Jessica Alba’s beautiful mane has inspired hairstyles for decades. The American actress is known for her trademark brunette locks and ability to pull off varied styles with ease.

    In this article, we will look at 20 stunning Jessica Alba hairstyles you can recreate to refresh your look.

    Jessica Alba Hairstyles to Copy

    1. Long Loose Waves

    jessica alba-Long Loose Waves

    Jessica looks absolutely gorgeous with long, loose waves falling effortlessly around her shoulders and cascading down her back. The soft and cascading curls add great movement, bounce, and volume.

    2. Sleek High Ponytail

    Sleek High Ponytail-jessica alba hairstyles

    Pull your hair back into a super slick, shiny high ponytail just like Jessica for a polished and put-together yet still chic style that works equally well for both casual daytime activities and formal evening events.

    3. Half Up, Half Down

    Half Up, Half Down- jessica-alba

    This lovely half up, half down do is a signature Jessica Alba look that keeps hair out of your face while still allowing the rest to flow freely in a relaxed yet elegant style.

    4. Textured Pixie Cut

    Textured Pixie Cut

    Jessica rocked a very edgy textured pixie cut with choppy piecey layers and short bangs, a bold short hairstyle choice perfect for women who want to dare to go bold with their looks.

    5. Side-Parted Straight

    Side-Parted Straight

    Part your straight silky locks to one side just like Jessica for a timeless, feminine look that lets strands softly frame your face in a flattering way.

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    6. Faux Hawk Braid

    Faux Hawk Braid

    Jessica Alba’s seriously striking faux hawk braid is bold and beautiful, worked into a cool braided crest flowing down the center of her head, making it perfect for making a real statement.

    7. Shoulder Length Layers

    Shoulder Length Layers

    Add face-framing layers to medium length hair just like Jessica’s shoulder length layered look, which adds gorgeous dimension and bounce, really taking the style to the next level.

    8. Formal Updo Bun

    Formal Updo Bun

    Jessica often opts for a perfectly sleek, polished updo bun for formal red carpet events, with a deep side part that keeps hair looking neat while allowing jewelry to really shine.

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    9. Middle Part Waves

    Middle Part Waves

    A center middle part and loose, textured waves is an effortlessly chic combination that Jessica shows can look casually sexy and glamorous at the same time with this gorgeous texture.

    10. Messy Top Knot Bun

    Messy Top Knot Bun

    Let hair down and casually sweep it atop your head like Jessica into this messy top knot bun that manages to be casual and relaxed yet still polished at the same time.

    11. Pin-Straight Bob

    Pin-Straight Bob

    Jessica stunned with a striking blunt-cut, pin-straight bob hitting just above her shoulders for a modern, daring short look that really works for straight hair.

    12. Voluminous Curly Lob

    Voluminous Curly Lob

    Jessica looks radiant with this voluminous, curly lob that hits just below her shoulders. The bouncy ringlets add body and movement for a lively curly texture.

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    13. Beachy Waves

    Beachy Waves-jessica alba hairstyles

    Jessica’s natural-looking beachy waves are absolutely enviable and gorgeous. To get her laidback boho style, use sea salt spray for perfect texture and volume.

    14. Side swept Bangs

    Side swept Bangs-jessica alba hairstyles

    Swooping side bangs softly frame Jessica’s face and draw attention to her eyes, looking so stylish when parted dramatically to one side.

    15. Wispy Updo

    Wispy Updo

    Jessica’s wispy, romantic updo pulls hair neatly off the neck and face without being too tight, while pretty strays around the hairline give it a soft vintage vibe.

    16. Low Bun

    Low Bun-jessica alba hairstyles

    The low bun worn at the nape of Jessica’s neck is a gorgeous, elegant look that keeps hair neat and frizz-free while exuding understated grace.

    17. Bohemian Braid

    Bohemian Braid

    Jessica channels her inner boho goddess with this gorgeous fishtail braid adorned with pretty tiny flowers, making it absolutely perfect for a fun music festival look.

    18. Slicked Back Ponytail

    Slicked Back Ponytail

    Slick hair back into a super tight, shiny ponytail just like Jessica for a look that is modern, mod and chic with a definite edge.

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    19. Retro Glam Waves

    Retro Glam Waves-jessica alba hairstyles

    Luscious retro finger waves are so glamorous and vintage, as Jessica demonstrates beautifully here with her old Hollywood elegance.

    20. Textured Lob

    Textured Lob-jessica alba hairstyles

    For an effortlessly chic short-to-medium length style, try Jessica’s textured, piecey lob cut with volume that is great for thinner hair.


    Jessica Alba hairstyles run the gamut from long to short, casual to formal. Her looks inspire women everywhere. Use this guide to find your perfect Jessica Alba hairstyle to copy this season! From beachy waves to braided updos, sleek bobs to hair flowers, Jessica shows how to wear trends beautifully.

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