to create varying lengths and textures, mimicking the layered appearance of a jellyfish’s tentacles.

2. Texturizing

Texturizing-Jellyfish Haircut
Source: Glamour UK

Texturizing techniques, such as point cutting and slide cutting, are used to add depth and movement to the hair. This helps in achieving the natural, flowing look associated with jellyfish.

3. Soft, Undone Waves

Soft, Undone Waves-Jellyfish Haircut

To complete the look, the hair is styled into soft, undone waves using curling irons, straighteners, or even braids. The goal is to make the hair appear effortless and naturally tousled.

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4. Product Selection

The right hair products, such as sea salt sprays and texturizing creams, are essential for maintaining the “Jellyfish” look. These products add volume and hold while still allowing the hair to move freely.

Why The Jellyfish Haircut Is Gaining Popularity?

1. Unique Aesthetic

The Jellyfish haircut offers a refreshingly unique aesthetic compared to traditional hairstyles. Its asymmetrical, textured layers create a sense of artistry and individuality.

2. Low Maintenance

Despite its intricate appearance, the Jellyfish haircut is surprisingly low maintenance. The undone waves and natural texture mean that it looks great even as it grows out.

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3. Versatility

This haircut is versatile and can be adapted to different hair lengths and types. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, the Jellyfish style can be customized to suit you.

4. Natural Beauty

In an era where the beauty industry is increasingly focused on natural looks, the Jellyfish haircut embraces the beauty of imperfection, making it appealing to those who seek an effortless yet striking appearance.

Trendiest Ways To Style Your Jellyfish Haircut In 2023

The jellyfish haircut offers a variety of ways to style it. Here are some of the most stylish and chic ones:

1. Classic Jellyfish Look

Classic Jellyfish Look-Jellyfish Haircut

Let it flow freely, resembling the tentacles of a jellyfish. Use a light-hold hair spray to add volume and movement. Straightening or adding waves is your choice.

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2. Beach Waves

Beach Waves-Jellyfish Haircut
Source: Pinterest

Create loose, beachy waves by using a curling iron or braiding your hair while damp and then letting it dry. This adds extra volume with a relaxed and carefree vibe.

3. Sleek And Straight

Sleek And Straight-Jellyfish Haircut

For a more polished appearance, straighten your hair using a flat iron. Apply a smoothing serum to keep it sleek and shiny. Complement this look with cateye glasses.

4. Half-Up, Half-Down

Half-Up, Half-Down-Jellyfish Haircut
Source: HairstylesFeed

Pull the top half of your hair into a high ponytail or bun while leaving the rest down. This combines elegance with the jellyfish layers’ natural flow and movement.

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5. Braided Accents

Braided Accents
Source: Pinterest

Add small braids or twists to sections of your hair. These can be subtle accents or more pronounced to create an intricate look. Make it messy for a more trendy look.

6. Messy Bun

Messy Bun
Source: Pinterest

Gather your hair into a messy bun on top of your head, leaving a few strands to hang down. This easy two-minute hairdo gives a playful and casual appearance.

7. Top Knot

Top Knot
Source: The Tease

Twist the short layers into a high top knot for a trendy and chic style. You can leave some strands hanging for a softer look. Add waves to the longer strands for volume.

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8. Headband Or Scarf

Headband Or Scarf
Source: Pinterest

Accessorize with a headband or scarf to keep hair out of your face while adding a pop of color or pattern. Let a few short layers to frame your face for added style.

9. Pinned Back

Pinned Back
Source: Pinterest

Use bobby pins to secure your hair back, creating a look with pinned-back short layers and the loose longer layers. This hairdo leans more on the sophisticated side.

10. Teased And Textured

Teased And Textured
Source: Pinterest

Backcomb or tease the crown of your hair for extra volume and texture. This adds drama to the jellyfish look. This hairstyle is party and instagram worthy.

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11. Braid Crown

Braid Crown

Create a crown of braids around your head to give a whimsical and ethereal touch to your jellyfish haircut. It combines the playfulness of jellyfish cut with the elegance of the crown.

12. Color Play

Color Play
Source: Beauty Crew

Experiment with hair colors or highlights to make the layers of your jellyfish haircut stand out even more. Vibrant hues can be particularly eye-catching. Ombre effects are worth a shot.


The Jellyfish haircut is a captivating trend that has taken the hairstyling world by storm. With its unique blend of precision cutting and natural, flowing waves, it offers a fresh take on beauty. As this trend continues to gain popularity, it’s clear that the allure of the jellyfish haircut’s beauty is here to stay.

So, if you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s both mesmerizing and effortlessly chic, the Jellyfish haircut might just be the perfect choice for you. And styling it a different way everyday won’t be a problem with our ideas at your hands.

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